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Between Master and Disciples

The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World, Part 5 of 12, Apr. 3, 2022

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Whatever belongs to Ukraine goes back to Ukraine. And Russia just has to go home. That’s it. (Yes, Master.) You don’t negotiate with the devils. (No, Master.) (No, of course not.) You don’t negotiate with a madman. They don’t know any logic or humane arrangement anyway.

So, nobody cares, if any other country helps you or not, just you must be independent, as much as possible.

Like Europe and America, and other countries, depend on Russian oil and gas. That’s why they even sell their morals. (Yes.) They pay with their morals. (Yes, Master.)

They leave Ukraine alone to die or live. They cannot open their mouths to do much, or to help in more practical ways, just to scare Russia away. If you scare the Russians away, I mean the Russian army, Putin away, then there is no war. (Yes. Right.) They should have prepared it. (Yes.) Then they didn’t have to fight. Then Ukraine didn’t have to suffer so much. And they should have done something more substantial when Russia took away Crimea already to begin with. (Yes, Master.) (Right, Master.) Don’t let them inch themselves into another two regions in Ukraine.

And now they put the whole blanket on Ukraine. (Yes.) And kidnapping thousands of Ukrainians into Russia, against their will, from Mariupol and other cities. Take children away, kidnap children, journalists disappear, kill them and all that. (Oh God.) (Yes, Master.)

So, because of oil and gas. (Wow.) Humans’ life in exchange for oil and gas. (It’s terrible.) They’re just too comfortable. Cheap oil, cheap gas. And then now they’re stuck with it. (Right, yes. Yes, Master.)

And Putin knows, he can strangulate them with this. He already began, saying, “OK, these unfriendly countries,” I mean 40 of them, “if they want gas and oil, they have to pay in rubles.” Where do they get them? Where do they get rubles? (Yes. That’s right.) Print? I guess they have to print them, be dishonest like Russia.

But they are also good, the Russian government, good in a way, to get the ruble back to the same value as before the war. But it’s a big interference and forces many banks to pump, many businesses to pump rubles into the system. (Yes, Master.) And convert all the whatever foreign currency into rubles, so to rescue the ruble’s value, up to now. (Right.) But if they continue with the war, I don’t think it is the long-term standard. (Yes. Right, Master.)

Some time ago you guys asked me whether or, maybe you didn’t ask, but I said that President Zelenskyy should not negotiate anything. Whatever belongs to Ukraine goes back to Ukraine. And Russia just has to go home. That’s it. (Yes, Master.) You don’t negotiate with the devils. (No, Master.) (No, of course not.) You don’t negotiate with a madman. They don’t know any logic or humane arrangement anyway. (Right. That’s right, Master.)

So, just outright, “no, no, no, no” for anything that they demand. They cannot just walk, fly in or drive into your country, robbing your land, your properties, killing your people, and then demand that you have to meet their request. They have no right to request anything from Ukraine. (That’s right. Makes no sense.)

No! It’s not their land. They have nothing to do with Ukraine. Ukraine has never provoked him in any way. They have no right to walk in there and just talk like they own Ukraine, like they have the right to ask anything. No! They have no right. Russia has no right, whatsoever. (No. Not at all.)

So, if I were President Zelenskyy, I would never say “yes” to anything. Don’t take any suggestions from them, nothing! You are your own sovereign country, you don’t owe it to anybody, least of all Russia. You are a free country. Keep your people free. You don’t negotiate with the devil. You don’t negotiate with the massacre entity. You don’t negotiate with these shameless, soulless robbers like Putin. That’s it.

OK. Anything else? (Yes, Master. Biden called Putin a butcher and a war criminal. What does Master think about that?)

For the first time, this guy said something that is not too bad. (Yes, Master.) But I think butcher is a poor description of Putin. He’s evil. (Yes.) He’s evil. He’s vicious. So, calling him anything, just makes it smaller. (Ah, yes.) Makes it less dramatic.

The butcher, he only kills on demand. (Yes, Master.) People ask for meat, so he has to kill to feed them. If nobody asks for animal-people meat, he would not have to do this job. He will find other jobs. (That’s right.) So, if actually in this world, many people call somebody, like those killers or some serial killer or some bad massacre, they call them butcher – could be. But that is a shame for the butcher. It is an injustice for the butcher. He’s only doing his job. He got paid for it. (Right. Yes, Master.) He doesn’t go and force any people to take his meat. His people demand it and buy it. (Yes, Master.) And, in case you think the butcher is so bad, bad, bad, evil, then why do you eat the meat that he offers to you? (Yes, understand.)

The world is funny. The world people are ridiculous. They don’t know what they’re talking about. But still, at least he’s recognizing the viciousness of Putin. (Yes, Master.) Or, maybe he just said that just to be trendy. Like p. Francis. I don’t know. I don’t know these people. Because they’re not truly human. (Yes, understand.) So, whatever, doesn’t matter.

