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International panel of experts to study root cause of pandemics.

Harvard University has convened a team of global experts to devise policy recommendations on the prevention of pandemics. Led by Dr. Aaron Bernstein, Interim Director of Harvard’s Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment, the new task force plans to highlight that the halting of the human-caused destruction of the environment to prevent pandemics in the first place is more effective and less expensive than responding to them. 

In particular, deforestation, the wildlife trade, and animal livestock production have been identified as the main sources of virus spillover from animals to humans. The group’s recommendations will be presented to high-ranking policymakers and government officials worldwide by a coalition called Preventing Pandemics at the Source. 

Many thanks, Dr. Aaron Bernstein and all involved. May humanity always treat nature and animals with respect and shift to a healthful vegan world soon, in Divine awakening. 

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