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Các thảm họa liên quan đến khí hậu và thời tiết đã tăng gấp 5 lần kể từ năm 1970

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A new study released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction stated that in the 50-year period from 1970 to 2019, there were over 11,000 reported disasters caused by climate, weather and water-related hazards around the globe. 

Alarmingly, these calamities resulted in US$3.64 trillion in economic damages and took over two million lives, of which over 91% of the fatalities occurred in developing countries. During this time, storms and floods were the costliest, resulting in combined economic losses of US$636 billion, while droughts and storms were the deadliest hazards, causing approximately 650,000 and 577,000 deaths, respectively. 

Soberingly, the WMO’s Secretary-General, Professor Petteri Taalas, warned that climate change is driving the frequency and severity of disasters around the world, including extreme heatwaves, droughts, forest fires, excessive rainfall, flooding and tropical storms. 

Many thanks for this important report, World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. For our survival, may humanity urgently transition to the planet-saving vegan lifestyle, in God’s merciful Embrace. 

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