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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 156 - Christian Prophecies of the End Times

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“In this time I saw again the Heaven open and descend with great pomp and majesty the glorious Saint Paul, who with the authoritative power of God… bound all those evil infernal spirits… At the command of the holy Apostle St. Peter all returned to the abyss of hell.”

In our last episode, we introduced the visions of two early 19th century Christian mystics, Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora from Italy and Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich from Germany. They saw that in the end times, Satan and his subordinates would overrun the Earth.

Let’s look at another Christian prophecy that seems to point to the current period. The well-known “Prophecies of Prémol” are believed to be the inner visions of a 5th-century monk, that were later discovered in Prémol, France.

“Ah! The Dragon (Satan) has appeared in all countries and has wrought terrible confusion everywhere. Men and people have risen up one against the other. Wars, wars! Civil wars, foreign wars! What frightening onsets! Everything is mourning, and death, famine reigns in the fields.”


Supreme Master Ching Hai has explained that Satan’s, or maya’s subordinates, are indeed behind much of the chaos we experience in our world.

Many things in the world – like war, famine, and bad things – I mean, bad things are created by these kinds of ghosts, demons, zealous demons and ghosts. They want to make trouble. So that people will fight with each other, and then people will die, and then they will feast upon these dead corpses. That’s what they eat. So, they cannot help people to make peace. They must make war. (Yes, Master.) So, sometimes they tempt the leaders of the nations to make war with each other because of that.”

“Maya’s physical and concrete ways are many and varied. Depends on the people they want to seduce. For example, they just try to expose people to temptation, try to drive two enemies together, that’s one of the examples. No need to even whisper, nothing. Then one thing will lead to another and the chain effect and the chain reaction will begin and will continue forth and forever. And even when it wears out, there are plenty more around to start a new chaos. I can just say, poor Earth beings. They’re so helpless in this cycle of actions and consequences. Just have to practice, just have to pray, just have to meditate, find a Master to help you to ascend to a higher realm, because in this realm, wow, you suffer.

Master has taught us that even though we live in maya’s domain, there is a way to protect ourselves from their negative influence: by rising above it with the help of an enlightened Master.

If you are a very low level, it’s easy to be tempted by these kinds of demons. If you are a higher level, they cannot touch you. You are out of their range. Just like some telephones, it works there, but it doesn’t work here. Or it works here; it doesn’t work there when you go out of range. It’s like that. The world’s in trouble because many people are still in a very low level, very vulnerable and succumb to this kind of temptation and bad influence by these demons. They talk into their ears. You don’t hear it, but they can influence you by their talk and their power, dark power. If you’re higher, then you can resist. If you’re lower, they always can get you, one day or another. Even if you are a practitioner and you have some, maybe some bad tendency or some lower desire or something, and you allow yourself to follow it, then they also can get you.”

So that’s why all the Masters came down and advised people: ‘Please be benevolent. Be like Heaven beings. Don’t war with others. Don’t kill. Don’t tell lies. Don’t commit adultery, don’t gamble, don’t drink alcohol.’ Because these will make you lower your energy, and then do other things wrong. Then you will be just like the astral beings, the lower astral beings, or the hell beings. They thrive on this kind of energy in order to go up to our world to cause trouble. If the energy is all pure and clean, they cannot. That is the thing.”

The Christian prophesies also advised the same as Master has. For example, the Palestinian nun and seer known as Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified told us: “The Lord said: this is the century when the serpent took wings, therefore I am going to purge the earth! Who can be saved? He is the one who asks for humility and practice (of spiritual and virtues, etc.).”

We also find a similar message in the “Didache,” an early record of Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings as conveyed by His Apostles.

“And then the deceiver of the world (Satan) will appear as a son of God, and he will do signs and wonders, and the earth will be delivered into his hands, and he will do unlawful things such as never happened since the world began. Then the creation of man will come to the fiery trial of testing, and many will stumble and perish, but those who endure in the faith will be saved alive from under the curse.”

By “those who endure in the faith,” the Apostles meant those like themselves, who not only believe in the Master, but also practice the protective meditation method that He (and all the True Masters) imparted.

