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Between Master and Disciples

The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World, Part 10 of 12, Apr. 3, 2022

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Talking about these refugees from Ukraine; I hope they go back to their own land. (Yes, Master.) Because there’s no place better than home. (Right. Yes. Indeed.) They’re used to it. They’re used to their climate, their surroundings, their neighbors, their food, grown from their own hands, next to them.

Next one? (That’s all the good news we have for You, Master, today.) Then it’s good. Well, at least there’s no bad news. (Yes.) You did well by researching all that. I’m very pleased. Anything you want to ask me or comment on all that? Any of you want to comment on each other’s news or whatever, tell me then.

(There’s news that UK citizens want the UK government to do more for the refugees. That’s why the government introduced some policy allowing households to host the refugees and give them some payment to house them.) Some support. (And within 24 hours, 100,000 people signed up in the UK, so the citizens themselves are actually more compassionate than the governments are.)

What another surprise! Thank you. Thank you, UK government. Forever in debt are the Ukrainians to you.

Alright. Of course, humans everywhere are humans. (Yes.) I told you before, again and again, that the Russian people, they are very nice. They’re good citizens of the world. I have nothing against the Russian people. I keep telling you that, long before we had war even with Ukraine, or maybe in many other lectures before when I first began. (Yes.) I told you I went to Russia and lectured and all that. (Yes.) But still, I must tell you: before the war, I mean some decades ago, when I went to Russia to lecture, (Yes, Master.) it was still free, freer than many other communist countries. (Yes. Oh.) And people… I’m not just talking about freedom – the people were very nice. (Yes.)

I told you already, that they told me, “Oh, the bus is right in front of the hotel. You don’t have to pay for a taxi. It’s too expensive.” Communist frugality. I stayed in a hotel, and they thought maybe to save money I should go on the bus. And even to further save, I did not pay anything. I forgot. Everybody walks out, rush, rush, so it kind of pushed me out also, I sat in the front, everyone pushed, and I went out. I did not pay. I haven’t been on the bus for a long time. I forgot. But later I made up with a taxi tip. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And in the hotel and all that. It all stayed in Russia, so it’s OK. If I don’t pay one Russian, I pay another Russian. It’s OK, then. I mean, if I forgot to pay a few rubles, and I pay in other areas, then it’s OK. It’s all in Russia. (Yes.) It wasn’t lost anywhere, I didn’t take it away. But it was so nice, the reception. Normally, people who stay in hotels, they must have money. (Right.) But still, they tried to save it for you. Oh, I never forget, I never forget.

And one time, another time, a long time ago, I was with my (former) husband passing by Russia, and they gave me some food. Because at night, all the hotels are closed. Not much, actually. Just rice and something. (Yes.) Not much. More rice than something. But still, it was very kind of them. (Yes. Oh, yes, Master.) At that time Russia, I think, was still communist. I think so, no? In the 1980s, ’81, ’82, is still communist, or not? (Yes.) And not yet broken? The Soviet Union didn’t yet become partly free? (Not yet, Master.) It doesn’t matter.

They gave me food and that’s important. I love food. I love food. They gave rice and some little, very finely chopped cubes of meat on it, but I took the meat away. I was vegetarian then. (Yes.) I only drank milk at that time, because the eggs were repulsing to me. (Yes.) It tasted so terrible that I could not eat them. And I drank milk sometimes. (Yes.) But I could not drink straight milk. I had to mix it with something, at that time. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) But I hardly drank milk because I never liked it. (Right.) If there is some in the food already, then I took it. (Yes.) If it’s in the food, they mix it, you don’t know. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) You don’t taste the grassy or stomachy-like taste from the animal-people’s things. (Yes, that’s right.) Then I would take it. But rarely, rarely, because I’m Asian. I don’t really like this cheesy stuff. (Yes, Master.) I never had them. When my sister was younger, I had to feed her with milk. And whatever was leftover, my cousin, the girl, she took it with gusto, but I thought, “Whoa, how can you take that? It’s from the stomach of the cow-person.” I could never like it. (Yes, Master.) And then, when I grew up, in Europe, they mixed milk in the food, (Yes.) so I just ate some, but rarely. I never really liked it. I normally cooked for myself. (Yes.) OK, good.

Talking about these refugees from Ukraine; I hope they go back to their own land. (Yes, Master.) Because there’s no place better than home. (Right. Yes. Indeed.) They’re used to it. They’re used to their climate, their surroundings, their neighbors, their food, grown from their own hands, next to them. (Yes, Master.) Locally and abundantly. God blessed Ukraine with good soil, good farmers. They cultivate well, they export to the whole of Europe and a big part of Africa.

If I remember rightly. You tell me, huh? (Yes, Master.) Check out all the facts. (Yes, Master.) Wherever the facts have to be checked because I’m too bundled with work and so much news. (Yes, Master.) I spend many hours to research the news, so in case you ask like this, I know how to answer you. (Yes.) But sometimes I can’t remember all the numbers. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Or the names of the locals and all that. So please help. (Yes, Master.)

I live in two, three, four, five, six, seven worlds at the same time and I’m surprised that I can function. Sometimes I walk like on air, but still can function. I just tell myself, “Oh, it’s only a feeling, it’s only a feeling. Don’t pay attention.” And then I regain my stability, physically, and then I continue working.