And concerning to call Putin a criminal, is also less justice. The criminal, they kill for a cause. (Right. Yes, Master.) Of course, they kill each other because of gang rivalry and stuff like that, or just kill because they’re crazy, they’re bad. But their atrocity is not so vast, massive, like Putin, and his underlings. (Yes, for sure.)

In Bucha, they killed 400 people, just like that. Littered them on the street. Tied their hands behind their back, including women, children and elderly. (Oh, my gosh.) And they’d been laying there for weeks already, and Russia still denies it. It’s always the same. They’re lying all the time.

They’re lying like you breathe. My God. And I hope the world doesn’t ever trust the Russian government again. (Oh, I hope not.) Otherwise, they’re going to be dead, all of them, before they even know it. (Yes, Master.) They have no qualms in just massacring people at random like that. (Yes. It’s atrocious.) They are atrocious. And they have even deadly weapons in their hands; nuclear and chemical weapons and all that stuff. (Yes, Master.) And they’re going to deny it again. Soon. Sure. (Yes.) Just like they say they go to liberate Ukraine. What for? People are peaceful there and free. And now they need to be liberated from Russia. Oh, God. They have done nothing to Russia. (Yes. Of course not.) Yeah! Just went in and killed people like that. Oh, my God. And they call them beasts and criminals. This is unjustified. (That’s right.) It’s not the right language. I guess they don’t have any other language to call them.

I call them evil, devils. That’s all. That’s what they are. (True. Yes, they are.) When I first talked about Ukraine with you guys, I’m sure many people thought I overexaggerated. But it is true like that. There are no other words to describe them. Normal humans, even criminals don’t do this. (Yes. Not at all.) Even war criminals, they don’t do this. None of the other dictators would do these kind of things so badly like this. I mean, except Hitler, perhaps. (Yes, Master.) Don’t just kill people without any remorse, without thinking twice. This system in Russia, they brainwashed most of the people. (Yes.)

"Media Report from MSNBC Apr. 5,2022 Julia(f):They’re actually convinced that what they’re saying is true, and this is what propaganda does. It poisoned their mind and they’re spreading not only lies but hatred. And that’s actually been very prevalent in their state media lately. It’s claiming that Ukraine has no right to exist at all, and neither does the Ukrainian language or culture. It all needs to be uprooted. That people need to be put in reeducation camps for generations and be taught to forget everything Ukrainian. It’s very much a genocidal language that is emanating from the Russian state media, which is entirely controlled by the Kremlin."

That’s why they just can do it. (Yes.) Even young people who have no hatred in their heart, they kill just like you cut the grass or something. Oh, my God. And littering them all over the street. And still deny it. (Yes, Master.) Lying, lying all the time. So ugly, these gangs of devils. My God.

And I still wonder, when Biden first said that Putin should not be in power anymore, many people at home were against him. (Yes.) The first time he says something logical and then they go against him. (Yes, yes.) His own party members, they all scrambled around to try to distance themselves from what he said. And also to cover up what he said or to try to explain it away. (Yes.) “Oh, we didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean it like that.” Blah blah blah blah. And he, himself, also was being cornered by them. And then he said, “Oh, it’s just a moral outburst. It’s not about regime change.” (Yes, that’s right.) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, disgusting, all these people. And now he doesn’t back off anymore because of Bucha. (Yes.) If this guy still backs off from what he said about Putin, after these Bucha images of bodies littering all over the city like that, then I think nobody will want to even look at him. So he has to say something good. (Yes, for sure.)

Politicians, they don’t say things that that they mean. Not all the time. (Yes, Master.) Except Trump. (Yes.) And that’s why they don’t like him. The truth is hard to swallow. (Yes, Master.) He always says something that is what he thinks. (Yes.) At least you can read him. At least you can know where you stand. (Yes, can trust him.) But other politicians, you don’t trust what they say. You never know what they say, if they mean it or not. Just trendy stuff, you have to say to gain votes. It’s really disgusting. They are so despicable.

My God, poor Ukrainian people. Poor Ukrainian people. And the world just left them to fight alone like that. I’m telling you: all these NATO countries, if they let Putin even gain just a little bit of Ukraine, they’re going to suffer next. (Oh, wow.) Of course. He will make an excuse to come in. Again. (Yes.) This guy, he doesn’t care if his people even die on the battlefield, or die at home against each other. (Yes, Master.) Like, he said, “We have to self-purify from traitors,” and all that stuff. (Yes.) Meaning, cleaning from home. (Yes, that’s right.)

Of course, only the good people, the positive people go against Putin. (Yes.) I also never thought that this man could be a devil, so evil like that.

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