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Killing is Never Right, Part 1 of 2, Jul 25, 2009

Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))


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“There was enough water for all of us, plus over for everyone! We began this industry of meat diet, then everything got worse - more hospitals, more medicines, more sicknesses, more shortage of any kind, more temperature rise, and more suffering, more disasters, more hunger, more war.” 
“By live and let live. By creating peace, then we will have peace. Peace has to be created in the home first, from our table. That’s why I have told you from beginning already - vegetarian (vegan) diet. Five precepts: no killing. Even if people want to kill you, you don’t kill them back. What’s the use of that? Either you die or he dies. Why make him die? Maybe let him live so that he can have more chance to know God and you already knew God. Understand that, at least? We have a refuge, he doesn’t. He’s ignorant.” 
“In this world it’s easier to practice and improve because there are suffering people, there are suffering animals, there are suffering situations, there are imperfect situations that will touch our compassion, that will awaken our merciful heart and then we can bring it out, improve it, improve the situation, help others. That’s how we create Heaven. That’s how we say Heaven will be on Earth.” 
“If everybody on this planet considers the other end, then we will never have hunger, we will never have war. We could never kill anyone. How can anybody still kill anybody at this time of our civilization? At this time of humans’ evolution still somebody can go out and get a gun and just kill somebody else just like that, in the name of whatever - in the name of religion, in the name of country, in the name of whatever! It’s never right. It’s never right. How can we do that? He is just like you. Right? It’s not right. War is never right. Killing is never right. So if we all consider other people the way we consider ourselves, just put ourselves in their position, then perfectly we know what to do.”
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