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Between Master and Disciples

Heaven Does Not Accept the Killing of the Unborn, Part 2 of 8, Oct. 22, 2021

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If the babies can think and can talk, they would pray to the pope to rescue them to save their lives. (Yes.) But alas, they cannot speak. They cut their throat before they could even open their mouth. (Yes, that’s right.) They murder them the moment they come out of the mother’s womb already.

They are murderers. (Yes.) There’s no way they’ll avoid hell and whoever supports them also will go to hell. (Yes, Master.) Maybe the supporters have a little bit lesser punishment, (Right.) but it’s the same. The law is the law. (Yes, Master.)

Compassion for what? What should we do? So I encourage them to continue to murder and we’ll still have compassion for you anyway? (No.) Or bravo? Wow, you are mighty? Murdering these innocent, defenseless, helpless babies. Wow, compassionate indeed.

Whoever uttered that, I can’t expect that from the pope. Maybe somebody else said it and put it in his mouth. Maybe Satan put it in his mouth. (Yes.) It cannot be the pope who says such things.

(Yes, that’s right. It’s just surprising to see that and it’s a shock. It’s like) Yeah. (the pope himself is playing a political game.) Just so that he can have everybody support him (Yes.) to show that he’s compassionate. Compassionate, my foot.

I can’t believe this. I can’t believe what I hear, what I see. (Yes.) If you guys didn’t send it to me, I wouldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t know about it. I could not for one thousand million years imagine that he said such things. (Yes, Master.)

(Thank You for sharing Your valuable insight and for speaking up for the truth.) I know why now. I could not imagine, but now, I know why. I guess in my humble opinion, he supports Biden and Pelosi and all those who make the law for abortion (Yes, Master.) because they are powerful. They can help him. (Yes.) And the babies, they’re helpless, they’re useless to the pope. (Yes, Master.) And even if they live, by the time they grow up, he died already, so he couldn’t care less. (Wow.) That’s the only explanation I can find. (Yes.) What else? (Yes.) Oh, the baby has no power, no political might, nothing. My God.

Could it be the way I thought because the babies are powerless. They don’t have anything to offer him. So, he couldn’t care less, the pope. (Yes.) Because, all the politicians, they have big power in their hands and behind them. Many, numerous people support them. (Yes, Master.) Especially the top one that belongs to a party. Top of a party, like, Pelosi is the Democrat House Speaker. (Understand.) You see how many millions behind her. (Yes, for sure.) And all the bodyguards and all that as well. And wealth and position and power. (Yes, Master.) But the babies, they have nothing. (Yes, understand.) And they’re still babies. And he’s old already. When they grow up, he’s gone. (That’s right.) So, couldn’t care less.

If the babies can think and can talk, they would pray to the pope to rescue them to save their lives. (Yes.) But alas, they cannot speak. They cut their throat before they could even open their mouth. (Yes, that’s right.) They murder them the moment they come out of the mother’s womb already. Or even before that. On the day the baby’s born, many families celebrate the birthday. Welcome them with warmth and love, and compassion. And all the caring and tenderness. But here, the pope tells all the ministers or pastors to be compassionate, to treat them with tenderness!

And, similarly, I also suspect with the gay and lesbian and bisexual and trans people. (Yes?) They are just two people. (Yes, yes.) They don’t have anything much to offer him. Maybe some donations. (Yes.) But no big deal. (Yes, doesn’t matter much to him.) No.

But like Pelosi or Biden, they can offer hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. (Yes.) And, if he wants to visit any of the states, the politicians will support him, will make a pompous show to gather all the people (Oh, for sure.) and all their supporters to come. (Yes.) Wow, it’s very, very glamorous. (Yes, it will be big.) Feel good like. (Yes.) It’s a feel-good occasion and possibility.

But the babies, they can’t do anything. (Yes.) They can’t even talk for themselves. (Completely helpless.) And the gay people also. (Yes.) They already feel very ashamed to be rejected and outcast. (Yes, yes.) How could they even have anything else to offer? (Yes.) If they’re still alive and don’t feel too depressed to take their own life, it’s already very good. (Yes.) Or they just huddle together, and just two of them. (Yes.

Maybe growing up very traumatized with those kinds of experiences with oppression.)

They’re already very sensitive people. I knew many of them by working. Or even like a hairdresser, or some artists and like that, they are super sensitive, more sensitive and more sentimental than a woman. (Ah, yes.) So, it is a very sorrowful situation they’re in. (Yes.) They’re already very shunned upon by society, more or less, even though they say, “Oh, it’s all equal nowadays.” But not all that equal still. (No, not yet.) Only the celebrities will be treated equally. (Yes.) They still have some reservation in their heart about gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

(Yes, Master. Outwardly, maybe they’re being accepting, but not inwardly.) Not really. I don’t mind any lesbian, gay, or anything as long as they don’t try to get me, then, it’s alright. I’m scared. I’m scared even a man gets me or any little woman gets me. (Yes.) I am too busy. (Understand.) I don’t like to be nagged with this kind of sentiment, (Yes, Master.) if any romance. Not because they’re lesbian or gay or anything. It’s just I don’t want any. (Yes, Master.) Gay or not gay. Lesbian or not. I don’t want to be disturbed. Especially in retreat and when I am busy.

