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Tìm Hiểu Những Trải Nghiệm Cận Tử Cùng Chuyên Gia Ivan Rudolph, Phần 1/2

Ngôn Ngữ:Indonesian(Bahasa Indonesia),English


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Mr. lvan Rudolph is a world-renowned author whose latest book, “Living beyond: Making Sense of Near-Death Experiences,” details near-death experiences he compiled over 40 years, since hearing of his father’s case as a young child. (In) a real near-death experience, the body is left behind, and the spirit comes out of the body. And the spirit can see the body there and the medical people working on the body perhaps. If you go far enough in this experience, you go into what’s called a Life Review. During this Life Review, you can actually see other people’s thoughts. So, we tend to think we live a very private life inside our heads. But it’s not quite like that.
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