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Between Master and Disciples

Spread Love and Help Each Other for A Peaceful World, Part 4 of 4 July 28, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Cantonese Chinese(廣東話),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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So, when I tell people to recite Amitabha Buddha, or recite Jesus’ name, or Maria or any other Saint that they believe in, I give them also power with it. So, when they recite it, they feel more powerful, more effective. It’s not the Name, it’s not the Five (Holy) Names, it’s not the Gift; it is the power behind it.

Any more questions or opinions? Well, at least, if you follow me, you don’t have to go out and protest anything. You just use your inside power to help the world, to help in any situation, or to endure it until it passes away. And the clashing is, of course, sometimes unavoidable between different opinions, different groups of people, or maybe manipulated by some different opinions from different people. But, in many countries, you can’t even go out on the street to say anything.

Long time ago, there was a joke about some country. One American went to visit a restricted country. I don’t want to say which one, because I don’t want to make any country look bad or anything; it’s just a joke. He went to a restricted country for tourism and he said, “Your country is not free. You don’t have freedom here. I can see it everywhere, you’re controlled. In America, we citizens can criticize even our government, our president, anytime we want.” So, the citizen of that restricted country said, “It’s the same, man, it’s the same here. I can always criticize anytime I want, your country, your president.”

In Hong Kong, you find such a big place like this, it’s pretty cool already, right? Saturday, Wednesday, the same like this or less? Or anytime you want to come in or only three times? (Everyday.) Every day? Ah, good, good. You should, OK? This is a place that you can meditate. OK, good. No more questions, then I will leave then. Now there, look at that, you see? I say, “I leave,” then she immediately raises her hand. Better be good question, not just to keep me here. Come here, so they don’t have to run for you.

(Thank You very much, Master, for coming. I appreciate it very much. Actually, I have a personal struggle. I want liberation very much. I quit my job. I meditate 24 hours a day.) Who told you to do that? (No.) Twenty-four hours a day, you’re joking. (No, no, no. I’m so sorry. So, I take a lot of time meditating, but then I dare not to come out of the house. I don’t want to meet people. I’m so scared of going out or meeting people.) Why is that? (I don’t know.) I’m scared too; I still come meet people. (I don’t want to go out. I sometimes feel headaches, sometimes feel just…) You go out, you feel uncomfortable? (Sometimes. So, I’d rather stay at home all the time,) Understand. (I don’t want to go out.) OK. (But at the same time, I’m watching You do a lot of things for the world. My heart is wrenching; I want to cry. I find myself very feeble. I don’t know what I can do, so I’m just struggling in the middle of this. So, I don’t know whether You can give me some advice on that.)

Advice: Go out, man. (Thank You, Master.) Go out, be normal. Be normal, OK? Even if you have a little headache, so what? You give your blessing to your surroundings. But, of course, you stay in your house, you also can give blessing if you meditate good. I have to go out for some reason. For example, go out to see you, one-hour drive in a taxi. And every day, because I stay in the hotel, I have to go out to eat. I make the best out of my time. Now the whole hotel loves me so much. Everybody knows me, gives me a lot of special treatment, because I love them. I give them good tips. Sometimes, I go to a different restaurant outside, Thai restaurant, something special, I bought a lot, bring home to the staff. And every day I give some $100 Hong Kong Dollars to the cleaner in my room. I hide it inside the towel. So, whenever she takes the towel, “Ah!” Surprised. I said, “Thank you for cleaning my room. God bless.” Something like that. In the hotel, they have also a restaurant. I give them good tips and I bought some food also for them, and they were very emotional. They said, “Nobody ever bought anything for us like this. We feel very warm, very emotional.”

Make the best of your time when you’re out, smiling to people, strangers. “Hallo,” “good day,” whatever. Say hallo to your taxi driver, ask him if he is OK, wish him luck for his business. Shake hands with your doorman, your concierge, where you live, in your building. Say hallo, smile big. Bring him a piece of (vegan) chocolate or something.

Make the best of your time. Spread love. Don’t be afraid. That’s what you should do. We are not in the Himalayas. We don’t hide. Of course, the world is not as ideal as we want. I’m also not really wanting to stay in this world. But since I am here, I’ll be a good guest; good customer, good guest. And because I am in a position where I can give, I even give to the nightclub girls. You don’t know, they are so happy, happy. Nobody ever treated them with so much love and respect.

