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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 159 - Christian Prophecies of the End Times

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“When the time of wrath has come, humankind will have reached the perfection of vice. And as the ulcers will be provoked by you, so you will fill the sea and the river waters with blood. YOU ARE ALREADY FILLING THEM [WITH BLOOD] WITH YOUR SLAUGHTERS, and the inhabitants of the waters are diminishing, killed by you, contributing to your hunger.”

According to the Christian prophecies about the final days, God will show His Wrath in various ways if the extreme corruption of humankind is not abated.

The Italian Catholic clairvoyant Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora shared the following account of having witnessed God in His Angry state: “…cities, entire provinces, the whole world was in chaos. There was nothing to be heard but weak voices pleading mercy. The number of dead was incalculable. I was so frightened and afraid, that… the body remained frozen, like a marble (statue), almost devoid of all sensation. I will say again what the cause of my great fright was, ... it was not the sight of so much ruin, but rather the sight of God outraged. … His mere look was enough to incinerate the entire world.”

In a live message to the world, broadcast on February 6, 2020, Master let it be known that indeed, God’s Wrath is real: all the Divine entities are infuriated with humans’ behavior.

“Heaven is angry. I want to tell you this. I cannot tell you all in detail, but I tell you some. Heaven is angry. Earth is angry. The Nature is angry, waiting, waiting for us to return to our original loving, kind nature, as God intended us to be, to have. Waiting for us to exercise this power to save others and to save ourselves and our family. The ticking bomb is waiting to explode. All this un-benevolent energy from Nature, from Heaven, from Earth, all this angry, anguished energy is all aiming at us. Compared to this energy, the atom bomb is nothing. It’s like a child’s toy. And God is also kind of tired of us. But God doesn’t want to destroy us, not yet.”

“(Master, this year, besides the variant Lambda, another variant called B.1.621 also appeared in Colombia and both variants seemed to evade COVID-19 vaccines. For example, there were seven victims in Belgium earlier this year. There’s also a new virus that emerged in West Africa, the Marburg virus, (Yes, yes.) and Ebola appeared in Côte d’Ivoire after it was eradicated for more than 20 years.) I know, I know. I heard all that. What else? (Not to mention the avian flu outbreaks that we’ve seen in various countries this year, like Côte d’Ivoire, China, France, Ghana, India, etc. Master, how to explain this increase in deadly viruses? Will we see a day where the planet will be free of all of them?)

Let’s pray and hope so. We do our best in praying and informing people. This is the time of screening. Almost like the final hour ‒ 11th hour of humanity. With so much sickness and pandemics, and even old pandemics or old deadly diseases and infections returned, and so many disasters everywhere, I think, maybe… Heaven wants to get rid of all the humans. (Oh!) Or as many humans as possible. (Oh God.)”

As described in the Holy Bible’s Book of Revelation, in the last days, God’s Wrath would manifest in seven terrifying punishments, also known as plagues.

“Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, ‘Go, pour out the seven bowls of God’s Wrath on the earth.’” ~ Revelation 16:1, Holy Bible The scripture then reveals that the seven bowls of God’s Wrath mean such frightening phenomena as:

- Painful sores - The sea turns to blood - The rivers turn to blood - The Sun scorches people with fire - Complete darkness - The Euphrates river dries up - Earthquake and hailstorm.

As we might have witnessed thus far, in response to each punishment, however, the humans seem to refuse to repent, thus incurring the next plague, and the next, until the final plague: a possible global earthquake and giant hailstones that will level the earth. To better understand these seven plagues of God’s Wrath, let’s take a look at Lord Jesus Christ’s explanation about them, as was telepathically received by the Italian mystic Maria Valtorta, on August 22, 1943:

“When the time of wrath has come, humankind will have reached the perfection of vice. And as the ulcers will be provoked by you, so you will fill the sea and the river waters with blood. YOU ARE ALREADY FILLING THEM [WITH BLOOD] WITH YOUR SLAUGHTERS, and the inhabitants of the waters are diminishing, killed by you, contributing to your hunger.”

“You have trampled upon the gifts which God has given you for your material needs to such a point that EARTH, SKY, AND WATERS ARE BECOMING YOUR ENEMIES AND DENY YOU THE FRUITS of the earth AND THE INHABITANTS of the waters, rivers, forests, and air.”

“(Authorities in northern Italy say more than a thousand turtle doves have dropped dead over the past five days. It’s the latest in a series of unexplained sudden death incidents affecting creatures in the sky and under water.)” “(A mass stranding of over 50 pilot whales occurred last week in West Iceland’s Snæfellsnes peninsula.)” “(There's no sign of life, there's no sign of the dead animals. They're just burnt beyond, they’re burnt to ash.)” “(With repeated fires it’s like there would be long term decreases in their populations to the point where even currently common species begin to come under real threat for their existence I think it is quite possible that there will be some species that face imminent extinction as a consequence of these fires.)”

