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US city endeavors to phase out all animal product purchases to address climate change.

The City Council of Berkeley in California, USA, recently passed a resolution setting a goal to reduce the quantity of animal-based products the city purchases by half by 2024. Thus, Berkeley will begin serving vegan food at locations and events managed by the city, such as summer camps, senior centers, and the Berkeley City Jail. 

The measure further states the city “adopts an eventual goal of a 100% shift” to serving “plant-based food products.” The resolution, authored by Berkeley City Mayor, the Honorable Jesse Arreguín and Councilmember, the Honorable Sophie Hahn, comes from the efforts of a coalition of animal rights and human advocacy groups. 

Mayor Arreguín commented on the resolution, saying: “This is a very important step for the city to take as part of our broader climate efforts, as well as…promoting the humane treatment of animals…” 

Berkeley is the first city council in the US to move towards a completely plant-based food purchasing program. Our tremendous appreciation, city of Berkeley and all organizations involved, for this momentous decision. May your courageous example be followed by all cities and countries around the world to soon realize a vegan world for everyone, in Heaven’s delight. 

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