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Câu Thông Với Chân Ngã Cao Đẳng Thông Qua Giấc Mơ: Phỏng Vấn Ông Kevin Todeschi, Phần 1/3

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If we pay attention to our dreams, they can play a beneficial role in our lives. Mr. Kevin Todeschi tell us why. Dreams are important even if we don’t pay attention to them. So, for example, many people have had the experience where they go to bed and they’re anxious or they’re worried or they’re upset and they wake up feeling fine. And basically, what has happened is the dreams have contrasted and correlated the events of the day, and made some resolutions for you. And so subconsciously the process is helpful even if we don’t remember. But if we remember, then we can get insights into what it is our subconscious mind has figured out. And Cayce would say that you could get insights for everything, that your dreams can give you answers to anything.
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