The other day, I had to go and change some money. I went with one of your brothers, because I don’t know anything about Hong Kong. And so, we went to change money and I had to pass through some nightclub. You know nightclubs, anywhere, it’s not just drinks and music, it’s something else also. I didn’t know the way, so I asked your brother, who was behind doing something else, and I was in the front. I walked a little bit further from him already. There were some girls, three or four girls sitting in front of that nightclub door. And you know the way they wear, you know who they are. And there’s a mamasan who also sat together with them. So, I asked her for the road. I said, “Sorry, ma’am, I need to change the money. Do you know where such and such place is?” She said, “Yeah, you go here, straight there, where the red light is, and then under that, the yellow light, then they will change money for you.” So, I thanked her very much, respectfully, and I also waved to the girls and said, “See you later.” And they also smiled very big.

And later, I passed by; I saw they didn’t have any customers, so I gave them some money. I said, “Hey, go drink some coffee. Don’t just sit here – it’s boring – and come back.” And then I said, “I’m going to eat some Indian food now. Would you like some?” And the mamasan said, “No, no, no. You don’t bother, you don’t have to bother.” I said, “I’d like to. I’d like to give to the girls.” All the girls said, “Yes, yes, yes. Please, please.” Actually, I was thinking maybe Hong Kong people don’t like Indian food too much; maybe it’s sharp for them. And when they’re doing this business, if they have some problem with their stomach, it’s no good. So, I passed by the Thai shop; I bought some spring rolls, vegan, and I gave it to them. But I was too tired already, so I sent your brother, the brother that accompanied me. I said, “You bring it to them and say with love from me.” And when they saw your brother come back – they knew he was with me – they jumped and happy, happy! With a bag, they knew what it was. All of them jumped, and the mamasan even kissed him on two cheeks. I made sure. He said, “They even kissed me.” I said, “Kissed where?” He said, “Here.” And I said, “Who kissed you?” He said, “The mamasan.” The old woman, old and short, the mamasan. You know what mamasan means, right? The mother of these girls, the so-called mother. He said, “Oh, they were so happy, happy. They knew it was from You and they were so happy, happy.”

This is how you spread love, unconditionally. You don’t have to buy things and give it to them like me, like that, but be friendly and loving to all. I know who they are. I know what they do. But I respect and love them, just the same as I respect and love you. I have not one nano-millimeter difference between you and them. These nightclub girls or street girls, they are just the victims. They’re just the victims of our society. And our society is the victim of Maya’s influence. Just different kinds of victims, but we are all victims in this world. And only by turning back towards the Kingdom of God inside, with the help of a friend, a Master, then we can be truly liberated and free ourselves from the prison of Maya’s control.

So, make sure you go out, if you have to go out; or you don’t make excuse to go out, if you don’t want to, of course; but you go out when you have to. Live a normal life. OK? Because we live here in the society, we also repay kindness. When we were born, the nurse helped us, the hospital helped us, the doctor helped us. People worry about us, make sure we are born well. And then, when we grow up, we eat the food from this world. All the farmers have to work hard, the engineers have to repair the road, and the government makes schools, and all the people work for us, so that we are born healthy, live well, grow up educated, so that we can understand what’s right, what’s wrong. And then we have a chance to meet a Master and we understand the teachings. And we must also not always think of ourselves too much.

I go to many different places. But I just go there with my heart very pure, loving, and open. I do not worry that people might take photographs of me with some foreigners, big foreigners. I don’t care. My heart is pure wherever I go. I go to different places, sometimes dangerous places also. If I have to go, I just go. And I go to some places that are not, like good girl style-like, good family-like places, but I do go. Yes. I go to make them happy. Make people feel that OK, at least their life is not all that hopeless and miserable. Somebody still loves them and respects them as a human. We have to. We cannot avoid the society. We must. Don’t wait until you are sick and then go to the hospital and then feel grateful to the doctors or the nurses.

Of course, maybe in the beginning of your practice, you still feel the difference between places, and between the outside arrangements or organizations of different places, like nightclubs, for example. But later on, you have to open your hearts and treat all beings equally, with all love and respect. That’s their karma. They had to do that. Besides, if there were no such girls on the street, some good girl might be harmed. So, do not look down upon them. That’s their job; they have to do it. There was one Japanese poem, poetry by a poet. He made a short poem like some, I don’t remember the exact words but it’s like this… He dedicated this poem to the prostitutes, to the girls on the street. He said, he wrote something like, “You sell your body, the monks sell Buddha’s scripture, so that all beings will feel satisfied and at peace.” Understand now? (Yes.)

