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Những Lời Chúc Từ Khắp Toàn Cầu - ”Mừng Năm Mới Thuần Chay Vui Vẻ”

Ngôn Ngữ:Spanish(Español)
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Every year, we take this golden opportunity to renew our noble resolutions of creating a better life for ourselves, our families and the world. This year, let’s all be resolute in our faith and continue to rely on spiritual love and practice, to improve our lives. With this common goal, we can hold hands and unite hearts harmoniously. Now, without further adieu, let’s enjoy our New Year’s greetings and performances from our joyful international Association members.

“Wishing all beings, joy, peace, light and love. May your New Year be blessed from above! Happy New Year!” “From Czech and Slovakian Republic, we send everyone a lot of love and greetings.” “We are from friendly Taipei, the warm and welcoming capital of Formosa! With our loving hearts, may your 2018 be full of health, happiness and prosperity, and blessed with God’s bountiful grace. Happy Vegan 2018!!!”

“Greetings from the snow covered mountain forests of Mongolia. We are here to send our warmest greetings for these festive holidays. This coming Golden Year 15 is here to let us recognize God’s Love evermore…” “We Indians wish a very happy Vegan New Year to all the viewers of Supreme Master Television. We pray to Heaven that In coming times our fellow animals also have equal rights to stay on earth as we humans do. And we also pray that all the fellow animals always remain happy.” “The new world has begun. We wish you a very healthy, happy new year! Vegan World, Make Peace! We're greeting you from Korea. We love you!”

“We wish Supreme Master Ching Hai, adorable viewers of Supreme Master Television and our co-inhabitant friends on Earth a joyous, peaceful New Year filled with Heaven’s grace. From Âu Lạc, Happy New Year!!!” “Wish you full of love and blessings in every moment of being with Supreme Master TV! Good luck to your noble plan and positive duties in the new year! Be Vegan, Make Peace! Happy New Year!” “From Orlando, Florida Center We wish Supreme Master Ching Hai And Supreme Master Television viewers, A Happy Vegan New Year!”

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