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Between Master and Disciples

The Spiritual Alphabet, Part 2 of 7, Jan. 7, 2006

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Now we have a new code, between us. Can you memorize all that? (Yes!) Yeah? So when you spell your name, remember, OK? “M” like Master! “B” like Buddha! “B” like Buddha? (Yes!) Or Blessing? Buddha, Buddha! (Buddha!)

And what’s next now? (“R”) “R” for what? (Right... Righteous...) (Radiant!) (Radiant.) Radiance? Radiance. (Retreat.) Retreat. Let me see. (Retreat.) Radiant is good! (Radiant.) “S” for what? (Supreme!) (Supreme Master!) Supreme! “T” for what? (Truth.) Truth! What else? (“U”) “U” for what? (Universe... United... Universal!) (United... Ultimate... Unlimited! Unify... Unity!) Unity! Good. And maybe we’ll think of something else later. Right now, it’s that. “U”!

And then, “V” for what? (Victor. Victory!) Victory is from... They have already “Victor.” Or something else better? (Virtues!) Virtues! “W” for what? (Wisdom!) Wisdom! Man, you are good! What now? (“X.”) “X” for what? (Ecstasy!) (Expialidocious.) “X” for what? (Extra! X’mas!) It’s difficult, this word. We leave it for now.

“Y” for what? (Yogi!) Yogis? (Yes!) Or Yoga? Yoga! (Yogis.) Yogi is better? (Yoga.) Yoga? (Yogi.) (Happy Yogis!) Yogis or Yoga? Yogis? (Yogis!) Yogis? (Yogis! Yoga! Happy Yogis!) I know, I know. Which is better? Yoga is more bright. Yoga, OK! Yoga, everybody knows. Yogis, maybe not. Yoga is just practicing, reminding them to go and find the unity with God. Big God.

“X” for what, now? Still thinking... (X Factor!) What? Expatriate? (Good idea!) “X” is difficult, huh? “X” is difficult. (Expand.) “X” is not Expand. It has to be with “E.” And “Z,” we have even a “Z”! “Z” for Zen? (Zen, yes!) OK, Zen!

Is there any name of a Saint with “X”? (Xanadu.) (Xavior.) “X” like Christmas? (Yes.) Sometimes, they say X’mas. Huh? No! What? (X for a Kiss.) Kiss! (Love!) Love already have. (Just a symbol for kiss.) I know. But if you spell it over the phone to some man and say, “Kiss!” He might misunderstand you very well! Normally, it’s “X-ray,” right? (Or Xanadu.) (X-ray or Xanadu.) Any “X”... (X-ray.) Huh? (Xanadu.) What is that? (It’s a name.) What’s the name?

(A mystical place. It’s a mystic... Yes, it’s a...) What is the name again? (It’s Xanadu.) (Xanadu.) (It used to be a film, Master. It used to be a film, a magical film.) Spell it. (X-A-N...) A-N...? (D-U.) D- (U.) U. Xandu! (Xanadu! “A”!) One person, one only. Who? (X-A-N-A-D-U.) Oh, X-A-N- (A-D-U.) A-D-U. (Yes.) Xanadu! (Yes.) Xanadu, OK! It’s like Nirvana stuff? (Yes.) Xanadu? (Yes. They come alive. They’re pictures. They come alive, and they make magic all over, and they make things right.) But it’s a good one? (Yes.) Like a good fairy? (Yes.) Is it positive? (It’s about love, and...) OK, Xanadu then!

I haven’t seen the film. I don’t know. (It’s magical.) A good one, huh? (Yes, very good. Olivia Newton-John plays in it.) (Yes.) OK, OK. (It’s good.) (It’s a love story.) It’s good, huh? (Yes.) All right. Positive, right? (Yes, positive. Very positive.) The word, it has any meaning in Greek or something? (Probably. It’s a place. I think it’s a place, a magical place.) OK, just a name for, like, Shangri-La or something. (Yes.) OK, fine!

Ah, how about... There’s a word called Xana, no? Xana? Xana, how to spell it? Oh, that’s “S,” right? (We can look in a dictionary, Master.) Yeah, do you have any dictionary here? (Look on the computer, go to Google.) Yeah. (What’s the English name?) There is a word in Sanskrit called Xana. You know, it means a very small fraction of a second. (Oh!) But normally, they write it with “S.” “S” like “Sorry.” Right? (Yes.) It’s not with “X,” right? I think they write it with “S.” Yeah, can look up in the dictionary. Tell me about all the “X.” (I look on the computer.) Now! On computer, yeah. Nowadays, we don’t need dictionaries. I forgot. You guys are wizards! You know the word Sana, right? Supposed to write with “X” actually, but they mostly write it with “S.” OK, Sana, not Xana. It’s true, it’s true. OK, let’s see if anything comes up.

