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The Secret of the Pyramids (Part 1 of 2) Jun. 4, 1995

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"Today, I’ll take you to Egypt to see the pyramids. If we go to the Amitabha Buddha’s Land, the World of the Medicine Buddha, or the Heavenly Kingdoms, we will see the real golden pyramids. They shine because they are real gold. They are radiant with light. Many civilized and uncivilized dynasties have come and gone, yet the pyramids are still there. Being capable of building such structures, they must be a highly intelligent race. Perhaps there were scientists from extraterrestrial planets. The pyramids were not built to be used as tombs. I think they built the pyramids for spiritual practice because as I mentioned, it was very difficult to get the ‘Manual of Wisdom’ in the ancient times. It was very difficult for people to locate the entrance later. In those times, they had to practice this method in secret because if their practice was revealed, their lives would be in danger. Many people always threaten the so-called true spiritual practitioners. That’s why they built the pyramids in such a concealed way." "We always look for those superficial things. We are too curious. What I tell you not to touch, you will touch for sure. That is why we are very slow in our progress. We know very well these are good for us, but we still resist them sometimes. When we get into trouble and become aware of the bad consequences, it is too late. Many people pursue spiritual practice, but very few of them attained the complete Truth. It’s because they cannot control their mortal minds and their habits. Once you fall, you have to start all over again. It will be very difficult. It’s not that it is impossible, but it has cost us too much courage, energy, and strength. Similarly, what a spiritual practitioner fears the most is the human habits. Because of the ego, everybody wants to be the king; thinks he is right; and listens to no one no matter whether he is a kid or an adult. It’s better to start from being insignificant. Whoever is wiser, we learn from him. If he teaches us moral and good things, then we follow because it is good for us."
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