(How detrimental is it to Earth every time a species becomes extinct?) That means we have less love, less loving power to protect us, and to keep the Earth’s atmosphere in balance. We are more vulnerable to attack from negative power because we have less positive power from the blessing of the animals. That’s what it is, OK? You know it well. I’m very sad. If only humans know what are the consequences, I think they will stop abusing animals, and immediately, and will feel very, very repentant and very sorry for what we have done to our animal friends and helpers and blessed beings, blessing source of love and protection.”

“(The collapse of the honeybee population. Bees are needed to pollinate much of the food we eat.)” “(When we were young, our parents grew tomatoes, soya beans, and things like that. We used to have good crops back then because we had good rain. Now, we have less rain and more drought, so we cannot grow anything well anymore.)” “(Now Western farmers are warning unless conditions change quickly, the drought will take an even bigger toll on the country’s food supply.)” “(This is what a healthy ear of corn looks like. But unfortunately, we’re finding a lot of ears that look like this.)” “(It’s an economic disaster. You’ll see no crops there, you’ll see no people working there, and there’ll be no food coming from this field this year.)” “(Experts say fewer crops will lead to smaller harvests and less food on the shelves at your local grocery store.)” “(In the drought-hit south of Madagascar, people are forced to fill their bellies with white clay mixed with tamarind to cope with famine.)”


“Suppose the vegetable kingdom had enough of us and decided that we are too bad, too harmful, too inhumane, too wicked, too horrible to other species. Then they might rebel. They might turn against us. So, instead of being so docile, like normally now, or benevolent, they might turn to be poisonous and lethal. They can destroy the whole human race. Anyway, we are already helping with this plan, with this anyway, by dumping uncountable megatons of poison into our soil, into our streams and water sources that we are drinking, yes, which are supposed to sustain us.”

“YOU KILL. YOU EVEN KILL. You trample on the law of love and forgiveness, you shed your brothers’ and sisters’ blood, and especially the blood of the good, whom you persecute precisely because they are good. Be careful, though, that God will not one day force you to satisfy your hunger and your thirst with THE BLOOD YOU HAVE SHED, IN CONTRAST TO MY ORDER OF PEACE AND LOVE.”

“Whoever carries such attacks on innocent children and women, old and young men also, are cowards, barbarous, working for evil, working for Satan. Because the blessed Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, the Koran doesn’t tell people to kill anybody at random like that, when they’re not doing anything wrong to you. In the name of the Prophet Muhammad, May Peace Be Upon Him Forever, I’m warning you to stop all these atrocities. Otherwise, you will never get out of hell. You will suffer multifold, more, much more than the pain and sorrow you inflicted upon the innocent people, the children and the women and the elderly, and all that. STOP ALL THAT. STOP IT! STOP IT NOW! AND FOREVER, STOP IT! FOR PEACE’S SAKE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP ALL THAT!!!

I must warn you that hells are awaiting you if you don’t turn around now and stop eating meat of the innocent animals. We - even no priests, even ordinary people - we humans, a humane human, should never enjoy at the cost of suffering of any others. God says, “Thou shall not kill.” And that never fails. That law of the Universe is everywhere, correct and just. No one can escape that. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’”

“…My angels seem to be the ones that are bringing the plagues (punishments). In reality, you are. You want them, and you shall have them.”

“There are more and more hatred, wars and bloody fights for fame and fortune, and we commit too much killing. The animals also have souls. If we commit the crimes of killing, or we encourage that kind of killing, of course the weather will change because those deities follow our orders since we are the masters of all creations. If our mood, attitude, and manner are violent and turbulent, there will certainly be stormy weather.

Whatever our thinking is like, the deities will make things that way. That’s why I say that if the entire world eats vegan food, the world will have peace and the Earth will change. Because we are the masters, whatever we want will happen. So we should be careful with what we want.”

“Whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” ~ Galatians 6:7, Holy Bible

“Those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.” ~ Job 4:8, Holy Bible

Beloved viewers, our fear of God’s Wrath has been long overdue. We can only be infinitely grateful for Heavens’ Divine Grace and Mercy in postponing these unimaginable calamities, all the while giving humanity a chance to wake up, offer sincere repentance to God, and always choose love by being vegan.

“We make war with each other, and we make war with animals. These are not right. These actions are not right. These actions are against God’s commandments and will. We cannot expect Heavens when we create hell or condone the hellish, massacre of God’s beloved creation, in such a mass-murdering, cold-blooded way. We cannot expect Heavens’ leniency if we destroy God’s creation and have no mercy to other children of God, meaning the animals.

Please speak for them, please help them, as this also helps our world to heal in the wake of climate acceleration. Your noble deed will be forever recorded by Heavens and contribute to a benevolent atmosphere on our planet, to world peace, and to the stabilization of the climate, which is important to all lives on Earth. The ever Merciful Heavens will be pleased. The all-loving God will pardon our sins and lengthen our lives, as we pardon and lengthen our co-inhabitants’ lives, the loving, kind animals.”

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