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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 212 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“When the Great Catastrophe is near to come, Lords of states will be greedy and brutal, and won’t care for their people. All people will be in hardship and poverty. Officers will deviate from the right track, and people will suffer miserably. Crying voices will fill roads, and death will cover the fields.”

Last week, we discovered how various Taoist prophecies foretold the disasters and calamities of an envisioned period called ‘End Times’ when Lao Tzu said He would return to rescue His disciples and followers of the Tao. We also learned that these times accurately predict our current era and the many calamities we have created and are now facing. Today we will look into further signs regarding the prophecies of End Times.

In the “Divine Incantations Scripture,” Supreme Lord Lao reveals that the misery during the End Times – which is also referred to by the term ‘Great Catastrophe’ can be seen through the greed and cruelty of kings who do not govern benevolently and thus bring miserable suffering to the world.

“When the Great Catastrophe is about to come, kings will not govern in good order, and people will feel distressed and disappointed.” “When the Great Catastrophe is near to come, Lords of states will be greedy and brutal, and won’t care for their people. All people will be in hardship and poverty. Officers will deviate from the right track, and people will suffer miserably. Crying voices will fill roads, and death will cover the fields.”

Today’s political figures, such as presidents and prime ministers, could be seen as the kings of modern society. As prophesied, we are currently aware of many such selfish and even evil heads of state whose interests lie far away from the well-being of the people they were elected to govern. Thus, they are responsible for the suffering of the world’s citizen. A vivid and gruesome example is Russia’s brutal and senseless invasion of Ukraine.

With the Heavenly insight of an enlightened Being, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been sharing Her understanding of the ill intent and evil behind events like the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and many others.

Biden, he did not want to help Ukraine because they work together with Putin. Even though it looked like he’s against him, he didn’t do anything to prove that. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) Just some lame sanctions, and then say, ‘It won’t work for a long, long time.’ They did not even sanction Putin personally. Putin is the one who caused all this, (Yes, exactly, Master.) and they let him free. (Yes.) For what? You can see that? (Yes, Master.) And they don’t send an army to help Ukraine, and very late send some weapons.”

Angela Merkel, with all her so-called compassion and compassionate gestures to the refugees and against war and whatever. For this handling of Ukraine to join NATO, she really, really erred big time. And now so many people died from both sides. (Yes, Master.)”

“Media report by FRANCE 24 – Jun. 8, 2022 Merkel (f): I don’t see why I should tell myself that it was a mistake and so I’m not going to apologize.”

The NATO chief is also the same.

“Media report from WION - Mar. 17, 2022 Stoltenberg (m): …We have no plans of deploying NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine.”

He doesn’t help, nothing. He doesn’t even let Ukraine join. But Sweden and Finland, ‘Welcome!’ Soon, in summer they join. (Wow, yes.) And Ukraine has been begging all these years, and he doesn’t give. (Yes, Master.)”

“Media report by FRANCE 24 - Apr. 7, 2022 Stoltenberg (m): We have to be realistic and realize that this (Russian invasion of Ukraine) may last for a long time, for many months, for even years....”

No wonder Macron sides with Russia. Maybe he would like to have the same mentality as Putin or something. Or if he agreed that Ukraine is a victim, then it will contradict the policy that France has been following concerning Haiti. (Yes, Master.) They came in and invaded it, and made slaves out of that country, of the native people. And when those native people wanted to be free, as before the French came, they had to pay for their freedom, because the French lost all the slavery trade. How can that be? Who can listen to this? And they forced the native Haitian government to pay.”

“Media Report by Euronews - May 10, 2022 Reporter (m): French President Emmanuel Macron is warning against humiliating Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, if and when any peace settlement is agreed.

“Macron (m): ...The end of the discussion and the negotiation will be set by Ukraine and Russia but it will not be done in denial nor in exclusion of each other nor even in humiliation.”

“Media Report by MSNBC - May 23, 2022 Anchor (f): ...After Haiti wanted independence, it was forced to pay France a massive ransom or face another war, making Haiti ‘the first and only country where the descendants of enslaved people paid the families of their former masters for generations....’”

