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Inner Experience: Master and Supreme Master Television have elevated the world and humankind is gradually awakening

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Hallo, Master and Supreme Master TV team. In the joint prayer and meditation for World Vegan, I saw from inside the enormous and Divine power of Master and Supreme Master TV.

Typically, animals take three to six hours to get in touch with Master to recognize that She is a very noble Being, and they know that Master is leading the Supreme Master TV team to achieve something that is really, really great. Animals will begin to use their own ways to protect all of you. Supreme Master TV also transformed into a giant, auspicious flying elephant, flying to Heavens back and forth to guide countless souls who were following it to soar.

Because of Supreme Master TV’s operation, humankind is gradually awakening. Leaders have awakened from their original state of confrontation and immediately turned to work on peace projects with cooperation and love. The evil and powerful giant, dark serpent has turned into a mini snake which is as skinny as the little finger, and is struggling to sustain temporarily before being imprisoned in a container.

Through the broadcasting of Supreme Master TV, great and Divine light has kept spreading. All beings are living in a very important moment that will witness miracles never seen. It is the Grace of God Almighty so that the world could join together in praying for “World Vegan.” All spiritual power is operating perfectly day and night.

My gratitude to Master’s Grace, and my deep love and respect for You, the Great and Divine Master. Thank you, the Supreme Master Television team! Kelly from Taiwan (Formosa)

Generous Kelly, We are so delighted that you took the time to share your meditative visions. You remind us of the Absolute Power of the Ultimate Master, and how this Power flows through Supreme Master Television. You are correct; miracles do happen and will continue to happen. We thank you for the renewed humility and profound thankfulness we feel when reading your words. Multifold blessings to you and your warmhearted home, Taiwan (Formosa), Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Insightful Kelly, animals are our friends, and I thank you for reminding all that they also play a role in our spiritual journey. They are truly exceptional beings filled with great love and dedication. We must do everything we can to save their lives, and they will express their gratitude to us one hundred-fold! May your spiritual journey to Heaven continue to be fruitful and safe. May you and prosperous Taiwan (Formosa) be continuously blessed.”
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