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Aviral Pokhrel: Cậu Bé Có Thể “Nhìn” Bằng Tay Và Mũi

Ngôn Ngữ:Nepali(नेपाली)
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Twelve-year-old Aviral Pokhrel of Nepal has an unusual ability. He can see colors and objects through his senses of touch and smell. I try to feel using my hands, and if I’m unable to identify things clearly with my hands, then I try to smell them. And based on their smell, I can tell what they are. Sometimes it just comes to me, then based on that I say what it is and it matches, too. And when we practice even more and more deeply, and go even deeper, we may be able to just hold a book in our hands, just shake it to even figure out what’s there on which page number of the book.
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