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Between Master and Disciples

Heaven Does Not Accept the Killing of the Unborn, Part 6 of 8, Oct. 22, 2021

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Whatever happened to the baby will happen to them ten million-fold, (Wow.) more painful because of interest. (Yes, Master.) The longer they live, the more interest because more babies will be killed. (Yes. That’s right.) And at that time, they wish they were dead long time ago, or not born even. (Yes, Master.) So don’t have to partake in this kind of murderous sin. (Yes, Master.) Horrible sin.

Oh my God, if our world is doomed, I don’t blame God at all. I don’t blame our Father God in Heaven or Mother God in Heaven. (And there are many people who would want to adopt these babies.) True. (There are long waiting lists.) It’s true. Everywhere. (Yes.) As you sow, so shall you reap. Isn’t that clear? (Yes. Very clear.) Then why they choose to do the opposite of what God has commanded? It’s not like they are uneducated, living in a jungle tribe somewhere and nobody has ever taught them anything compassionate or good. (Yes, Master.) Compassion has to go with wisdom. Looks like all these people, they’re blind, deaf, and dumb. (Yes.) Stupid, ignorant or downright wicked. (Yes.) Working for Satan. (Yes. Definitely.) Blinded by fame and gain and position and power. (Yes.) That is what it is. (Yes.) Oh, my God.

There was a story before. In China, there were two friends. They’re very good, good friends. Best friends. (Yes.) It’s a long time since I read that. When I was a kid already, I read these. It’s a Chinese story. (Yes, Master.) One friend went down to wash his ears in the stream. (Yes.) And the other friend just came and said “What are you doing washing your ears?” He said, “The king just asked me to go to the court to give me a very big position in the court. And so I have to wash my ears.” He didn’t want it. That’s what it means. He didn’t want the position because he didn’t want the political things. He said, “My ears are contaminated (Right.) because of this event. The king asked me to be his big official. So I have to wash my ears to clean it.” (Oh, understand. Right.) So the friend immediately took his oxen (Yes.) and his cow to the upper side of the stream. He said that he doesn’t want his oxen to be contaminated by the ear-washing water from his friend. So he took his oxen to the upper side of the stream. And then he chided his friend. He said, “Where did you go to let people know that you are good. That means you still want fame. How did you let people know that you are good that people invite you into the court. That means your heart still wants fame.” He chided his friend like that. (Understand. Yes.) That’s how the true, saintly people in the past reacted (Yes, Master.) to fame and gain but it looks like nowadays anybody grabs it. (Yes. Everybody embraces it.) At any cost. Even at the cost of millions of innocent lives.

Oh, I’m so disappointed. I feel so pained. That one supposed to be the biggest religious leader in the world, (Yes, Master.) in the Christian world behaves like that. (Yes, Master.) Behaves so ignorantly, so wickedly. Uttering some wicked things like that to make an example for the world. (Yes.) And making excuses like don’t be political. (Yes, Master.) The way he’s siding for the evil-doer politicians, he’s already political. (Exactly, Master. Yes.) Or not? (Yes, Master. He is.) Isn’t that (Hypocritical.) ironic? Hypocritical? I have nothing else to say. Let me take a break. I cannot say it enough. I could say it forever. Same thing.

(He’s just leading people down the wrong path and then others also lead others to that same wrong path as well. All these other big politicians will keep making laws and stuff to support that bad policy.) Oh, my God. You are right. How can that be? Our world must be coming to an end or something. How can that be, Because everybody wants to kill. (Yes.)

And supported killing…and tender treatment to the killers. Isn’t that contradictory to anything that you’ve ever heard about goodness, (Yes, Master. Completely.) compassion and religious doctrine? (Yes, Master.) Can you believe all this? (Yes, it just seems that so many have fallen into Satan’s trap, and are influenced now by what they say, and what they do. It’s sad to see that happening.) Oh, it’s another trap.

It’s a time of upheaval (Right.) of the devil. That’s why all the devils are born into big positions. Many devils are born in a big position, a deciding position, influential position. That’s the only explanation I can think of. (Ah, right.) Otherwise, how else can anybody behave like that, and support murdering people, and babies, innocent, helpless, harmless babies. (Yes.) who will grow up and populate this Earth and make contributions, great or small. (Yes, Master.)

We cannot live without each other. (Yes, that’s right, Master.) We cannot live without the population. Each one has a job to do. They stop all that. (Yes, Master.) They want the world to stand still. (Oh, yes.) Have no more workers, no more intelligence, no more helpers, no more inventors, no more great doctors, no more whatever. (Yes, Master.) And now thousands of health workers are dead because of COVID-19, up to now (Oh, yes.) as well. (Yes.) Yes. And there won’t be that fast training enough. (Yes, Master.) Training takes many years. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) And after then, they also will die naturally. We need younger people coming up for everything in society. Even laborers we need, because we’re short everywhere. (That’s right. Yes.) I read it in the news.

