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Free Will Is to Choose the Righteous Way, Part 3 of 3, Oct. 27, 2021

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May God bless all the babies-to-be in the world safely, intelligently and they will contribute to our world, for everybody to live in happiness. May they live long till the day they see the World Vegan, World Peace. May we live until that day.

(Many people are losing faith in the pope and their religious leaders.) Yeah, I know, because of that, (Yes.) because of all of this. Who can believe such a pope? He's supposed to represent the teachings of Jesus, (Yes.) of compassion and righteousness. (Yes.) Of the Ten Commandments. He ruined them all. He went contradictory to all that. And he’s in a powerful position. (Yes, Master.)

The way the pope behaves, he really ruins Christianity’s or Catholicism’s reputation. Like, he would make people lose faith in Christianity and Catholicism, that many people will not be able to believe in this kind of Catholic system or Christian system. He’s a shame for the church. It’s damaging for the church and it’s a shame for all the priests under him as well. (Yes, Master.)

But there are still some good pastors and priests, like bishops and cardinals. (Yes, there are.) Maybe that’s why people still hang on in there, because their churches are good, individually. (Yes.)

But the pope, oh God, if he has any shame, any decency, he should just go away, hide somewhere and repent all his life. And he's old already. If he doesn't think about that, then his time is up soon. Of course, we all get old and die soon. (Yes, we do.) And he’s still not repenting, not wise, then he’s worthless. (Yes, Master.) Worthless for his position, worse than common people outside, worse than any murderers on Earth, because the murderers, they maybe murder one or two people, forced to for stealing something or maybe defense or whatever, or maybe a handful of people that he murdered. Even the serial murderer, he murdered many people, but the pope condones the murder of millions every year, of 40, 50 million children every year, babies. (That’s unfathomable.) So can you imagine if the law is to be just, he should be condemned also, (Yes.) because he’s an accomplice to murder. (Yes, for sure.)

“[7Reasons] Directed by Ray Comfort,2019:

Reporter(m): What’s a good reason for killing that baby?

Man1(m): Define ‘baby.’

Man2(m): I mean, it’s just an organ. It’s not a living thing. I mean…

Man1(m): Are we defining just a heart? I mean…

Reporter(m): Would you like to see a picture of a baby? I’ll show you one at about nine weeks. Hang on a second. That’s a nine-week-old baby. That’s what they dismember. They crush the head and rip the arms and legs off and that’s a modern-day abortion. Did you know that?

Man3(m): No, I did not. So they crush the baby, rip the arms and legs off while it’s a living person.

Man1(m): It’s never OK. I mean…

Reporter(m): Have you just changed your mind about abortion?

Man1(m): I changed my mind. Yes, after, I mean, you put this in front of me. And… it’s easy for me to say, ‘Well, it’s just a fetus with arms and legs.’ But you put this in front of me and I could tell you that’s a child. I don’t think… I don’t think it’s OK to kill a baby.”

I am not afraid to say the truth, complete truth, and the whole truth, and the real truth. (Yes, Master.) If he has any decency, he should go away, hide somewhere, don’t let people even see him. Too shameful. Too sinful. (Yes, Master.) You will see what God will do to these kinds of people. I don’t have any power to do anything, but God is Almighty. Sooner or later, all this sin, all this atrocity concept will get to them. (Yes.) Even just thinking like that is already sinful. Not to talk about acting out or speaking out to encourage it. You got that? (Yes, Master.) The law of the Universe will never forgive these people. (They should be afraid for their soul.) Of course, but they’re not afraid. They’re too arrogant now, because many people come and kowtow to them, and ask them for favors and fear them because they’re in power. (Yes.) So, I guess I’m of the very few who say things, except some very good, conscientious media. (Yes, Master.)

Even then, the mainstream media, oh, they’re great, they are powerful. I used to like them very much. They say nothing about all this murdering, and they keep picking on Trump for every little thing he says, every little thing he does, and nothing harmful. (Yes.) Whatever Trump said or did ‒ nothing harmful, not a big deal, and they keep picking on it. And these murders of millions of Americans, they say nothing. (Yes. They don’t have their priorities on what they should report.) Not priority. Oh, they just want to… I don’t know, support whatever they want to do. (Yes, yes.) They don’t care. They’re all blind. It’s just all for profit and gain, (Yes.) all for fame and profit. (That’s right.) Everybody knows about it. (Yes.) But I condemn all these journalists who just keep picking on Trump for every little pickel (pimple) on his face, instead of going to the real things and protecting their own co-citizens, protecting little babies, (Yes, Master.) and opening the eyes for the government and doing the truthful things, saying the truthful opinions. (Yes.) They condone murder instead. And Trump is a man for peace. (Yes, he is.) And then they keep picking on him. It’s all personal, all for gain and fame, (Yes, Master.) all profit and gain. I’m very ashamed.

I used to study journalism also. (Yes.) But I didn’t want to do it, because they encourage you mostly to say or to report things negatively, and to blow it out of proportion. (Yes, to sell, be able to sell.) But even then, Trump is not negative. (No, he’s not.) So, maybe they’re also working for Satan. (Yes.) Satan, they have people everywhere. Even in the Vatican, you can see that. (Yes.) Oh, in the most powerful positions, they were able to edge them in. (Yes.) And all the good ones are edged out, like Trump. (Yes.)

