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Between Master and Disciples

Heaven Does Not Accept the Killing of the Unborn, Part 7 of 8, Oct. 22, 2021

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They become numb, stunned to all that. (Yes.) It becomes like nothing. It’s difficult to U-turn. (Yes.) Difficult. It’s not impossible, it’s just difficult. (Yes, very difficult.) Just like people smoke and drink, they know it’s bad, they just continue. (Yes, Master.) Many people also want to be vegan but they just continue eating meat.

Remember the story of Maudgalyayana, (Yes.) that his mother just gave some meat to some monks to eat only, (Yes.) and then slandered the monks of the Buddha at that time. (Yes, Master.) And then she has to go to this hell where every day, all day, she’d been fed burning coal into her throat. (Yes, yes.) And even her son has great magical power, he could go to hell and feed her. (Yes.) But anything he feeds her is turned into burning coal anyway. (Wow.)

And then, he has to beg the Buddha for help. As mighty as the Buddha is, He cannot help. (Yes.) Buddha said he has to beg all the monks in His assembly, believe that? (Wow. Yes.) Two thousand-plus monks, just to pray for this woman alone. (Wow.)

Imagine. She just killed some animal-people and fed them to the monks only, (Yes.) and she has to be punished like that. Imagine, you’re killing so many babies. How will you fare? (Yes. That’s right.) How will you be forgiven? (Yes, Master.) (Many, many more folds on top of that.) Yeah.

And then the Buddha’s monks at that time, they were enlightened. They were saints already. (Yes Master.) They’re almost like Buddha already. (Ah, yes.) So their power of prayer is different than the priests now. Even one million priests could not pray for the pope alone.

I’m telling you all the truth. God is my witness. (Yes, Master.) In the name of God, I’m telling all this. I don’t think they will U-turn. I do hope they do, so their pain will be lessened. Their time in hell will be maybe shortened a little. But I’m not sure if they will even U-turn. (Yes, Master.)

The power blinds people. (Yes.) When you’re in that position, like a pope or president, you feel so mighty, because everybody falls at your feet for a favor, or just the awesomeness of your power. (Yes.) Just because of your awesomeness. (Yes, Master.) Because of your high position, people just fall at your feet. Especially the faithful, they believe the pope is holy. That’s why they call him “Your Holiness.” (Yes, that’s right.)

Is he really holy? I don’t know. I cannot tell. But the way he acts, the way he behaves, the way he talks like that, I don’t believe it. (Doesn’t seem so.) Any holy person would not say such things. (That’s right, Master.) He’s condemning millions of babies, and making a good recommendation or encouragement for governments to continue to murder babies through abortion-supporting laws. (Yes, Master.) And paying for the abortion even. Paying for murder.

(Master talked about habit. People kill once, and then it becomes habitual– killing animal-people, then killing the fetuses, and then killing people.)

They become numb, stunned to all that. (Yes.) It becomes like nothing. It’s difficult to U-turn. (Yes.) Difficult. It’s not impossible, it’s just difficult. (Yes, very difficult.) Just like people smoke and drink, they know it’s bad, they just continue. (Yes, Master.)

Many people also want to be vegan but they just continue eating meat. They can’t stop or they just cannot organize their life to go in that vegan direction. (Yes, Master.) And they make all kinds of excuses, that they have to do business, they have to eat with other people, and then they will look weird if they eat vegan in front of all the meat eaters.

My God! How weird can it be if you are compassionate? If you act compassionately, and even making an example for others to be as compassionate as you are. (That’s right. Exactly.)

In this world, it seems like the strong will win, not the moral anymore, it seems to me. And the thing is, many big people, the top of society, are working for Satan. You can see that on the news. (Yes, Master.) So it seems like ‒ well, I hope not ‒ but it seems like the end. I have meditated and extended some years, but not forever. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Not forever.

(Seems like not only politicians are following Satan, but maybe, many top religious leaders are following Satan.) Yeah. Because they rape children. (Yes.) And now they support killing children. Oh, how far will they go? How much further? There’s no other end. (No, Master.) There’s no end in sight. (Yes.)

Oh dear God! Oh dear God, I can’t believe this. And millions or billions of people worship these people, or support them. (Yes, Master.) Can you see how the world is upside down? (Yes, Master.) It’s all satanic views nowadays. (Oh yes.) Oh man, it has never been so bad. So, even seems like the end to me.

(We can only pray. We can only pray for things to be better.) Yeah. That’s all we do every day. (Yes, Master, and thank You for all You do.) I’m risking myself, but I don’t care. I do care. I wish I live long so I can help more if I can. It’s just somebody had to say something. (Yes.) It’s all quiet for the murderers and the supporters, because they are the pope, they are pastors, they are presidents, they are House speakers, they are Senators, (Yes, Master.) or governors, or whoever they are.

Top powerful people on this planet are leading all to hell. You can see that? (Yes, Master. We can. It’s clear.)

