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Between Master and Disciples

The Spiritual Alphabet, Part 4 of 7, Jan. 7, 2006

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We don’t want the copy and fake things, especially when it’s bad. We are very progressive right now, but it’s scary, scary, because it’s the beginning. The beginning of people wanting to play God. It happened before, and then it failed, and then it ruined other civilizations. And now it begins again, another kind of similar civilization. Just the beginning, and it’s scary.

I don’t trust the process of cloning. They make horrible things, crazy things for experiments. Maybe in the future they’ll make it nice, but I don’t think so. Not yet, not for a long, long time. Not 100%. And then it would be default, and there will be a problem, and then everybody will claim something which is not.

We don’t want the copy and fake things, especially when it’s bad. We are very progressive right now, but it’s scary, scary, because it’s the beginning. The beginning of people wanting to play God. It happened before, and then it failed, and then it ruined other civilizations. And now it begins again, another kind of similar civilization. Just the beginning, and it’s scary.

I also have to climb up while waiting for you. Waiting... come on! Come! Come! I’m not sure what’s more fun. When I was with you, a little lower, it’s more fun. Now sometimes I feel so far. I really have to make effort. It’s very difficult, more difficult than before. Now it’s more difficult to be with you than before. I mean with your mind, with your endless stupid questions. Before, it disturbed me, but now it disturbs me more. Just feel more strange, more strange. I’m trying to slow down, but it’s difficult, difficult to slow down. Because now you can walk already, so I mostly don’t need to wait for you. That’s the thing. You can walk, and not only you can walk, but can drag a few along with you, invisibly, without you even knowing it. And this is good! So, you’re dragging each other, so I just fly!

I am trying to get used to you again. I am trying very hard. Believe me, it’s really hard. If I interact with other people outside who don’t know who I am, that’s different. I don’t care. It’s easy. But I don’t know, it’s more difficult with you. It should be the opposite! It should be the opposite, but it’s not. Because I see that some of you are still standing where you were. Or some of the people are still standing where I was, like think of me as I was before. You have to let go of that, in order to get the new me. Otherwise, we are even more farther apart. And you will be just standing there, stamping your feet, in one place. It’s not cool. European people, maybe less. But some of the Asian race are still kind of hanging on in there, still hanging in there.

OK, anything else? (Master...) Yeah? (Can You tell us about Your spiritual experiences when You were meditating in the cave recently?)

I told you already. Told you in Hungary, right? There’s too much to tell you, anyway. I just can tell you a little bit. Whatever’s good for you, I’ve already told you. The rest, I don’t know how. The rest, I don’t know how. It’s like if you’re in love with somebody, can you explain that feeling? (No.) To make another woman understand, or another man understand? Because everyone in love is different, even, even though it’s the same! It seems like the same feeling, but it’s not, is it? You falling in love, is different from another person’s, and very difficult to tell them. And this is even emotional. And spiritual is way more difficult! It’s not just about what I see or what I experience. I’m just out! I’m just gone! I don’t know how to go back. I don’t know how to go back down again! It seems like I could go down any time, but I can’t anymore. I mean, there’s something inside you cannot tell. Cannot explain to you. I wish I could!

It’s also the first time for me. Because many thousands of years, I never went up this high. I’d remain, you know, more or less, more or less - Fifth Level, max! And then come back down again, it’s easier. Now, it’s different. It’s time... Go Home! I have other things to do! Not to go there sit, doing nothing. Have to go take care of the management! It’s like you have a business, you cannot be away too long. Can be long and fax and internet and that, but you still have to go sometimes, personally, back to your company.

All right. Any other question? I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. (I understand. Thank You, Master.)

(Master, I’m seeing [inner Heavenly] Lights...) You what? (I just got a glimpse of [inner Heavenly] Lights...) Just got a glimpse? (...of Lights coming out of...) Enjoy... Where? (I can’t talk, really. It’s just too amazing. I’m just overwhelmed.) Oh, good, good! Enjoy.

Next one. Behind, what? Yeah, just talk. (Who was the Being that You said was coming that You hadn’t seen for a long time, and that You were really excited about? You said to the residents in 2003.) No, I didn’t say 2003. (No, no, no.) Oh, later. (You said it on a tape in 2003. You said someone was coming.)

We’ll talk about that when He’s there. The time’s not come yet. Maybe He doesn’t have to come. Maybe He comes, and then I go. I was excited because at that time I was excited. Right now, I’m not excited about anything anymore. In 2003, I was at a different level. I was in a different foothold. You know, almost like you or higher, but not like now. Now, I’m struggling to stay here with you. I’m struggling to stay here, I mean, on this planet. To do what? Things change a lot. Maybe have a couple of adjustments to do. Maybe the Lord of the 21st doesn’t need to come down. Maybe don’t need a successor anymore. Things have changed because I’ve gone up. So, I will tell you if something else’s coming, OK? Right now, I’m trying to hold on, so that I don’t go. Do you want me to go and things happen the way it was? (No!) OK, yeah.