All the time I am busy. (Yes, Master.) I need to concentrate. I concentrate to pray, to think of God, to think of what else to do for the humans. (Yes.) Has nothing to do with their sex preference. (Yes, I understand.) Yeah. (It’s not spiritual, just too) No. (worldly to deal with.) It’s right. I’m just too in (Yes, Master.) the spiritual world. That’s all.

So, any disturbance I don’t like; man or woman, lesbian or not. (Understand.) But I prefer gay though. They are very, very sweet. (Yes.) They’re very gentle. They talk very sweet. (Yes.) And sometimes they sissy sassy, very cute. I feel safe with them, that’s all. (Yes.) I feel safe with them. And they’re not so rushed and not so harsh, in their temperament or attitude. (Yes.) They are very humble, very cute, very lovely.

(And maybe because they’re closer to being a woman. They’re a little bit more enlightened.) Maybe, yes. They’re very sentimental, super sensitive, loyal, and very, very gentle. (Yes.) Like, if a driver, I prefer if he is gay, I feel safe with him. But I don’t have the fortune to even ever have a gay driver. Oh, one time, but short, very short. Only a couple of hours, going back, and then that’s it, one time. (Yes, Master.) I just happened to know that he’s gay and others are just sometimes during retreat and they came to talk to me. (Yes, Master.) What I mean is, if they work around me, I would feel very comfortable.

But right now, I don’t even want any. (Yes, understand.) What I mean is, I feel safe. (Yes.) I don’t have to worry whether or not he will fall in love with me and cause me trouble. (Yes, understand.) He will not. The only trouble is that maybe if I have other male workers, (Oh, yes.) then I have to keep them away. (Yes, understand.) Otherwise, they are super gentle and very, somehow, they’re very humble. (Yes.) Maybe because they don’t feel that they are fully accepted by everyone so they feel there is some humiliation feeling there and complex. (Yes.) But otherwise, they’re super sensitive, super willing to do things and have a very good sense of detail. And artistic also somehow.

Many artists are gay. (Oh, yes. I’ve seen that. And because they’re more sensitive, maybe they have more empathy toward people.) And so they can tune in with their emotion so they can make good songs. (Yes.) When they’re in pain, they’re very concentrated, that’s why. Oh, never mind.

Why do I talk so much about them? What I mean is these people, they’re just weak. I mean, they’re not like powerful or anything even in their own personal space. (Yes.) It’s not much use. Maybe that’s why the pope couldn’t care less about them.

They are human beings, man. (Yes, they are.) If you cannot comfort them, then you just be quiet. (Yes, Master.) That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I suspect. (Yes, Master.) It’s just logical to me. (Yes, it’s very logical. It’s very clear.) I don’t know what else to say. I don’t know how to explain this situation. (Understand.)

I guess the pope is also kowtowing to secular power. (Yes.) Most humans are like that. Most humans are in awe with anyone who is on top, (Yes.) who’s powerful, like especially top politicians. (Yes. Maybe they can get some help from them or something.) It’s just the nature of humans to fear something mighty. (Ah, yes.) Oh, God. Or just have a tendency to fear the rich, to respect the rich, even though they don’t give you any. (Yes. Understand.) Anything powerful, they fear. (Oh, yes.) They fear or they respect, or they kind of kowtow to it inside or outside. (Yes.) Because there is big support behind these top politicians. (Oh, yes.) There are maybe some against, but there’s big, big support behind, numerous supporters (Yes.) and at a wave of their hand, a signature with their pen, life and death will occur right in front of you. (Yes. They can affect a lot of people.) You can see that.

Some millions of children die because of this abortion law, like lawful abortion. (Yes.) Millions of children die around the world every year and some are not even recorded. (Yes, must be.) Because I heard they can buy even medicine at the counter before. (Oh, yes.) When it’s some earlier pregnancy, they just buy medicine and then flush it out. (Yes.) They don’t report. (Understand.) And nobody reports anything. There’s no name. (Yes.)

“EWTN Pro-Life Weekly Interview:

Dr. Tara Sander Lee(f): Abortion pills are incredibly dangerous. In fact, they’re four times more dangerous than surgical abortion, and I know that that can sometimes surprise people. But we know that because of large international studies, large meta-analyses, and more recently, we know that because of a report, a national study that was done here in the United States, that examined cases of death and cases of adverse events that were reported to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) after women took the abortion pill. And what they found is (they) actually identified 20 deaths of mothers that took the abortion pill, they identified over 500 life-threatening complications, they identified about 2,000 severe adverse events, and they range anywhere from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, to infection, to hemorrhage and excess bleeding that even sometimes requires a transfusion.

Host(f): Abortion pills are used early on in a woman’s pregnancy, and abortion advocates often do not recognize the humanity of a child, especially in those early stages. But what do we know about a baby’s development, even in the first few weeks, when these pills are used?

Dr. Tara Sander Lee(f): Yeah, it’s a great question. I mean, it’s unfortunate that we have to keep reminding people that a baby is a baby in the womb. And so let me just start by saying, within the first few weeks, there is an incredible amount that is happening. We know that the baby’s body plan has already emerged to give rise to all the tissues and organs. We know that the heart is rhythmically beating. We know that the brain is developing into its specialized subsections.”

So there’re millions of them dying every year, due to this encouragement from the government by the law. Legal abortion. And even pay them money. My God! Use that money to pay for some struggling families with babies, which they cannot feed instead. (Yes.) Use that money for life, not for killing, murder, not for death. Isn’t that not logical to anybody? (It’s very logical.) Wonder why did they do the opposite? Then it must be evil. (Yes.)

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