Media Report from AI Jazeera Sept. 29, 2021 Reporter(m): A fuel crisis, in one of the world’s richest nations. Petrol pumps in the UK are running dry because there aren’t enough truck drivers to deliver the fuel.”

“Media Report from ABC15 Arizona Oct.19, 2021 Reporter(f): A shortage of drivers, those who actually transport that fuel.”

“Media Report from CBS Philly Sept. 25, 2021 Reporter(f): In the school district of Philadelphia, food services never delivered food yesterday for students’ breakfast and lunch.”

“Media Report from ABC Action News Sept. 15, 2021 Reporter(m): Nationwide vet shortages now taking a toll at the Lakeland Animal Hospital.”

“FOX News Interview Oct.12, 2021 Interviewee(m): There are 5 million fewer people working today than before the pandemic.”

That’s why many countries are short of electric power, short of gas power, (Yes.) short of many essential supplies even (Yes, that’s right.) and food. Empty shelves are everywhere because the cargo are (on ships) moored outside on the sea (Yes.) and not inside the city. Could not bring it in. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) For some reason no labor, no pilot, no driver, no captain. (Yes, Master.)

And continue killing babies. Oh, coming from the pope. I don’t know what kind of food he eats every day that he had to spill out this kind of murderous speech. (Yes, Master.) It is as well as murdering, you support it. (Yes, exactly.) That means you are also accomplice murderers. (Yes, Master.) In normal society, accomplice murderers are also punished, also in jail. (Yes.) Same in hell. The laws here are not as strict as in hell. (Wow.) They don’t mince their actions. They will just punish whoever you are if you act against the Law of God. They’re allowed to punish you. They’re allowed to torture you. Whatever happened to the baby will happen to them ten million-fold, (Wow.) more painful because of interest. (Yes, Master.) The longer they live, the more interest because more babies will be killed. (Yes. That’s right.) And at that time, they wish they were dead long time ago, or not born even. (Yes, Master.) So don’t have to partake in this kind of murderous sin. (Yes, Master.) Horrible sin. Oh God.

(It must be following Satan because You said that the demons want to eat the energy of the dead and especially the tenderness of the babies.) Yes. (So they must be following Satan to promote this kind of death.) Many kind of groups worship Satan and devils. They sometimes kill the babies to make offerings (Yes.) because the devil demands it. (Yes, Master.) They kill babies because they are still pure, but die in agony (Right, Master.) so that they will consume this kind of energy and become more powerful to kill more, (Yes, Master.) to harm more humans. Oh, dear God. What kind of world are we living in? Oh God, it’s getting worse by now. Seems like God doesn’t want us to live here anymore. (Oh, wow!) Wow, what else? (Yes.) It seems like they are killing, killing, killing all the time like this. (Yes. We are walking down the path that we must return from.) I’m not sure if they can even repent and be forgiven. Not so easily. (Wow!) Not when you murder so many. (Yes, Master.)

You see one of your brothers who, in his repeated nightmare, he remember he was a soldier and he just killed many innocent people in war because he was powerful, he can do it. (Yes.) Just push a button, for example. (Yes, Master.) And then he also killed an old, helpless woman with no reason. Just because it became a habit. (Oh, yes. That’s right.) Because he has a gun, he has power, he can do it. Just like that, just shoot. It’s like a habit. (Yes.) You see, automatic. And then, he was born as a pig-person. And before that, he had so many nails always piercing into his body like ocean waves, (Oh, wow. Right.) piercing his skin all the time. A lot of them, like waves of nails. (Wow.) Later, he was reborn as a pig-person. (Yes.) And he said sorry to the woman, but the woman didn’t understand the pig-people language. (Right.) That woman was reborn again and had that pig-person to be killed later, to sell for killing. (Yes.) And he said he’s sorry, but the woman could not hear him. His karma has to be paid. (Yes, Master.) At that time he said sorry ‒ useless already. No use. (Yes, Master.) No use. Because that person you kill for no reason, could not forgive you. She could not understand you even, to forgive you. (Yes.)

It’s not like, “OK, I did everything…” The Catholics have this wrong concept, is that they did anything they wanted, and then they just go in, confess with a priest (Ah, yes.) and their sins will be forgiven. Oh, no! I wish it’s true. I wish it could be done like that.

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