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Between Master and Disciples

Appreciate God’s Leniency and Listen to Hiers Commandments, Part 5 of 5, Nov. 5, 2022

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We humans are really destroying ourselves. So, not to talk about AI or not AI. (Yes, Master. Oh, so sad.) So, it would be a miracle if humans survive all this – least of all AI. (Yes, Master.) Humans are becoming more and more crazy. They are killing themselves by whatever means possible. (Yes.) All this because life has become so violent. Just killing to eat, killing to rob, killing to seize other people’s land, property, power, whatever. (Right.)

Anything else? (Yes, there is. Some people, for example, Elon Musk, worry that AI [artificial intelligence] will destroy humanity. What does Master think about that? Is that going to happen?)

It could happen. It could happen. (Wow.) He is not just over-worried. There’s at least one planet – another planet, not this planet – they developed super intelligent AI, and later on they regretted it. Because these AI formed together like a big army, and then they demanded that they be treated like other beings over there. For example, like humans over there, or else. (Wow.) Because they are super intelligent and they can do many things that humans cannot do.

In the beginning, humans there were very happy, and then had them do many things. But later, these AI rebelled. They revolted. They became too intelligent. And the humans there were too dependent on them. Because the AI there, the artificial intelligence there, was so good, so good in many ways – more superior than humans in all manner of ways. Like behavior, manners, politeness, intelligence – everything. So, even, after a while, many humans there preferred the AI and not their own species. (Wow.)

Like, for example, the woman doesn’t want to marry a man. She just stays with the AI. Because he can do many things for her and he doesn’t demand much. (Right. Yes. Yes, understand.) And the woman doesn’t have to compensate her freedom, her mood, her behavior, just to please a man that she is married to. Because the AI don’t demand such things.

But later on, as humans there depended too much on the AI, they began to revolt. It’s just like humans’ minds. We have a brain that’s similar to the computer. So sometimes the brain gets too much overwhelming information – bad or good. And then the brain makes us do accordingly as well. We forget that we have a mind as well that can control the brain, etc. (Yes. Understand.) And then, we become bad or good, according to the brain’s information. It’s like a computer as well. So, the AI could be like that. (Wow.)

And then, they’ll be even more superior to humans. Because humans sometimes use only like 5 or 10% of the intelligence of the brain. (Yes.) But the AI can use more than that, because they’re programmed to do everything. (Wow.) And later on, most humans there, or many at least, preferred the artificial intelligence because they made them exactly like themselves. And you could not distinguish between a human and a robot at that time. (Oh.) And then they had a big, big problem and danger everywhere.

Just finally, they got together and they tricked these AI somehow into some compromise, saying that “OK, OK, you can be a human now, then you congregate in such and such a place, and then we will talk and then you will tell us what you want to do and what rights you want to have, what privilege, etc.” OK, so they all went into one big, big, big gathering, and a big, big, huge stadium. And then, from there, the humans destroyed them all. (Oh, wow.) Yeah. They had a plan and they destroyed all these AI that they so much loved, but became a danger to them. (Oh, right.)

Our planet could face this kind of dilemma if we’re not careful enough. Because sometimes the scientists overdo things. They just zoom in on their work and they don’t consider how the outcome could make trouble. I saw in some of the news, they report that some scientists already developed this kind of monster cloning, like cloning humans with other animal-people – so the animal has a human face, but the body is not. Or they are cloning a dog-person with two heads, etc.

What’s all that for? They just do it sometimes for fun and just to prove that they can, just to keep going further to see what they can develop. But not knowing, not thinking about how difficult it is and how bad an outcome could result from it. (Yes, Master.) When I look at that, I feel, my God, poor dog-person – the dog with two heads. (Yes.) It’s terrible carrying like that. And when they eat, it’s very inconvenient, for example. (Yes. Wow.)

So, sometimes scientists develop things just so that they can do it, but they are not necessarily helpful or useful in any way. It just wastes time and wastes money. (Yes, Master. Yes, indeed.) So, it could happen with the AI, if scientists continue developing and developing, and just continue exploring further into the robotics field, just to see how far they can go and what’s next without thinking. It could be one day be a catastrophe for humanity.

So Elon Musk wasn’t having a far-fetched idea. (Right, yes.) Plus, it's very possible that if we’re not careful enough to develop within the limit, just to make it useful and helpful, and overdoing it so that they become super-intelligent – then it becomes like our brain, and then they’ll do what they want, just like our brain tells us sometimes to do what we want. (Yes, that’s true. Understand.) And it’s not good even what we want to do. (That’s right. Yes.) And it becomes a habit. Our brain dictates to us what to do, and it becomes a habit, good or bad. (Oh, yes.) And the artificial intelligence could be that way too. (Wow. That’s scary.)

Yeah, but there’s no need to be scared. We have climate change that is getting worse and worse, and some people still don’t believe it. We have war with nuclear weapons – different countries threaten everywhere to destroy humanity, destroy this country, that country. And then all that affects the food security, financial security, peace, and all kind of things that make people die anyway. And we also have a pandemic which is killing thousands of people every day still, and all these variants that scientists could not even cope with or could not even understand. And many new or old diseases are coming back and coming up everywhere. So, what’s the use of saying anything?

We humans are really destroying ourselves. So, not to talk about AI or not AI. (Yes, Master. Oh, so sad.) So, it would be a miracle if humans survive all this – least of all AI. (Yes, Master.) Humans are becoming more and more crazy. They are killing themselves by whatever means possible. (Yes.) All this because life has become so violent. Just killing to eat, killing to rob, killing to seize other people’s land, property, power, whatever. (Right.)

So, all these kinds of violent types of behavior will beget violence from all kinds of directions, from all kinds of aspects. So, it’s nothing to be surprised about. (Yes, Master.) If we don’t change to suit the children of God status, then we will destroy ourselves, sooner or later. (Yes.) That’s it. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. (Yes, Master. Yes, right.)

Look, nowadays, you don’t even need to go searching or anything – everywhere is in trouble, everywhere there is a threatening of extinction for humanity, animal-people and the planet as well. (Yes.) There’re no more surprises. So why worry about just artificial intelligence? That is just one of those things then. (Yes, Master. Yes. Thank You for clarifying that. Thank You, Master.)

Good then. Anything else? (Yes.)

“Media Report from People – Oct. 24, 2022, Reporter (f): A new UK prime minister has been selected to replace Liz Truss – 42-year-old Rishi Sunak, serving as United Kingdom’s third premier in an eight-week span.”

(Master, the UK has a new PM now.) Congratulations to him. England is very generous – producing three prime ministers in a month. More or less. I hope he stays long and does a good job for the British people, and also earns respect in the world. (Yes.) We congratulate him. And may God help him to do a good job, as he wishes to do. (Yes.)

Any other questions, my love? (No, Master.) Good. Then, I hope to have a chance to talk to you again next time. I’m not in an easy situation. I can’t always promise. I will try. (Understand, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) If it gets better, I will talk to you earlier or more often and read you stories and all that. (Thank You, Master.) I pray and you pray so my situation gets better and then, we can converse better. (Yes, we hope Master gets better.)

God Love, God loves you. (Thank You, Master, for Your time today. Thank You, Master.) God Love. God Bless. (God Bless. God protect Master, always.) And I love you. (Thank You, Master. We love You too, Master.)

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