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Between Master and Disciples

The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World, Part 2 of 12, Apr. 3, 2022

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Every country relies on each other for different things. (Right.) That’s why I said the war in Ukraine is affecting everyone as well. (That’s right, yes. Yes, Master.) You can see that from business reports. And Ukraine’s farm produce feeds the whole of Europe. (Yes, Master.) And feeds a large part of Africa.

Oh man, imagine that. Squirrel-people eating human food. And then loving it to bits. Not even one grain of rice was left over there. (Wow.)

But they are also very considerate. One time it was raining, and I was worried the bread will be soaked with water. (Yes.) It wouldn’t taste good and it would be mushy, so I put up an umbrella on top of the food area. They did not eat at all. (Oh.) I thought, “Oh, did you move? It’s not springtime, you moved already?” They told me, “No, we don’t want You to work too hard.” I said, “No! If you don’t eat then it makes me work harder.” Because I worry. Maybe I have to change the food or something. So, they came back and ate everything after I removed the umbrella. (Oh, wow.) I said, “OK, as you wish, you can eat the congee of bread; soaked in rainwater if you want. I have no desire to give you such soaked food.” But I guess the umbrella looks also scary. Very big (Yes.) and blue. (Right.) And covers the branches of the trees where they used to climb there to get the food. (Yes.) Maybe they got scared, there’s some trap or something. (Oh, yes, maybe.) It’s good that they get scared. It’s healthy. (Right.) You never know. Humans are not all kind and loving. (Yes, true, Master.)

Mostly, I just feed them in winter. And I don’t feed them too much. Like, one squirrel-person, they take 3 slices of toast, wholemeal toast, and two bananas, or many different mixed fruits. (Yes.) I put it on the leaf. On a leaf, the falling big leaves around, (Yes.) I put onto it. It looks very natural. (Oh, wow.) And I put onto the trees. The trees, sometimes they have many branches together, it can hold food. (Yes.) Sometimes I squeeze the banana on some tree’s small twigs. (Oh, wow.) It looks natural, so they think they came and harvest it from the tree. (Oh, yes.) But it’s cooked rice, fruit and vegetable and protein food. That is not a harvest.

Originally, I worried that maybe they won’t eat it because it’s not natural for them. (Yes. Right, Master.) But lo and behold, they wanted more! (Wow.) I said, “I’m not going to spoil you. You must eat a variety of food, OK?” (Yes.) And I won’t give you a lot, all day so you can go out and get some vegetables, fresh leaves, and berries and whatever for your upkeep. It’s better. Better than just eating bread and banana all the time. Or other fruit.” (Yes, Master.) But, I left them some mixed fruit, they ate all fruit, didn’t eat the bread. And they even took it to another tree and put it under there so I wouldn’t see it. I thought they ate it. I thought, “OK, that’s good!” But they hid it under another tree, so, I wouldn’t see it. (Yes. So smart.) I said, “You eat them all before I give something else. Even if I give you rice, not today. Not on demand. (Oh. Yes.) So, if I die, you won’t die with me. You must learn to survive with everything. That is good for you.Like children. My God! They ask for goodies. And they come and say, “I love You,” and all that. Bribing me. And don’t eat the bread. Aren’t they cute? (Yes.)

Because the other day, I fed the skunk elsewhere. And she came and brought me a toy that she loves very much. (Oh.) A toy, I don’t know what kind of thing that is. Looks like some moss, like a sponge with some spike on it, like people use it to put in between eggs or something? (Ah.) And I don’t know where she got that. It’s one piece, like the palm of my hand. I said, “Why did you give it to me if it’s your toy?” She said, “It’s beautiful.” (Oh.) It’s black. And has four spikes coming out. I said, “It is. It looks similar to you, doesn’t it?” So she was very happy. I said, “Sorry, but you could not come up and I could not come down. So, I leave it there every day, I go and look and enjoy it. And you can also look at it and enjoy it at the same time. So, I don’t have to possess it for myself. But I enjoy it very much, it’s really pretty and I really appreciate your gift very much.”

I don’t know how she got that. Where from? In the wilderness like that. How did she get such a piece of sponge which looks like her very much, all black. It looks like a small animal with four legs, (Oh.) because of the spikes coming out. (Ah. Yes.) I don’t know if you understand what I am saying. I had a picture of it somewhere, if you guys can find it. It’s together with the news somewhere, or with the scenery photographs. Find it. (Yes, Master.) You won’t miss it, because it’s not scenery, it’s not flowers. It’s not trees, it’s not shrubs. It is a piece of black sponge or something. I don’t know how she found it, but she said it’s her beloved toy. One and only toy. Of course, in the jungle, in the forest, where do you find anything? (Yes.) How can you find anything? (Right.) She probably wandered around outside of my vicinity and found something that the wind blew there nearby. (Right.) She went out of the fence to get it. And she loves it. She’s young. So, she loves toys, of course. I don’t know what kind of toy the skunks would love, so I can never offer anything. I said, “You eat your food and you’re very welcome. Very, very welcome.”