And I told you maybe this story before, but I will tell you again. When I was in America, I recited a poem from a very famous poet in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). This poem was also dedicated to the artisan, the prostitute. Something like, she was very lonely. She begged her customer to stay a little while with her; don’t hurry to leave her. Because if you don’t stay, I will feel too lonely tonight. And because the moon shines beautifully and they’re on the boat or something. There’s a kind of arrangement; instead of a hotel, they have a boat. And she sees how peaceful, how wonderful the water of the river is, and the moon shining, and the stars, and a beautiful night; please stay for a little while longer. But of course, that client did not stay. Just a very sad poem, but I recited it to the Aulacese (Vietnamese) congregation at that time.

And one of your brothers criticized me, said, “Why did You read this kind of poem? It’s just a prostitute.” I said, “What do you mean ‘just?’ She has also Buddha inside.” Because the Buddha did not say prostitutes don’t have Buddha Nature. When I said that, I actually meant it, and I actually understood that; I realized that. It’s not like I just say, talk, talk, but I really knew deeply, that she is also a Buddha. Inside her, she has Buddha Nature just like all beings; the Buddha said that. And just like other Saints, that say all beings are also creatures from God. I really understood that. I was really enlightened on that. Not just like talk or reading it, but I was really, deeply understanding about the Buddha Nature inside the prostitute.

So, even if we are practicing Quan Yin Method, it doesn’t mean we are all that wise immediately, or all that loving and kind. I told you, I have about 64% of so-called disciples who are good or average, or no trouble-causers. And the rest are work. I mean, the 64% are also work, but easier work. And the 36% are really work. Big piece of work or smaller piece of work, but still work.

So, make sure that when you go out or inside your house, you keep your purity and love. When you go out, you go out with love, and purity, and recite the Five (Holy) Names or the Gift all the time. Then all beings will benefit from your love, all around you at least; whomever you meet will treat you with love in return. You will feel also love from them. Just like now, I feel like I own the whole hotel. If I can afford it, I give them good tips. You see, so why not.

I give them tips not because of money, but to spread love. OK? In physical means, so that Hong Kong has more peace, more love. It’s not the money that I give. It’s the love and the peace through that gift. It’s not the food that I bring to them, it is the love that I give also. So, everybody in that hotel is very happy, very big happy. Very, very happy. I feel like I’m in my house. So, even I stay in the high building as Hong Kong would offer, and surrounding me are all meat-eating or wine-drinking – or above me also, or under me, left, right, are all people everywhere – but I feel absolutely at peace and at home. I feel so good, so good, so good. Yeah, good. So, Hong Kong is still good. Any more questions before I leave? Yeah, of course. You see that?

(Hi, Master.) Hi. (Since You’re bringing so many powers from the Universe, I just wonder, for the Five (Holy) Names and the Gift, isn’t it even more powerful than it used to be?) Yeah. Yeah. (Thank You, Master, thank You.)

Just as the higher you go, your personal Five (Holy) Names are also more effective for you and for others around you. It’s like that with anything, practice makes the master. Just like, even the white magician or black magician, it’s not because of the incantation they made, it is because of their power. So, they have to practice many years in order to empower that incantation. So, if they teach you, they’ll tell you, “OK, you go home, recite this, and the ghost will go away.” Not necessarily! It is because of the magician’s power.

So, when I tell people to recite Amitabha Buddha, or recite Jesus’ name, or Maria or any other Saint that they believe in, I give them also power with it. So, when they recite it, they feel more powerful, more effective. It’s not the Name, it’s not the Five (Holy) Names, it’s not the Gift; it is the power behind it. I feel more powerful now, very, very much, myself. Anyone else? I’m going. No, that’s it, right? OK.

What do you do now, after this group meditation? You go home, or go eat? Any restaurants nearby? Loving Hut? (Yes.) If anybody can go, then go. If cannot go, then I wish you a good day. I’m hungry. Have good food there? (Yes.) Let’s go now. Thank you, brother. Bye-bye. Love you guys. (Thank You, Master. Bye-bye. I love You. Thank You, Master.) Indian sister, wish you all luck. You help them. Thank you very much for your love. Thank you for your love. (We all will miss You. Thank You, Master.)

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