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Free Will Is to Choose the Righteous Way, Part 2 of 3, Oct. 27, 2021

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And it’s not enough to be a human. You have to be a good quality human. (Yes, Master.) But if you have less and less, then you will be maybe brainless or have less capability, less intelligence. And maybe too near devils and near low-life quality.

My father was a Catholic. (Oh, I didn’t know.) Christian. (Yes.) My mother, Buddhist tradition. But I’m so ashamed. I’m so ashamed that any church people would condone this kind of practice.

But they’re working for Satan now. They are not true priests anymore. That’s why. (Oh, my goodness.) Because the satanic cult is even allowed in America. And they abort babies, or they kill babies to offer to Satan, to the devils. (Oh, God.) Because that’s what they demand. They eat them. (Yes, understand.) They eat the energy of the babies.

Before, they even killed adults, maybe long ago, long ago, these kinds of rituals. (Yes.) They offered virgins, virgin men or virgin women, to Satan, to the devil, so that they will give them a better harvest or something. It’s just superstition.

And even if the devils give you that, why don’t you believe God gives you instead? (Yes.) God created the whole creation. God created the rice, the apple trees, the mangos, the great Earth. God brings rain, God brings wind, brings sunshine to you. Why don’t you be grateful for all that? (Yes, we should.) Yeah! It is not the devil that created all this creation. (Ah, yes.) The devil is subjected to God’s law as well. And then these people who worship Satan, they make him more powerful against God. (Ah, yes. That’s right.) Because they want to ask favors, like make them famous, make them whatever. But that is no guarantee.

Just look around us, and you see how God created so many beautiful things for us. (Oh, yes, for sure.) Rivers, oceans, water, flowers, fruit, vegetables, and all the animal-people to accompany us on Earth and give us love and blessing. (Yes, Master.) Satan cannot create all this stuff. Even then, he has to borrow the Power of God. He has no creative power as great as God.

God is the original Creator of all things, visible and invisible. All the universes belong to God’s creation. We can be welcome to use them in any way we need, but not greed, not to destroy. (Yes.) That’s not free will.

Just like in your country, you are a free country, but you cannot murder people. (That’s right.) You cannot go and steal and rob and harm other people. So, the same way, abortion is murder. It has to be abolished. (Yes.) Abolished completely, 100%, because it’s murder outright, murder of the innocent, murder of the defenseless.

“Media Report from EWTN Pro-life Weekly Reporter (f) Oct. 20, 2017: 'It doesn’t matter what you believe about abortion, you don’t have the right to impose your pro-life views on another woman’s body.' How do you respond to that?

Ben (m): No. That’s just as foolish as arguing that it’s none of my business whether you beat a dog in your backyard. It’s not my dog. I don’t have anything to do with your backyard. If you decide that the dog is worthy of beating, what’s to stop you from doing it? Am I the great moral arbiter? The answer is we make these moral judgments all the time when we see a violation of moral law. And it is a violation of moral law to kill another human being, which is why we have murder laws."

"'7 Reasons' (2019) Directed by Ray Comfort Reporter (m): Do you know if a man comes up to a woman and punches her in the stomach and the baby dies, he’s charged for murder? Student (f): Yeah.

Anchor (f): Maryland along with 40 other states have fetal homicide laws on the books.

Reporter (f): David Miller was found guilty of shooting and killing his pregnant girlfriend as well as the pair’s child she was carrying.

Reporter (m2): It allows someone to be charged with murder, manslaughter or feticide of a fetus in any development stage. The law excludes legal abortions.

Reporter (m): And what does that say to you? Doesn’t say an ambiguity in our law that the law says it’s a baby and then the law says you can kill the baby?"

If a man goes into a house and robs somebody and murders a man, at least that man, he’s an adult, he might be able to defend himself. But the baby, how can it? (Yes. It’s helpless.) And even then, the murderers or the robbers have to do time in jail accordingly. (Yes.) And they go through great lengths to prosecute him. They do DNA tests. They do the research. They get confessions. They get all the facts first before they can condemn that person and then kill him or not.

