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A Tribute to Art in the Name of Love: The 2021 International Artist Day Celebration, Part 1 of 5

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On April 3, 2021, to celebrate the 4th anniversary of International Artist Day, our Association members in Taiwan (Formosa) invited top artists, dignitaries, and guests on the island to a grand celebration entitled “A Tribute to Art in the Name of Love” at the prestigious National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, also known as Weiwuying.

The event started with an art exhibition showcasing Supreme Master Ching Hai’s inspiring artworks, as well as 90 pieces by approximately 60 other artists. “This is the true value of artists. Why do we feel elated when we look at artwork? It's because artists take wonderful adventures for us. They take adventures for our spirits and the beauty of the world. That’s why their creations bring us comfort and encouragement.”

The entertaining afternoon program encompassed the indigenous, traditional, classical, and contemporary cultural arts of both East and West. This array of delightful programs was presented by six outstanding organizations. First on stage were children from Laonong Primary School, Jianshan Primary School, and the Baolai Junior High School Choir led by their vocal instructor Ms. Shiu Jia Luen and conductor Dr. Chen Chun-Chih. Together the children sang several folk songs of different ethnic groups in their native languages.

The first song they performed is the Malaysian folk rhyme “Moon Kite.” The image of a traditional kite flying in the sky often evokes a feeling of nostalgia in the hearts of travelers away from home.

The next song, “Butterfly Flies Back,” is a Hakka ballad written by Mr. Lin Sheng-Xiang. The song is a prayer to the nature gods worshipped by the Hakka people of Taiwan (Formosa) for safety and protection.

The children did an amazing job, don’t you agree? How did they become involved in choir and why do they like to sing? Let’s find out from a documentary film on this special choir directed by Ms. Lee Kang-Ling.
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