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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 215 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“During the 10 years of the Chia-Yen, there will be 60 diseases. Ten will die and only one will remain.”

Today we will look more in detail how ancient Taoist prophecies foresaw the COVID-19 pandemic that is prevailing during these End Times.

The scripture states that, at the time of Great Pandemics, there will be numerous diseases and countless killing ghosts to take the lives of evil persons. At the end, only a small number of the world’s population will survive. “At the time, epidemics will be numerous. There will be 90 diseases which will kill evil persons. There will be killing ghosts with red heads. The ghost king is one hundred thousand feet in height, and will lead 3.6 billion killing ghosts, each of them holding red rods and searching all over the world to take lives of living people and reconnoitering them day and night.”

Interestingly, the prophecy describes the killing ghosts will have red heads. And following the gigantic ghost king, 3.6 billion ghosts will follow him while holding red rods. This reminds us of the graphics that describe the novel coronavirus in red colors, which look like round red heads. Also the spike protein of these viruses are the part that connects aggressively to a receptor of a human body’s cell and start the infection, acting like a key to enter human cell. The name coronavirus comes from these club-shaped proteins, as their structures, when viewed under an electron microscope, look like stellar corona. Perhaps these spike proteins were the “red rods” that the prophecy mentioned, which are also usually illustrated in red colors in the news.

But more interestingly, from a spiritual perspective, the scripture mentions killing ghosts with red heads. Could this be an indication that there is a spiritual element to COVID that some people have personally experienced?

“(Once during meditation, a group of angry souls radiating red light appeared before my eyes, one after another. This was the consequence of humans’ killing of animal-people. The furious animal-people turned into viruses to attack all humankind. The red light slowly entered my body and attacked my cells. When I found my throat swelling and sore and became breathless, I realized it was the COVID-19 virus. I immediately said to the virus, “If I’ve hurt you in this or previous lives, please forgive me, and I wish you liberation.” Then I began to do the [inner Heavenly] Sound meditation. Gradually, the inner [Heavenly] Light and Sound Stream drove out the angry red light, and I began to feel better…)”

“(While in Samadhi on the early morning of December 12, 2021, I saw many places on Earth suddenly collapse to become many sinkholes, from which came out many little ‘people’ who were small, with male features, wearing special uniforms, and with things like spikes on top of their heads. Commanded by their superior, they’re here to capture people. They only came out to execute their mission in special times. Behind this leader stood a lot of his subordinates, each holding the same ‘paper.’ The paper was so long that it seemed there was no end. I asked him why there’re so many people on the list and he replied that those people had committed bad karmic retribution because of eating meat and killing. In their hands they cast a special tool like a whip, which pierced into people’s bodies and strung them up like sugar-coated fruits. Those who were not on the list would feel nothing when being pierced through, as if they’re like empty space. It reminded me of my dream at the beginning of 2017. In the dream, I saw that there would be a pandemic on Earth three years later, with fields littered with corpses, which were too ghastly to look at. I woke up in tears. …)”

The Divine Incantation Scripture provides more insights on the physical symptoms that the “epidemic” causes. “This epidemic makes people feel chills and fever and have headaches and dizziness. The five organs do not work smoothly, and the heart is down and sad. The nose, mouth, and throat cough, and the abdomen bloats. The breath goes up and pierces the heart. Hand and foot spasm, difficult to flex and extend. The pains in the chest and back penetrate the brain. The ears cannot hear. The body has jaundice and swelling, and becomes red and black, having five types of diarrhea...”

The symptoms described are surprisingly similar to the COVID-19 symptoms and its long-term effects. Many of these symptoms are common among coronavirus groups - SARS, MERS and COVID-19. Among them, COVID-19 patients experience the broadest arrange of symptoms. Among the most common symptoms are high fever and chills. And “down and sad heart” could mean the mental fatigue or lethargy many reported. “Five organs” is a Chinese term meaning the five essential organs - heart, liver, lung, kidney, and spleen. Abnormal function of these organs could indicate the symptoms listed in the prophecy, or furthermore, it could indicate that all internal organs could malfunction.

Some of the COVID-19 symptoms & Vaccine Related Side-effects

Paranoia Arrhythmia PTSD Renal Failure Myocarditis New Hypertension OCD Dysphoria Mood Disorders Throat Pain Stroke Dizziness Limb edema Sputum Diabetes Mellitus Discontinuous flushing Diarrhea Pulmonary Fibrosis Red Eyes Psychiatric illness Mental Health Chills Sleep Apnea Reduced pulmonary capacity Sleep Disorder Intermittent Fever Palpitations Resting heart rate increase Cutaneous signs Weight loss Digestive disorders Depression Anxiety Hearing loss or tinnitus Memory Loss Chest Pain / Discomfort Nausea or Vomit Sweat Cough Joint Pain Post-activity polypnea Anosmia Ageusia Dyspnea Hair Loss Attention Disorder Headache Fatigue Abdominal pain Phantosmia Parosmia Dysgeusia Delirium Swollen lymph glands Tremor Pericarditis Guillain-Barré syndrome Capillary leak syndrome Transverse myelitis Immune thrombocytopenia Blurred vision Seizure Menstrual irregularities ETC...

While some people expect this pandemic will end soon, the following prophecy from the Divine Incantations Scripture foretells it will last for several decades, perhaps until the end of the 21st century. “During the 10 years of the Chia-Yen, there will be 60 diseases. Ten will die and only one will remain.”

The mention of “60 diseases” seems to parallel current events. There are currently many new diseases emerging across the globe. And in addition, infectious diseases from the past that had once been declared eradicated, are also re-emerging. The COVID pandemic is ongoing, and despite the availability of vaccines, there are grave warnings regarding outbreaks on an even larger scale in the future as new subvariants such as BA.5 and BA.2.75 continue to emerge. Hence, such diseases may continue to ravage society for an extended period of time.

The time frame stated is interesting to consider. The Chia-Yen year in the sexagenary cycle (or 60-year cycle) referred to in the scripture may relate to the year 2034. This Chia-Yen year occurs in the sexagenary cycle spanning 1984 – 2043. Alternatively, 2094 is another Chia-Yen year in the next sexagenary cycle. Hence, the “10 years of Chia-Yen” may indicate the time frame of 2090 – 2099.

And what will occur at the end of the “10 years of Chia-Yen”? We are warned that “ten will die and only one will remain.” This may be a warning that at the end of the 10-year period, only 9% of the world’s population will survive. The exact same prediction was also revealed by Supreme Master Ching Hai when She shared Her conversation with the Chief of COVID on Jan. 26, 2022.

“And then I pressed him, ‘Can you tell me this time when COVID-19 will end and the world will go back to normal?’ The COVID-19 chief told me, ‘Year 2099, […] November 4.’ (Wow. That’s a long way. So long.)

So, I asked him further, ‘At that time, how many percent left?’ Meaning, how many percent of humans. ‘And till then, will be death, sickness, destruction, new and more lethal dangerous variants, correct?’ So, the CV chief said, ‘Yes. 9% left.’ (9%. Oh, wow.) (Wow.) He said, ‘Only 9% left until that time.’ (Oh, wow.) Like 77 years later. […]

So, I asked him, ‘Vaccine doesn’t help?’ The CV chief said, ‘No. Zero.’ Oh, God. (Oh, wow.) […]

But I kept telling you before, we can’t just rely on vaccines and all that. We have to rely on God. God’s Grace. And we have to better ourselves. To be worthy of that, to be worthy of forgiveness. I keep telling you that. No? (Yes, Master.)”

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