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Seeing Humans Cannot Be Liberated Without a Living Master and the Immense Blessings from Helping with Supreme Master Television

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About six years ago, I had a vision and I saw my karma, which appeared as a kind of three-dimensional spider’s web that stretched out to infinity, and expanded with every thought, action, and breath I took throughout all of my lives. At that time, I truly realized why we cannot be liberated from this net without our Master.

Recently, I also had another vision regarding my karma. I had just completed some Supreme Master Television work, and I saw it as a kind of jug filled with water (or karma), and I saw that the water in the jug got a little less every time I finished and submitted some work. I then realized the immense Blessings we receive due to selflessly helping with this planet-saving project.

Thank You, Master, for all You have given us, all the opportunities, and Your patience in working with us through our faults and immense burdens that we all have. Joaquin from Spain

Grateful Joaquin, Our appreciation for sharing your enlightening inner visions. It is indeed the highest honor and privilege to do this work!

Master has an insightful message for you: “Wise Joaquin, the vision you shared was so powerful and accurate in describing how trapped humans are by their own karma, and how without a living Master they can never escape. It is also good that you clearly saw how assisting Supreme Master TV blessed you. We are all one, so whatever we do to assist others to realize the Truth also helps us. This is how we collectively turn around and gain strength in fulfilling our mission of creating an enlightened vegan world. May you and the warm-hearted Spanish people be forever embraced by the Love of God.” 

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