I just truly hope that the world will get better. And God, please help us, otherwise all the innocent will be murdered in such a way that it is just like hell now. (Yes, Master.) I can talk forever, but it’s the same thing. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

This is not condemnation – it’s the truth that I have spoken. (Yes, Master.) I cannot tell lies and say, “OK, you can kill the babies but you will go to Heaven.” (That’s right, Master.) You can just go confess to the priest, pour all your karma on him, and then you’ll go to Heaven. Or give maybe more donations. (Yes.) More donations, make the priests more fat – as if they are not fat enough, not big enough, (Yes, Master.) while the big part of the world lives under poverty. (That’s right.) They’re from hand to mouth. And many die of hunger, starvation, and die of thirst even. They’re pouring all these precious substances into the animal-people industry to feed these murderers. Not just anyone else, but these murderers – the babies’ killers. (Yes, Master.) They don’t have morals – these people, they’re truly Satan’s subordinates, or connected with Satan themselves.

Because, I tell you, in the war, many soldiers come home broken (Yes, Master.) because they had to kill sometimes and accidentally killed babies. And they confess that they cannot feel good. They have nightmares. They are broken men after coming back from the war. (Yes, Master.) As much as they die in the war field, more than double of them commit suicide, (Oh, wow!) because of depression, because of guilt. It is the statistic. I don’t make it up. (Yes, Master.) I read it myself. (Yes, Master.)

And they feel that remorseful, that guilty, that depressed because of accidentally killing a baby as a soldier. They have to sometimes, by accident. (Yes, Master.) Because they group together, the terrorists and the innocent together. Sometimes the terrorists, they use the population to hide behind them, so that they’d be safe. (Yes, use them as a shield.) The terrorists, whoever are the enemies. (Yes.) And then sometimes the soldier cannot help but killing some innocents, like babies, children. (Yes.) And they have so much remorse. All their lives they have nightmares. Either that, or they remorse, or they kill themselves because they cannot bear it.

Imagine, such a normal soldier, (Yes.) has not been taught any religious stuff, or very little, like every other normal people. And they feel remorse, repent, and take their lives even, just to atone for it – for the best they know. (Yes, Master.)

And, I mean, a majority of humans will feel remorse if they do that. And they say it or not say it only. (Yes.) And one woman on the news, she mourned her unborn, killed baby by abortion, four years long, and even wanted to take her life. (Yes, yes, that’s right, I saw that.)

"Media Report by 60 Minutes Australia Reporter (m) Dec. 9, 2019: Hallo again. Natalie mourns the girl she never held. Four years on, the pain hasn’t receded; at times the hurt so great, she even thought of ending her own life.

Natalie (f): I really didn’t want to live with the pain anymore, so there was probably times of thinking that I would have rather go and be with her."

"Interview by June (f): Deep down, I knew that I had killed my child, I had taken away my child, and the pain, and the hurt and everything just started to set in. I didn’t expect this abortion to wreck my life the way it did. All along, I wanted to be a good mom, and for the first time in my life, I just felt like I’m the worst sinner on earth, having taken away my child when he was weak and defenseless, and I was supposed to be the one protecting him when he was in my womb. I just found myself in this dark pit that I could not get out of."

And how can these people at the top of the nation, the top of the world, not feel anything for these babies? They must be Satan-connected. (Yes, Master.) Now you understand me? (Yes, Master. For sure.)

I feel no more sorry, no respect, no remorse for these people. I feel just pain. (Yes.) Just pain. So that means they’re not normal. (That’s right, Master.) They’re not even a normal lay person, not to talk about a priest or a pope or a president. (Yes, Master.)

They’re supposed to take care of their people, protect their people. No, they’re killing their own citizens, legally. (Yes.) And even sue some other state for not doing the same. Like Biden sued the Texas governor for forbidding abortion in his state. (Yes.) I don’t know if it’s legal to sue him or not, because every state has their own governing system also. (Yes, that’s right.) So, actually, they are the king in their own state. So, Biden just used his own over-power to sue him. (Yes.)

I’m not sure if it’s constitutional. The Constitution is never for killing anyway. (That’s right. Yes.) Let alone killing your own citizens, your smaller citizens, baby citizens. (Yes, Master.) That’s not constitutional. (No.) They just say it’s a constitutional right for the women. (Yes, Master.) Oh, rubbish! Evil. Evil talk.

So, you can see clearly, they are not humans. (Yes, Master.) They are demons (Yes, for sure.) or demon-possessed beings because they’re so greedy for power that the demons can do it. They are not protected by morals, by God’s Blessing, so they can be possessed and controlled by demons. (Yes, Master.) That’s what it is.

I told you the other time already, if you’re pure and innocent, demons cannot touch you. (Yes. That’s right.) So, these people, they are not humans anymore. Maybe they were before, but they are contaminated by power and fame. So, they are possessed by demons. They’re allowed to be possessed by demons because they’re not good, they’re not morally protected. (Yes, Master.) They don’t have any morals in their heart, that’s why. So, you cannot blame the demons, either. (Understand.) That’s their job to get those who are not pure. (Right.)

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