(Prime Minister Orbán of Hungary insists his nation needs Russian oil. So, the European Union has to make an exception to its oil embargo.) He’s in the black dot. So, I don’t need to tell you anything anymore. (Understand. Yes, Master.) I remember when there was a big refugee crisis from Syria and people walked miles and miles with children and no luggage, nothing much. And then they just wanted to pass by, they didn’t even want to go to Hungary. And Orbán ordered police at the border, and then ordered soldiers to come and build a big fence to stop them. (Wow.) It was winter. And they had nothing. There was no tents or infrastructure for them at that border. (Wow.) So cruel. (Yes.)”

“Media Report by CGTN – Jan. 14,2017 Reporter (m): These are not scenes from the Hollywood horror movie. When the extreme weather hit, refugees and migrants here broke inside for shelter using anything they could lay their hands on to start a fire.”

Reporter (m): This cue right next to me is going to have roughly 1,000 migrants and refugees who are waiting for their only hot meal a day which is provided by the NGO. Currently temperature here in Belgrade is -7 but just days ago temperature plummeted to even to -20.”

“Media Report by Al Jazeera – Feb. 7, 2020 Refugee (m): …Completely freezing, especially during the night. Nobody can stay here, but we have to…

Refugee (f): I only look for the better life. You know my country have a war. I can not go back to Syria.”

The inaction from NATO, EU, and the whole world is also acting as an accomplice (Yes.) with Russia to kill Ukrainian people. […] Oh man, they don’t know. They will also go to hell. Because they are not doing anything good. They’re just taking but not giving. (Yes, Master.) Same. Same with the accomplice. Same as the aggressor. Well, less, a little bit less, of course. But, when you do nothing, that means you’re also helping the aggressor. (Yes, Master.) When you could, but you don’t. (Yes.) If you could not, that’s a different thing. But you have everything. You even have nuclear yourself. So, why could the other scare you and you not scare him? (Yes.) And you are more populated. You’re bigger, you are many allies together. That I don’t understand anymore, except disrespect. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have any respect for these kind of so-called gentlemen; useless, good-for-nothing. Good-for-nothing.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has also let us know the impure motivation and damaging effect of US House Speaker Pelosi’s decision to take a trip to Taiwan (Formosa) that provoked China.

“China has the right to symbolically sanction Pelosi and her entourage for her inflated ego that could bring peace into ruin. She has a deplorable way of trampling upon others, encourages and supports killing babies and fetuses, and could even destroy the hard-earned peace and endanger the lives of the Taiwanese (Formosan), Chinese and many others involved. Such a hollow spirit is not worthy to exist in the world. Her astral being is already being severely punished, and this will continue more gravely once she leaves this physical world, for a long, long, long uncomfortable time in hell. Uncountable time!”

“Media Report by Sky News Australia – Aug. 6, 2022 Dr. Siracusa (m): ...She accomplished absolutely nothing, and she made a lot of difficulties for people. I just, I can’t believe an 82-year-old Speaker of the House didn’t have enough common sense to hold back on this....”

As revealed by Heaven and Supreme Master Ching Hai, these political leaders and their actions are part of the negative force that makes people suffer and places the world in great chaos.

“Ah, man. All these people. They are all murderers in different ways. (True.) They are only murderers, and evil. Uglier than sin. Only hell will be able to tolerate them, with fire, of course, in locks and chains, and all kinds of torture instruments. They cannot escape. Even if in this world they escape because they take on a body or take on somebody else’s body and then have to live out their allotted time. (Oh.) Otherwise, hell will not tolerate them. Heaven, of course, least of all. (Right.)”

There are two forces in the universe. One is positive and white, the other is negative or dark. The negative is always struggling to fight with the positive in order to gain power, and in order to win, or at least to take over some part of the creation. They have to begin, you understand, to try to regress people's consciousness, to try to make people believe backward, and believing in them, following them, and going down in the scale. And so when we are down, we are under their spell because we have no longer the higher consciousness to discriminate what is better for us, understand? We are going down. We are far away from the upper level of consciousness. We are far away from our higher-level friends, so we are alone. We are together with these low-level beings, so of course likes attract likes, and we are together with these people, and we are forever there. Once we are with the dark force, it's very difficult to run away, very difficult to climb up again.

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