I’m going through a very strange period myself. Can’t stay, can’t go! Don’t know where, what to do, where to, what, do what. I’m struggling. Because it seems like I’ve done most of what I have to do, but it seems like you guys still want me to hang around.

And it seems like we are still the same, but we are not the same! And right now, it seems like I could go out and talk to the world, but I can’t. Before, I was only the Supreme Master! I cannot go out there and tell lies. Before, it was the truth. Before, because I wasn’t going up high, so that was OK then. But now, if somebody asks me, then I cannot say yes, I cannot say no. And if I keep quiet, then they will guess all kinds of nonsense things. I can’t even say that. It was difficult to tell you already, not to talk about telling the masses outside.

At the moment, I don’t imagine how I would say that. But suppose somebody asked, you know, the audience, then what would I say to them? And they might ask me, “What kind of religion that You belong to?” “Tell us You belong to Muslim! Just tell us! Just have it all settled down with.” “Tell us You belong to Buddhism!” “Tell us You belong to Hinduism. Just tell us!” “Tell everybody that You are us!” “You are the Muslim!” “You are the Hindus!” “You are the Buddhist!” I’d make more trouble. And how many people out there understand what God is? Do you really even understand? No.

(Master, I knew You’re my Lord on Earth. I said to You in Florida. I just felt that You were something special, and I always thought that You were more than You are!) Ah, OK. (But I knew! I don’t know how I know, but I knew in my heart.) All right, understand. (And what You say is amazing.) OK, understand. Sometimes you understand here.

Yes. (Can I propose another name for the letter “R,” please?) What is that? (Revelation.) It’s fine. Thank you, yes. Well, what did we have? (Rainbow! Radiant!) Radiant or Rainbow? (Rainbow!) I like Rainbow! (Yes!) It’s more légère (light). Simple! Revelation is fine, but it sounds too Catholic, no? Revelation is also fine. I don’t know how many people understand that, that’s the thing. OK, Rainbow is nice. It’s the symbol of Heaven, hope, beauty. (Yes.) Ethereal beauty! It’s not physical, it’s fine. It’s OK. We could argue forever and find a better word, but OK, fine. Just for now, OK? Maybe later.

Anything else? Please. (I think... I may be wrong. I think I can feel how scary it must be for You, and...) Scary? (Well, kind of! Well, of course, maybe it’s not, because You’ve got immense courage beyond what I could imagine.) What? (Your courage!) Scary about what? (It’s beyond what I could imagine, so I won’t comment on it. But I would just say that if You feel... You said in Hungary that You are the same spirit as Jesus was, and I have no problem with that. I’ve seen the vision of the first Jesus, and I see the same vision of Love in You. And I would just feel that it’s a very, very hard thing that You’re here to do, and I would like to say that I would be prepared to die to protect You.)

Oh, thank you. It’s all right, love. Thank you very much. Many of you would say that. OK, thanks. But it’s OK. It doesn’t matter.

I’m not scared, it’s not that. I’m not scared. You all misunderstand. Sometimes you guys talk too much and don’t listen. You think you know a lot, and sometimes you make me feel tired. I’m not scared, love, it’s not that. I mean, just tired of the system of the world. I’m not scared. Did I say I’m scared or anything? (No.) I’m just saying that if you live under the world, under the Earth, you will be more peaceful. The way other people do.

Scary, what I mean is that the technology of the world is getting to a very scary stage. Do you hear that? OK? (Yes.) I’m not scared for myself. I said it’s a scary world because it’s the beginning of discovery of something more than humans can handle right now. And that is scary, OK? Not me scared. Yes, I just don’t want some copy of something good to become bad, and make use of that, do you understand me? (Yes.) Yes, for a wrong purpose. (Yes.) Good things fall into wrong hands, you understand now. (Yes.)

That’s it. OK, baby? But, thank you. Even though you misunderstood, but it’s very noble of you. Thank you. Yeah, we’d die for each other. We would. That’s why Jesus died, no? (Yes.) But He didn’t have to, didn’t have to. If I have to go, I go.

Oh, what else? What else? No? What? Suddenly it’s so heavy, why? Something wrong? No?

Good. Then you’re OK. When you talk too much, you get carried away, and then you talk nonsense at the end. Because you are not completely enlightened, you just get the beginning, and you don’t get the end. So some of you just talk, talk, all eloquently, and then suddenly it just turns sour or turns something nonsense, unexpectedly. It’s because you don’t get it, you don’t get the whole picture. You just blah, blah, and then everybody likes it, and then you get carried away and then show your tail at the end.

I don’t mean you, huh? Thanks for your good intention. The head one. I’m not dying yet. Yeah?

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