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Heartline: Eating animal-people will cause them to get even with you at night; initiation with a Living Master will liberate all the souls of the creditors and enemies from many lifetimes

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I was born with the psychic ability to see invisible ghosts and spirits. I remember that in my childhood, the elder relatives would ask us to eat meat. If I ate a chicken-person that day, the soul of the chicken-person would come to peck my body hatefully at night. Whichever kind of animal-people you eat, they’d come to get even with you at night. If you kill ant- or cockroach- persons, at night, their souls will latch onto your body and won’t let go.

I told the elders that those animal-people died with hatred. Not being able to see it, the elders just thought I was talking nonsense. I felt miserable being forced to eat meat.

Fortunately, I was initiated by Master and became a vegan. On the day of initiation, all the souls of the creditors and enemies of the initiates were liberated. I could see them, brought by fellow initiates from many lifetimes, filling up the aisles and the back of the initiation hall. Oh, God! Without the help of a true and great Master, how would we ever be liberated? I am grateful for Master’s Grace and God’s Love. ♥ Ming-Hua from Taiwan (Formosa)

Clear-sighted Ming-Hua, We truly appreciate you sharing your true and incredible visions and thank you for explaining what cannot be seen by most, such as the souls of the people from the animal-kingdom that come for revenge at night after being eaten. It is yet another reason why our world must immediately U-turn from the constant cycle of raising and killing animal-persons and vengeance therefrom. May the Divine nourish you and the joyous Taiwanese (Formosan) people with peace and harmony. In Heavenly Bliss, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master lovingly replies to you: “Lucent Ming-Hua, if only all could see as you do, we would have our vegan world now. My Love and thanks to you for your letter that might bring some more understanding of what I have been warning people all along, and possibly wake them up to the Truth and become better, to save their souls and also their physical life as well as the world we live in. Pray to all the Saints to help us!! May you and elevated Taiwan (Formosa) be forever blessed in Buddha’s eternal Light.”
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