There are some Greek words, more normally carried with “X.” Anybody Greek here? (Xerxes Great is a Greek god.) Xerxus. You mean Zeus? (X-E-R) X-E-R? (X-E-S.) X-E-S. Xerxes! Possible, we can do that. I’ll check if it has something else better. Is he a good Greek god, or is an Almighty God? He’s supposed to be Almighty, right? For them! (A Greek mythical god.) Is he a good god? Because some of them are not so good! Some of the Greek gods are not that good. They’re too Greek. Too Greek, right? Yeah, is that a good god? (I don’t know.) Ah, yeah!

(Master, there’s a famous Catholic Saint called Francis Xavier. Spelled X-A-V-I-E-R.) Xavier, OK. Francis Xavier. But it’s very difficult, because there is a Savior. Xavier, people will think Savior! You know, like “S.” (Yes.) Like Salvation. Savior. So we keep Xerxes is fine. You have to twist the tongue: Xe-xe-xe... It’s difficult to write, difficult to speak. That’s why it’s Greek! Is he a good god? He’s a good god, positive god? (I don’t really remember.) No, you don’t remember. (No.) (Yes.) He’s a good god. (Yes.) Because some gods, they are not good. Very Greek-like. Most Greek gods are good gods. Actually in mythology, they mean the God Almighty or some of the Astral gods, you know, before. It depends on which group. That’s why they have so many gods! Got anything there? Not yet? OK. Meanwhile, we check out.

“A” for what? (Almighty.) “B”? (Blessing.) “C”? (Ching Hai.) Is it good, Ching Hai? (Yes!) Any other name better? (Caring Ching Hai!) Huh? (Caring Ching Hai.) Oh, my God! It’s a code talk. It’s not a song. OK, Ching Hai is fine.

And “D”? (Divine.) “E”? (Enlightenment.) “F”? (Freedom.) “G”? (God.) “H”? (Heaven.) “I”? (Initiation.) “J”? (Joy.) “K”? (Kindness.) “L”? (Love.) “M”? (Master.) “N”? (Noble.) Nobody! (Noble.) Noble. OK.

“O”? (Omnipresent.) OK, it’s good, it’s good. But anything else shorter than that? Nice? (Om... Om...) Om... (Omnipresent.) (Ode to Master.) Hmm? (Ode to Supreme Master.) No, I don’t say, “Om.” It’s too Indian. Too Indian and too Hindu. Sounds like a ... (Ocean!) No, we don’t want that. We don’t want hurricane and stuff. (Ocean of Love.) Hmm? (Ocean of Love!) (Oneness. There’s Oneness.) Omnipresent is good. (Yes!) Oneness, then they might think the four Musketeers. (All for one.) Yeah, yeah! OK, Oneness is also fine. Should we have Oneness or Omnipresent? (Omnipresent!) Yeah, it’s higher, huh? (Yes!) Because Oneness is still under. OK, Omnipresent, and you remember the Almighty then. Cool! All right. OK, continue.

(“Peace.”) “P” for Peace. OK, Peace. And “Q”? (Quan Yin!) What? Anybody understands what Quan Yin is? (We tell them.) Huh? (We can tell them.) Is there anything more like international, universal? (That’s the Quan Yin Bodhisattva.) (Queen.) I know Queen, no, I don’t want Queen. (Quiet!) No! (Quest. Quantum Quest.) It’s not too spiritual, is it? (No.) That’s the problem. (Quest for the Holy Grail.) Quest for the Holy Grail? (Yes.) The whole sentence? We keep it for now, Quan Yin, OK? And explain it to them when they don’t understand, say, “OK, you know what? It’s a whole book, so get your pen ready. We’ll tell you what Quan Yin is.”

(Master, I was in Bath a little while ago, and there was a... I went into a crystal shop, and they’d got also all sorts of different things. And they had a Quan Yin Bodhisattva, but they spelled it K-U-A-N instead of Q-U-A-N.) Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. Yes! They spell it... You can spell it either way. (Yes, it’s just the pronunciation? I suppose.) Yeah, OK. K-U... Yeah, Quan Yin is fine. We don’t care. We are different Quan Yin. That’s their Quan Yin, this is us. OK, never mind.

“R”? (Radiance.) “S”? (Supreme.) “T”? (Truth.) “U”? (Unity.) Unity! “V”? (Virtues.) “W”? (Wisdom.) “X”? (Christmas is good enough.) (But it doesn’t really start with “X.”) That’s the problem. They shorten it like that, but most people might not understand. They say “X” like Christmas, and then they start to write C-H... “Charlie,” “Hotel”... OK! We stick with Xer… xes… Xerxes. OK? (OK.) All right, OK. Good, good. Zeus is “Z,” huh? OK! “Y”? (Yoga.) “Z”? (Zen.) Zen! Everybody knows Zen! Cool, All right. That’s that.

Now we have a new code, between us. Can you memorize all that? (Yes!) Yeah? So when you spell your name, remember, OK? “M” like Master! “B” like Buddha! “B” like Buddha? (Yes!) Or Blessing? Buddha, Buddha! (Buddha!) “C” like Christ? (Yes!) It’s more international, no? Should we do that? Ching Hai is too long.

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