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Nhạc Cụ Truyền Thống: Đàn Bandura Của Ukraina

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The Bandura was believed to be a companion of humanity, producing heavenly reverberations to comfort our souls in this material world. This exceptional instrument originates from the spiritual culture of the ancient Sumero-Akkadian civilization. The Akkadians played early versions of the Bandura in their religious events as well as in festivities and for entertainment. Later, the charming instrument was introduced into eastern European countries. The beautiful bandura where several distinctly recognizable styles are used in performances. Many Ukrainian people considered these singing bandurists to be “God’s messengers,” or “vessels of God’s word.” Like their musical predecessors, modern-day folk bandurists assimilate melodies from a wide range of inspirations. Let’s now enjoy a delightful solo by a famous bandurist, Victor Mishalow, as he performs for the National Library of Australia Collection.
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