Don’t be too proud. (Yes, yes.) Don’t let your ego come up, because that will kill you. (Yes, Master.) And also affects our work badly. (Yes.) Then I have to edit a lot. I have to cross out a lot, and re-write a lot, and it’s too much work for me. (Yes, Master.) Because my eyes are not all that well. And if I write something, either I have to write very big, but then it will cover all the script, or I have to go back and forth to check out whether or not the word is correct. I have to re-read the whole thing again. And every time I correct. Writing is very slow, but it's not as big a problem as when I have to correct it. (Oh.) Somehow it keeps going wrong. Never mind. It’s part of the job.

I’m not complaining, just telling you, you have to take care of your ego. (Yes, Master.) Give him as much comfort as needed but not spoil it. (Yes.) And take care of your eyes. We have earthing already, and now you have to take care of your eyes. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Every couple of hours go out. (Yes, Master.) Even in the night. You can shine a flashlight on the tree from your telephone or whatever flashlight, shine on the tree and look at the leaves. Maybe it helps. Just the fresh air, and drop some eye drops on it, in your eyes, and then do some exercise. (OK, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Because we don’t have a lot of physical exercise. Otherwise, it would be good for you. (OK, Master. Right.)

If we eat good food and sit all day and don’t exercise, then you will get fat in no time. You don’t want to look like a ball, do you? (We already do.) You do? How many of you do? (A few of us.) A few of you. I don’t mind, as long as you don’t be so overweight. (Yes, Master.) It’s bad for the heart, bad for some inner organs as well. (Yes, Master.) And so you don’t feel very alert as well. (Yes, Master.) Not good. Not too much of the favourite sweets or oily things. The kitchen doesn’t cook too oily? (No, no.) Good, good. Because I reminded them before somewhere, through someone else of course. I don’t dare to offend your kitchen. I don’t dare offend any of you. Truly, I don’t have to. Sometimes I just have to trim. I don’t want to offend you anyway.

But somehow, I feel like, you guys, if I praise you, which is sincere, I’m appreciative, but your ego shot up so quickly. I’m surprised, I’m scared. I don’t know what to do to balance it. So now I write very short. Either just, “Thank you,” or “Love God,” or “Good God,” or “Praise God. Remember God. Pray God,” whatever. (Yes, Master.) So, you will remember it’s God who does many things, through us. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Even it’s said that God told us, “Don’t come to the dining table unless the angel of hunger tells you.” We are taken care of, even with our meals, by the angel. So, sometimes it is the angel who tells us, who keeps us like an alarm clock, “Go eat, go sleep.” (Yes.) So, don’t overdo anything. (Yes, Master.) Do exercise. (Yes, Master.) Make some excuse to exercise. (Yes.)

That is for now, for lesson number one. Now, I expect you have some good news for me? (Yes, Master. First, we have some questions.) Tell me.

(Master, are the continuing sanctions on Russian oligarchs, and seizing their property and freezing of their bank assets, etc., a good policy? Is it helpful in any way or not?)

It may be helpful to the war at the moment. But not in a just way. (Oh.) No. Because they did not do anything wrong. They just happen to be Russians. (Right, Master.) Born there, raised up there, and making business there. (Yes.) Same with all the business people from foreign countries who went to Russia to make business there. (Yes, Master.) So, Russia sanctions this business, and the West sanctions the Russians’ businesses and all that.

But because they were thinking maybe to cripple their economy, that will make Putin think twice again of continuing the war. (Yes. Right, Master.) So, it does help in some way, but in my opinion, after the war is done, finished, whatever way, they should return the property to these rich people or business people. (Understand.) Because, they are contributing to the economy of the world, and not just Russia’s. (Yes. Right, Master.)

Every country relies on each other for different things. (Right.) That’s why I said the war in Ukraine is affecting everyone as well. (That’s right, yes. Yes, Master.) You can see that from business reports. And Ukraine’s farm produce feeds the whole of Europe. (Yes, Master.) And feeds a large part of Africa.

So now, their farming is interrupted. And many of their farming products are also coming to a halt. So, they cannot export them, because of the war. Because of whatever disruption in the transportation, and logistics, and infrastructure, as a whole. (Yes, Master. Yes.) This is a very sad thing. (Yes, Master.)

And many of the businesses in Russia also stopped or are disrupted, or closed down. (Yes.) The banking system, for everybody as well; ATMs have long queues and no money. It’s the same in Ukraine. (Yes. Yes, Master.) In Ukraine, it’s because of the war. In Russia, it’s because of the disruption of the economy. (Right.) So, it’s good for nobody.

And it’s even bad for Putin. If he’s not a demon, it’s even worse for him as a human. (Oh. Right, Master.) Because he’s not a humane person. He punishes people for nothing. (Right. Yes, Master.) And then, meanwhile, bringing the world economy into disruption and recession. That’s not nice. Not fair, not good. He’s not good for Russia at all. If he loves his people, as he professes that he does, this is not the way to repay, to show his love to his countrymen. (Right, Master. Yes.) Not to talk about the Ukrainians, who are innocent, have done no wrong to him.

In fact, he was the one who did wrong, to begin with. Taking Crimea away, and then stirring trouble to take control of, or connect with the other two separatist regions in Donbas, for example. (Yes, Master.) He was the instigator of trouble. (Yes.) And Ukraine even forgave them, didn’t do anything. And now he continues, he wants to swallow the whole Ukraine. He might be choked to death. I’m telling you. He already is.

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