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Between Master and Disciples

The Spiritual Alphabet, Part 6 of 7, Jan. 7, 2006

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(God blessings be upon You If I can see You, You definitely can see me. With devoted love, For You who is the Messenger and the Torchbearer of Love in today’s dark world.) Wow, it’s beautiful!

Merci [thank you]. You have it? (Yes!) Cheers! (Cheers!) Everybody have? We’re waiting, we’re waiting. (Not yet, Master.) Not yet? OK, go ahead, go ahead. (Just going to give the people back here.) In the back there? (Finished.) We’re still New Year, aren’t we? We’re still in New Year. (Yes!) OK, good. (A big, long New Year.)

Well, sometimes people say Christmas and the New Year are good times, but I’m really glad when it’s over because the pressure is so high! Everybody feels pressure, and I feel it too. (Yes.) Especially in a big city, you know, people running, running, running, all day, last minute, to try to get a present so that somebody else will be happy, or just to be polite, or just for business or anything. It’s just so much pressure, pressure. (A lot of money wasted.) And money, also! Sometimes wasted, sometimes not. It’s not just about money, but sometimes they have to think how much they could spend, because Christmas is enormous, a lot of spending to do. And then a lot of people feel very unhappy and pressure because they can’t afford what their loved ones like, and all that.

OK, cheers! (Cheers!) It’s like grape fruit-juice. (Yes!) Sparkling fruit juice. (Yes.) This one... Vinegar fruit juice! No? What? OK. Voila [there]! (It’s a cool glass.) Yeah. Cool. (Is it better when You mix it?) I don’t know. It just... It tastes almost the same. It tastes the two together. Yeah, it’s OK. It couldn’t be worse. Sometimes I don’t have taste. Is it good? (Yes!) OK, then it’s good. As long as it’s good for you, it’s good for me. Does everyone have enough? (Yes.) Do we have some more we can pass around? Because it’s hot here, maybe they want to drink. Is there any more drink somewhere?

What is that there? OK, we have some fruit then. (There’s some more.) (Grapefruit.) Some more for… Whoever wants some more, raise hands. Give me the fruit. Whoa! All right, all right. I’ll try to make it less heavy. Here! Oh, sorry, love! Just catch it wherever you can. No complaining. Catch whatever! Anybody don’t have? Don’t have? Don’t have? Cool! Don’t have? Good. Careful! Some fruits are so heavy like a bomb. Hey, be careful! Anybody? (Yes!) Anyone? (Thank You, Master.) Want, love? There, sweetheart. Chocolate. Anyone else? (Two of them there didn’t get it.) Two of them there? Here! Give, give. Right, anyone? (Too far... Wow!) If you already have, pass on to the neighbor. Recite the Five (Holy) Names. Good one. Cool! Good, good. Careful with your glasses! Careful your wisdom eye! Here!

OK, go! (Yes, Master.) Whoever doesn’t have, give. (We have lots of [vegan] candies here as well.) Candies! OK, after. I forgot; I want a banana! No, it’s for you. Save me one if anything’s left. No, I don’t want an apple, I want a banana! (Just drop it.) (Here’s one.) For them first! Go, go! Some of them don’t have. (Can you take the banana for Master?) (Yes.) Oh, thank you. So we have together, like... (Yes!) Cheers! That’s what I mean. If I want a banana, give me a banana! I don’t care if your apple is good. I want a banana! Nice.

The farm over there, are there a lot of neighbors around? (Sorry?) A lot of neighbors around that farm? (No, not a lot.) (No, they’re quite a ways.) But I saw that one is nearby. (Yes, it’s just on the other side.) OK, OK. So if we move, we have to deal with new bananas again, new neighbors.

Whoever doesn’t have, give him. Some more people upstairs? No. Give over there first, they didn’t have it. All of you have behind there? (Yes.) Cool. OK, upstairs then, upstairs. (Thank You.) Just give it upstairs. And the rest here for some seconds, if somebody wants a second. Are you taping me? Banana? Wow. Hot, eh? (Yes.)

So, what do we do? (Can You sing us a song maybe?) Sing a song. (Sing us a song.) What kind of song? (Any song.) Huh? (Any song.) Forgot. (There’s a… I don’t know whether You know…) Don’t know if I can sing, don’t know if I feel like singing. (There’s a couple of brothers who want to sing a song for You.) Oh, OK. Sing songs, then. Go ahead. Somebody wrote a song, you can sing if you want to. There was one person who wrote a song for me. Can sing it if you want. One at a time.

(I’ve got this to blow.) OK. What’s that? (Harmonica.) (And I blow it.) OK, OK! Understand, harmonica. Yes! (Wow!) Bravo, Choco! Thank you!

There, the Chinese. Sing in Chinese or English? (English.) OK, go ahead.

(“Without much expectation But sincere wish for spiritual growth I got the chance to meet You again In a dream-like reunion Experiencing Heaven on Earth Feeling so much love by You. I got the chance to meet You again Feeling so much lucky To be close to You Bathing in Your love That’s such a powerful Love Feeling so much close to You Watching and listening to You The reflection of my Self Feeling so much familiar to You How much tears You share How much You endure Against obstacles Just to reunite with us Shamefully, I do not know But I know for sure That our reunion will continue And I want to make it happen With You To make it last through ages Beyond time and space.”) (Thank You.)

Thank you, Cookie. That was very brave. Feel better now? (Yes.) Need a blanket? Everybody is sweating, and you are shivering! Very nice. Thank you, Cookie. Noodle! Chinese, right? (Yes.) OK, then it’s “Noodle.” Chinese noodles are mostly yellow and slim like that. You love to eat noodles? (Yes.) Yeah, sure! The same. Chinese love noodles, just like Italian’s spaghetti. Chinese noodles, very nice. Good! Anyone else? OK. Song? Micro? What’s the name of the song? (Heavenly Reunion.) Wow! Sounds just like you guys! “H” for Heaven, huh? “U” for Union. Or “R” for Reunion. Yes!

(Master, I don’t have a song for You, but I have a message from someone whom I met for the first time a few months ago when I went to visit my mother.) Yeah. Good message? (Yes, it is. It is written in Persian, but I had translated it after meditation this morning.) All right. (Can I read it to You, please?) Who is that guy? Who is it? (It is a lady who is actually... She saw one of Your videos with the Persian subtitles.) Oh, we even have Persian subtitles! All right, and then what happened? And she wants to tell me something? (No, she said to me that this is very good news because she thought nobody is in the world trying to rescue everybody else. She is really doing her best trying to educate people back at home. It’s a beautiful card, but let me just read what she’s written.) You-u-u... remember... the-e-e... Bi-bi-bi... the Bi-bi-bible se-se-seller?

(God bless You. If I can see You, You definitely can see me. With devoted love, to You who is the Messenger and the Torchbearer of Love in today’s dark world.) Oh, very good translation! (If You allow me, I’d like to read the Persian one because of the power of words.) Is that all? (That’s all.) OK, OK, then you can read. If it’s short, it’s fine. (Thank You.) (God blessings be upon You If I can see You, You definitely can see me. With devoted love, For You who is the Messenger and the Torchbearer of Love in today’s dark world.) Wow, it’s beautiful! (Yes.) Even though I don’t understand, it’s so beautiful! Really beautiful! Even when you don’t... When you don’t understand, maybe it’s even more beautiful! (Yes.) It’s very powerful. (Yes!) The language! (Yes.) (It’s Persian.) Maybe the way she wrote it.

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