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Người Ngoại Tinh Có Thật: Cuộc Phỏng Vấn Với Ngài Paul Hellyer, Phần 1/2

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Mr. Hellyer is the former Minister of Transportation and former Minister of National Defense for Canada. “There was only one that I know of. And that is the expedition to Serpo. And this again was in the mid-1960s. The United States had connections with the people, the Ebens, as they call them, from Serpo in the Reticuli Constellation. So, they suggested an exchange of people after they had got to know each other a little bit. So, one Eben was left in the United States and twelve American astronauts took off, first in a scout plane and then later in a mother ship, to go to the home planet of these visitors, which was the planet Serpo.”
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