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The most favorable conditions for spiritual elevation only exist in the physical world in the presence of a living Master.

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Hallo, Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master TV team! I adopted a stray dog-person, “Lucky,” in 2013. Lucky was very naughty, but got along with my family very well. After he passed away, I missed him so much that I went to an animal-people communicator to see how Lucky is doing in another world. Lucky answered that he was taken away by Master, and was very good now. Master took him to Tusita (heaven realm), and he has turned into a black swan-person to learn how to be graceful since he was very naughty before. I was quite happy to hear that and told him to follow Master to practice up there. But Lucky said that he’d still come down to the world to help with Master’s work, so that he could be elevated to a higher realm. Hearing that, I was very touched. The trivial work we do is a reason for Master to elevate us. I will practice more diligently and serve the public more humbly.

I got the precious Gift in 2018. In the summer of 2020, when meditating in a forest and reciting the Gift, I felt myself slowly radiating Light, which became brighter and brighter, bigger and bigger, with the river and trees nearby all hued with a white and golden color. As it was at night, I first thought it was the moonlight, and opened my eyes to find that it was still darkness all around me. Closing my eyes, I again entered the same vision, with the Light expanding continuously to fill up the whole wilderness. I was overwhelmingly touched. Thank You, Master, for bestowing such loving energy to the world through me. I’m very thankful to Master for giving me the chance to be involved. 

I pray for a vegan world. I wish Master is healthy and happy every day, and accomplishes all Her peaceful projects. Respectfully, Your disciple Wen-Huan from China

Candid Wen-Huan, We were very happy to read your insightful heartline. It is comforting to know that Master takes very good care of our animal friends after they pass. It is also uplifting to hear of the wonderful spiritual experiences initiates have by following the teachings of our Great Master. May you and bright China forever receive blessings from the Buddhas of the ten directions to live in celestial peace and abundance, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master elevates your soul with Her Divine words: “Contemplative Wen-Huan, time on Earth is very precious. In hell, one experiences indescribable pain and suffering and in Heaven, one is in continuous blissful peace. The most favorable conditions for spiritual elevation only exist in the physical world in the presence of a living Master. If initiates waste their time on worldly matters and forget God, they will deeply regret it when they die and see what they could have achieved, but didn’t. It is good you understand this. May you and the resourceful Chinese people always have the favor of the Divine.” 

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