But the babies, they have nothing, no record yet even. (Yes, that’s right.) It’s not their fault that some people just go and do this kind of sexual stuff together, whether or not willingly, and then have the baby in and then just kill the baby just to cover up or to get rid of the evidence, or just to be convenient. (Understand.) That’s absolutely evil, (Yes.) 1,000-plus percent or millions of percent evil. (Yes, Master.) Free will, my foot.

Whenever I talk about all this injustice and atrocities, I’m just feeling so heated inside. I have pain in the neck. (Oh, wow.) I have pain right now. (I hope You are OK.) I’m OK, I’m OK. I’m an adult. I am a big girl. Nothing compared to these innocent, helpless babies that have to die in such an agonizing way and anguished way without anyone to help him or her. (Yes, Master.)

Can you imagine if it’s you? (No. It’s… horrifying.) Torn. Tore from limb to limb for nothing done to anybody. My God, you see, they’re alive, and they just tear them out from limb to limb like that. Or poison them to flush them out, depends. (Yes.) And even when they’re born already outside, up to the date of birth, they just kill them outright immediately.

"'7 Reasons' (2019) Directed by Ray Comfort Reporter (m): Democrats to ease restrictions on late-term abortions.

Reporter (m2): When she was asked by a Republican lawmaker if her bill would allow an abortion even while a woman was in labor…

Woman (f): My bill would allow that, yes.

Reporter (f): Abortion could be considered even during birth. Reporter (m): Legalizing abortion up until birth…

Tucker (m): The child is an infant, is born. There's a point where the mother and the physician can decide whether to kill the infant or not."

And that is the so-called “free will” of the people. They are wicked people; they are so devilish.

That’s why I read in the news I’m very shy to talk about it, but the research says that the sperm of the American men has less and less quality over the years. God doesn’t want to give humans any more good things, to atone for their being on this planet. That’s what it is. They cannot explain why. All this meat and blood eating and all this killing in war and killing each other, murdering each other and then massacring children for satanic rituals or for convenience.

"'7 Reasons' (2019) Directed by Ray Comfort Reporter (m): Why not have the baby? It’s her baby and have it adopted and so it has a loving home. Have you ever thought about that?

Student (f): Yeah, I’ve thought about it, but nine months, such a long time.

Reporter (m): It’s an inconvenience. Isn’t it?

Student (f2): Along with the baby comes late nights. Giving up your life to raise someone.

Reporter (m): Isn’t that what your mother did for you?

Student (f2): Yeah, she did.

Reporter (m): She didn’t have you aborted. She raised you. She sacrificed some things so that you could live. In other words, you’re saying a good justification for abortion is inconvenience. You want to party and that baby is going to mess up your life, your social life. Would that be correct?

Student (f2): Yeah, that actually makes sense, like actually touched my heart."

There’s no excuse. (No.) So, God doesn’t want to give anything more. And that is just in America alone. I’m sure many other countries, it’s the same, it’s just they don’t do much research about it. (Yes.) Except the American scientists did the research about the men’s sperm quality. They have less and less quality of the sperm. (Ah, OK.) That means the person may be born with less and less capability, or less and less intelligence. Many things less. (Yes, understand.) Less healthy maybe, less quality of human. (Ah, OK.)

To be a human, I told you already before, you have to have an enough count to be a human. (Yes.) And it’s not enough to be a human. You have to be a good quality human. (Yes, Master.) But if you have less and less, then you will be maybe brainless or have less capability, less intelligence. And maybe too near devils and near low-life quality. (Yes.) That’s what I think, and that’s what it is. Less quality, less and less all the time, since years.

You do the research. (Yes, Master.) I’ve seen it, but I thought it’s not necessary to take that headline to send to you, but probably it’s still there, somewhere on the internet. (Yes, we’ll look for that.) Please do. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else? (Yes.)