(Seems like Satan has his hands into the various highest places.) Yeah, of course. But it is all because of humans’ sinful activities. It keeps piling up. (Understand.) Like some people, they eat meat, and they say, “Oh, I don’t get sick,” and all that. Their time has not come. (Yes.) Or maybe they had done something good in a former life, so their merit’s still covering them up. Some get it sooner, some get it later, some get it in hell. Afterlife. You see that? (Understand.) So, people are just blind. Blind, deaf, and dumb.

Oh, my God. Sometimes I feel so scared. I mean, not scared like… What I mean is, I feel this world is so scary, so overwhelmingly scary. (Yes, it is.) Sometimes I thought I would take all of you, those sincere people, go with me somewhere on a wild island or somewhere, and then we just survive. We just pray, we just… (That would be wonderful.) pray for the world and for ourselves, so that we are purged out of this sinful world. (Yes, Master.) That’s what I was thinking many times. But of course, we can’t afford it yet. (No, Master. We have to be here to help) Yeah. (as much as we can.) Yes, as many as we can, as much as we can, to open people’s hearts and minds and eyes, to see what’s the real thing and what’s not, what are the fake things. (Yes.) To discriminate between the fake people who always boast about compassion and love but have nothing, and do the opposite of what they said. And to know the real good people, good priests and good religious leaders, and not. (Yes, Master.)

Just to talk about compassion, that means nothing. And even do the opposite of compassion. That’s evil. (Yes.) I’m not afraid to say the real thing. I told you long ago that I won’t mince my words anymore. (Yes, Master.) Because the time has come. There’s no more time to waste now, no more time to beat around the bush anymore. (Understand.) Whatever happens to me, I just have to do it. (Yes, Master.)

Any more questions, love? (That’s all I have, Master.) OK. You are happy with my answer? (Thank You for Your enlightening answers and revealing some of the secrets in the universe on that.)

I pray. I pray always before I talk to you guys or any time so that my words may be full of God's blessing and wisdom so that it will benefit others. (Thank You, Master.) I don’t just blah-blah from my mouth. (Yes, Master.) I pray, deep in my heart, that whatever I say, it will be God saying. (Yes, Master.) God will use me, use my mouth, use my brain, my mind to help Hiers creation. That's what I pray all the time.

I don’t pray anything for myself. (Yes, Master.) Except, if it is God’s will, let me live as long as possible in this physical structure of a human body so that I can do Hiers will. (Yes, Master.) Alright, that’s all. (We’re grateful for God’s message to us all.) Yes. That’s why sometimes after I talk to you, I forget what I have said and I have to ask you, “What did I say?” Because it’s not me who says anymore. (Yes, Master.)

I give all to God to use. I give whatever in my being that all belongs to God since long already. (Yes, Master.) Since I began this mission, I never once thought that I’m doing anything. It’s all God’s, all Heaven’s direction. (Understand.)

OK. So, good night. (Good night, Master.) I mean good morning. (Good morning.) Alright, take a rest if you’re tired, and then I’ll talk to you some other time. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

I like it when you just ask me spontaneously. I don’t really like too much ado. (Yes.) I don’t really like too much these questions from the team. (Understand.) If there’re any questions, maybe you just write it down. Whenever I happen to call you, you tell me. (Yes, Master.) I don’t like that we have to prepare, and put anti-shine powder on, and testing the microphone and back and forth, and, “No, left side, right side. No, no, more over, more up, more up, your face is only the chin left.” I’m not a technician. (Yes.) I don’t even know how to control these stuff so that my chin will come down where you want it. So like this is better for me. (Yes, this is good.) And it’s more spontaneous and more natural. (Yes. People, all they need is just to hear Your voice, Master.) I hope so. I hope to wake them up. (Yes, Master.) I look the same like before anyway. There’s no need to always shove my face out. I look the same, and they should know I’m alive because I’m still here, and my voice is there. (Yes, Master.) I don’t think anybody can imitate my voice so much. (No.) No. (Unique.) Not with my temper. No.

OK? (Yes, Master.) Alright, my love. (Good night, Master.) So thank you and good night. Say hallo to all of you that I love so much, (Thank You, Master.) that I really appreciate you so much for keeping Supreme Master Television alive, all of you, (Yes, Master.) inhouse and remote workers. I’m deeply, deeply, humbly grateful to you, and God knows it, God knows it. (We’re grateful for You, Master, to let us do this.) Thank God that we can. (Yes, Master.) Thank God that we’re fit enough to do it. (Yes, Master.) Thank you very much. (Thank You, Master.) Good night, my love. (Good night, Master.) Good morning.

May God bless us. (Yes, Master.) May God bless all the babies-to-be in the world safely, intelligently and they will contribute to our world, for everybody to live in happiness. May they live long till the day they see the World Vegan, World Peace. May we live until that day. (Yes, Master.)

Thank You, my God. Thank You, Lord. Bless You, my Lord. Bless Your heart, Your Compassion, so that beings on this planet won’t continue hurting You, my Lord. Bless You. Bless You. Bless You infinitely, my Lord. Bless You.

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