“Because the maya controls some of the weaklings and vulnerable ones, makes them less than good, and then they contaminate other good ones, etc. The cycle. It’s not very easy to live in the society without being contaminated. Just have to know, and then have to protect yourself with the means that I have given at the initiation time. (Yes, Master.) The Holy Names and the practice of (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound. The more you do that, the more you’re protected.”

Because really meditation is your shield. That’s when you’re connected more with your own greater power and the universal force that upholds you, holds you tight and protects you, embraces you with all love and blessing and protection. Truly like that. There’s no other power that can protect you in this world. Only God blesses us that we can continue. But we must also be there for God’s blessing. (Yes.) By meditation, we are more connected with the whole universe. And that power we can rely on. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, the power of this world will overwhelm us.”

In a note of hope, Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora saw in her vision: “In this time I saw again the Heaven open and descend with great pomp and majesty the glorious Saint Paul, who with the authoritative power of God… bound all those evil infernal spirits… At the command of the holy Apostle St. Peter all returned to the abyss of hell.”

This awesome vision reminds us of when Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed that She had ordered the Original Universe Beings to send the zealous demons back to hell.

“The zealous demons, they’re gone. (Oh wow! Yes! Wow!)”

“And one day, I suddenly looked out of my energy field and I saw them, all kneeling, with head down and kneeling and hands tied and everything. It’s not like physical, but it looked like that. I said, ‘Eh? What is that?’ Because I asked the Ihôs Kư Godses, the Protectors around me to bring them to hell. Or whoever is forgiven then goes to Heaven. Normally I don’t give anymore leniency. But I feel so sorry for them, so I said, ‘OK. OK. Let some go to the Fourth Level and some can go to hell because they don’t repent. So half should go to Heaven, half go to hell. How come they’re still hanging around there?’ ‘Just separate them.’ They said, ‘No. We cannot. (Wow.) You have to beam out some energy to destroy this binding together, otherwise we cannot do it.’ I said, ‘Oh. My God! OK. OK. OK. Then can do it now. Do it.’ And I even myself have to unbind them.”

And before then, Master had Satan himself locked up! Could She be the One who is fulfilling the Biblical prophecy?

“Then I saw an angel coming down from Heaven with the key to the Abyss, holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.” ~ Revelation Chapter 20, verses 1-2, Holy Bible

“By the way, you know what? Maya (Satan) is gone! I like that very much. And now, the negative force is gone, the maya is gone, locked in hell forever, at least for now, long, long, long, long, long, long time.”

“(My diary – Heaven transformed, Nov. 24, 2019. Master’s account might have made the events in the universe sound simple. However, what actually happened in Heaven over those few days shook Heaven and Earth and was unprecedented since God’s creation of the universe. It goes without saying that when the Most High and the Ultimate Master ordered the Heavenly Godses to destroy maya, the whole universe experienced tremendous shaking. No beings knew what was about to happen except the High Level Beings and the Heavenly Godses who had received the order. On that day, there were rays of extremely bright light like the sands of the Ganges River, and flashes of lightning and peals of thunder one after another. Soon after came the call, ‘Arrest maya! Put maya in hell forever!’ After that, the whole universe shouted with joy, ‘Maya is gone! Maya is no more! Maya is finished!’ Elated, excited, and crying tears of joy, universal beings praised the annihilation of maya at the command of the Most High. Beings will never again have to suffer misery, pain, sorrow, torment, and indescribable tragedy.

As Master said, a few days later She again ordered the Heavenly Godses to eliminate all of maya’s subordinates, soldiers, descendants, and demons, to prevent any more trouble in the future. Heavenly beings from horizon to horizon celebrated and joyously hailed the Highest Lord of the Universe, expressing their gratitude with singing, dancing, and scattering of flowers. No one knows how long the celebrations went on. Moreover, the negative force is also gone! The universe has been elevated to an unprecedented level and purified state, becoming a celestial realm of celestial realms, a Heaven of extraordinarily bright light. We all know how great Master is, but this time, the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and beings of the whole universe could not stop praising Master and were moved to tears. Master is indeed the Highest Lord of the Universe! Their praises of Master were amazing and awe-inspiring! Thank You, Heavenly Godses and High-Level Souls, for joining forces to destroy maya. I cannot find words in my human mind to describe what had happened in Heaven. Thank You, God! Thank You, Master! Thank You, all Heavenly Godses and High-Level Souls!)”

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