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Interamericana de Producciones Giới Thiệu, ”Kẹp Hạt Dẻ,” Một Truyền Thống Giáng Sinh Đáng Yêu, Phần 1/8

Ngôn Ngữ:English,Spanish(Español)
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It’s time now to celebrate the festive holiday season of Christmas! One of the most loved and performed ballets, “The Nutcracker” has become a Christmas classic worldwide and is loved by all ages. It was the creative genius of Russian artists: choreographers Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa; world-renowned composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky; and librettist Ivan Vsevolozhsky, who was also the original costume designer. The Nutcracker ballet is a timeless, adventurous fairytale about the magic of childhood, the warmth of friendship, and cultural beauty. Our story begins as excited guests are arriving at The Honorable Mayor Herr Stahlbaum’s home for a grand Christmas Eve celebration!
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