(Actually, since Biden is going to see the pope on the [October] 29th, there are various American bishops who want to convene like three weeks later) Yes. (to discuss about communion for politicians who are for abortions.) Yes. (They want to send a message to Biden and Pelosi and others,) Yes. (“that would move them in their conscience.” So, what are Master's thoughts on this?)

Oh, God bless them. God bless these people. God bless these bishops. They should be in the Vatican (Oh, yes.) to control this policy, I mean to make it better.

This pope he’s useless. He has no quality to be the head of the Church of Catholicism. No quality. Up to now, I don't see any good quality about him. He just talks. “Help the poor,” and what? “Don't bomb other people.”

There sure may not be any more people to bomb for him to talk big, because they keep killing babies like this, 40 to 50 million per year. (Oh, yes. Wow.) You think we will have any more next generation left? (No, Master.) And what kind of generation will it be? What kind of world will we inherit? It's all murdering all over the world. (Yes.) Starting from the church already. And molesting teenagers or little babies in the church by their power. (Yes.) What kind of a world will we be left with for the next generation? (Not a very good one.) No!

And then besides, there will be no more worshipers for the church to donate. Ah, but they don’t care. They have always big politicians to donate to them, millions, and make them look glorified, (Yes.) like God on Earth, when they have no brain, no wisdom, no intelligence, no compassion, no love, no kindness. Nothing! Just talk. They are fake people.

They are fakes. The pope is an outright fake. (Yes, Master.) If he doesn’t repent, one day God will pluck him out and punish him in hell. I promise you, that will happen. (Yes, Master.)

You see, they don’t really care much about humans or their own faithful. (Yes.) Imagine thousands of priests molesting tens of thousands of children, and they just don’t do much. And just let them be, and let them continue their posts. Even cardinals and bishops, and all that. They’re big shots, they’re not just normal little priests somewhere. Unimaginable! Telling you. (Yes, Master.)

And then make a big deal about some priest losing a few millions by some bad investment. So that means money is more important than the little children being molested. (Ah, yes.) So you can see, all they want is just money, profit, and fame, position, that’s all. It’s so obvious. So shameful! So shameful! Make a big deal that all the newspapers printed about that.

And they do nothing about the pain and suffering of the children. Helpless children, trusting the so-called holy system. Yuck! Really very hole-ly indeed! Big hole. (Yes.) Now you know.

I don’t know why people still believe in this guy. He should quit, man, he should quit. He makes such a bad example, and people trust him. (That’s right.) If he’s just a normal, small priest, the damage is not too bad. It’s still damaging if he does the same thing, says the same stuff. But he’s a pope. (Yes.) They call him a “king of Catholics.” No? (Yes.) He lives like a king anyway, with all these guards, and attendants and assistants, secretary, or minister this and that. Oh, God. Yes, and so many people respect him. Yeah, the whole world. Even believers in other faiths, they still have respect for the pope. (Yes, Master.) I did. Oh, and now I have no respect for any of them like that. This kind… He’s not worth it.

He’s not worth it to sit there. He should quit. He should resign in shame and remorse, go to hide somewhere in the corner and repent all his life. Maybe ‒ if he’s sincere, maybe God will forgive him. Otherwise, he’ll go to hell for sure, and he will stay there, I don’t know for how long. Maybe forever.

(Oh, wow. Maybe if he watches Supreme Master TV, then he will change.) Oh, I hope so. I hope so. I hope so. But even if he sees Supreme Master Television, if he doesn’t have any wisdom or doesn’t have a real seed of compassion in him, or he’s possessed by the devils, then he’s helpless. (Yes, Master.) You must have some wisdom in order to understand. Just like if you’re not up to it, how can you go to college when you could not even manage primary school? (Understand.) So, I’m just praying but I don’t have much hope for this kind of people.

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