So, concerning all these refugees who are now being accepted by other countries nearby, I am glad, at least in the urgent situation they have somewhere to rest, from anxiety, from fear, from worrying about their children and their future. (Yes.) At least they have food, they have a roof over them and they’re warm. (That’s right, yes.) Because they run with nothing, almost nothing. You saw it on the news. (Yes, we did.) They just run alone. (Right.) Or maybe carry a dog-person in their hands or carry their babies. They don’t have enough energy or strength to take anything, and they didn’t have enough time to take anything. (Yes, Master.)

At those moments they could not even think; they just run. (Yes.) We have a witness, Sean Penn; he saw them on the highway. Even he had to abandon the car to leave quick, because it’s a big queue at the border, maybe they check. (Yes.) So, he had to abandon his car and take some equipment, and run with his crew. (Yes.)

But imagine; he’s a privileged person. Imagine all these ordinary men, women and children and elderly, and even handicapped, and dog- and cat-people. (Yes, Master.) Oh, my God! Imagine it’s you; then you know what it’s like. (Yes, Master.) Imagine you have to leave everything that you loved and were familiar with behind. And just run. Don’t even know when or where will arrive anywhere, or have any safety or not on the street, on the road. (Yes, Master.)

And have nothing with you, and you have your babies with you, and have no milk. Your cat-person has no food, your dog-person has nothing for days, and you yourself too, are exhausted from the run, and from the fear, and from the bombing above. (Yes, Master. Right.) Imagine if it’s you. It’s not a movie, man. It is real! (Yes, Master. That’s right.) It’s true suffering. (Yes, Master.)

"Media Report from CBS News March 30, 2022 Reporter (f): 'What else can I do?' Gennady asks. 'There’s nothing left for me here.' He’s walking away after nearly 40 years working as a shoemaker here."

"Media Report from NBC News March 15, 2022 Reporter (m): Today Margarita Prosolovich told us a bombing leveled her home. She and her 13-year-old son Nikita now have only the clothes on their backs. 'It’s just impossible to imagine,' she says."

"Media Report from CBS News March 30, 2022 Reporter (f): In nearby Mykolaiv, a Russian rocket rips through a government building, leaving a gaping hole and fresh trauma. This woman watched helplessly as her colleague died in her arms."

"Media Report from CNN News March 26, 2022 Dr. Ivan Anikin: It’s head trauma. It’s amputation, traumatic amputation. It’s bullets trauma.

Reporter (m): 11-year-old Milena Uralova lies in a hospital, recovering nine days after a Russian soldier shot her through the face. This was Milena before Russia invaded Ukraine. Flipping and dancing. But now, she can barely walk."

"Media Report from South China Morning Post and AP Feb. 25, 2022 Vlada (f): I woke up because of the big blast today. I understood it was the war… I don’t want to die. I want all of this to end as soon as possible."

Oh God, how can anyone have the heart to even create this, and look at that from the screen from afar, in the safety of his bunker or palace, or yacht, or whatever? (Yes, Master.) So, this wicked evil cannot exist on this planet much longer. The less of them, the better. There are less and less already, you can see. But still there are some. Some, more wicked, they survived. They’re on the top (Yes, Master.)

We will have to deal with them somehow. Heaven has to do it. I have no power, no secular power. But I’m not doing nothing. (Yes, Master.) They just watch and wait. (Yes.) I don’t have any physical means or power or ways to do anything. But I have Heavens supporting me. (Yes, Master.) And They are not just letting it go. (Right.)

I’m worried for the refugees also. I’m worried for both Russians and Ukrainians. Russians, they’re also becoming refugees now. Many hundreds of them¸ thousands of them are running away. Fleeing Russia to the neighboring countries, and starting their lives there, with language problems. Even opening a bank account is a big problem for them, because of the language problem. And renting a house, or whatever, it’s a big problem for everyone, if they leave their country. (Right. Yes, Master.) And they are not even refugees in war, so nobody will help them. (Yes.) The Russians who flee their country, or the Russians who are fired from their jobs and don’t know where the next meal comes from for their children. (Yes.) Like those national guards that have been fired. (Yes.)

But in America, they also fired tens of thousands because of vaccine mandate. Or they quit also, tens of thousands, because they don’t want to get the vaccine. They don’t know what the vaccine will do to them. (Right. Yes, Master.) With so much contradicting information on the internet, and from their own doctors, and from their own whispering health expert, etc. So, they quit, in America. A lot of unemployment numbers go up since Biden went into office. Under Trump it was not like that, it was the opposite. (Right, Master. That’s true, yes.) He found jobs for them. He found jobs for everyone. (Right.) And Biden, he takes jobs from everyone, everyone he can. (Yes.) With any excuse.

Now we went to America, what for? I’m just telling you I’m sorry for everyone who is affected by the war and by the pandemic, physically or not. (Yes, Master.) Because we live not just by the physical body; we also have mental faculties; we have psychological feelings. We have emotional quality as well; all kinds of things. (Yes.) And all this is not better than physical suffering. (Yes, Master.) And then, not to talk about if they have to rebuild their lives from scratch, from nothing, with the language problem, with their children wanting attention, food, nutrition, and health. All kinds of things. (Right. Yes, Master.)

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