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If You Give Peace, You Will Have Peace – Whatever We Want, We Have to Plant It, Part 5 of 5, Oct. 17, 2022

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So, during retreat, you should not see anyone. You should not let anyone see you. That’s the best. That’s all. (Yes, Master.) Because some people have too much of the negative inside them, and if the Love from the pure, positive power comes to them, then they would not like it. The negative inside them would not like it. Maybe after a while, the negative will be cleansed out, and they will feel good.

Anything else? (Yes. There is one other thing. Recently, on a podcast at the end of September, Bill Gates said that telling people to go vegan or not buy expensive houses, will not make any difference, is of no use. So, I’m wondering why he would say such a thing when he seems to have supported plant-based meats and invested in plant-based meats, and now he’s saying something opposite.)

No. I think he’s just observing things. Things also don’t change as fast as he wants. (Ah, OK.) It does have use. It’s useful. It just takes too long. But his is a good idea. Don’t you also just want to go to the Himalayas with me and eat 10 vegan samosas any time? (Yes.) (That’s the life.) That would be nice.

If we believe in what he says, then I would just sit, put my feet on the table, watching movies day in, day out and eating popcorn or anything good, drinking non-alcoholic beer or whatever juice that you make. I would call all my chefs back to my side to cook me groovy things for myself, and I’d invite some of you guys. We’d use all our money, whatever we still have left, buy a big house and stay together.

Just some of you that follow me closely and do the Supreme Master Television work. If we don’t have to tell people to eat vegan anymore, then we don’t have to do much. Just eat, sleep. (And be merry.) Yeah. Go out to a fancy restaurant every day. At least we can afford that. We don’t care much about beautiful clothes anyway. I normally wear them just for advertisement. My own design, I advertise. I don’t need jewelry even. I just wear them because I advertise. Otherwise, I don’t like to wear anything. No jewelry, nothing. I don’t like anything on my body. Even though it helps. But, I don’t like it. I don’t care much about it. And when I live alone, like now, I wear anything. So simple, easy, comfortable. Very wonderful. Good. I feel good at least for that. (Yes.) At least in that aspect, I feel better.

And not buying nice houses. That’s what he said? (Yes.) But who’s telling people not to buy nice houses? Who? I did? (No. No, Master.) All my disciples’ houses – I mean, many of them at least, or most of them, are nicer than my house. That’s what they told me.

When I still had a house in Hsihu a long time ago? They built a surprise house for me that I hardly ever lived in, until the dog-people came along, and then I needed more room. So, we stayed together in that house. But whenever anybody went into that house, because I received them sometimes, they laughed. Some of them laughed. I said, “Why are you laughing?” They said, “Oh, any of our brother and sisters’ houses are better than Your house.” I said, “Huh?” (Oh.) Wow. What a competition.

I said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s the way it is. My house is like that.” Mostly it’s for dog-people anyway, so nobody arranged anything much. I just have, like, a sofa bed to meditate and lay down sometimes to stretch my spine. Good excuse. And then for the dog-people to jump on it, with me or without me. And for dogs’ houses inside the house, and for dogs’ beds, dogs’ blankets, dogs’ sofas and dogs’ whatever. Even without dog-people, what for do I need what? I don’t really need anything, do I? (No, Master.) The most I need nowadays is just a desk. I don’t even have it. (Aw.)

There is, like, half of the (size) desk that you have. (Wow.) It’s already there so I use it, just to put on it a computer and whatever. What was it? (Screen.) The keyboard and the monitors – two big screens to edit, that’s all. (Wow.) That’s all I need. Yeah, and telephones. Just I have to charge them a lot – charging several phones for different purposes and charging digital cameras, etc., etc. A lot of charging every day.

And the maximum I would need is a bed. Normally I don’t. But if the bed is there, then I use it. But mostly, I just sit on the floor to meditate, (Oh.). because the bed is too comfortable. Whenever I try hard to sit on the bed to meditate, when I wake up, I find myself flat. With a blanket or without blanket, I couldn’t care less. Probably too tired, I don’t even know when I flatten myself down. (Wow.) Yeah, who cares?

I meditate all day anyway, all day all night, all the time. All the time with God. All the time. (Yes, Master.) All the time, meditate differently. I guess when I snore then my mind meditates. But I don’t hear myself snoring. Only now and then. Very rarely. Because when you wake up, you don’t hear yourself snore anymore. I guess I wake up before. I guess my soul comes back before my body reacts. So then, the body is still snoring. And then when the soul comes back, it gets scared, so it stops snoring. Just like sometimes the employee is sitting in the office, if the boss comes, then he stops doing whatever he does with his friends or talking. (Yes.) Or some people would say, “Stop. Stop telephoning. The boss is coming. Look busy!” It’s like that.

So, you want to listen to his (Gate’s) advice? We don’t talk, we don’t tell people to be vegan anymore? (No.) Then we can watch TV, watch movies, and go out eating all the time. Not like now, we work day and night and no holidays, no Sunday, nothing.

I’m sorry for you guys also. You’re still young, you should enjoy the world. If the world has anything for you to enjoy. Why do you still follow me and do the Supreme Master Television work? You are as crazy as I am. Ah man, you have a crazy Master. No other Master would make you do so much work. That is for sure, right? No, I don’t see any Master, so-called Master in the world who makes any disciple work so hard like that. And they don’t work that hard either, right? Simple. To be a Master is more simple than to be what I am now and involving many of you to work so hard. I am so sorry.

But I think you volunteered? (Yes, Master. Yes. We are volunteers.) I think you want to do it that way, very willing – otherwise who stops you to leave, right? (Yes. Exactly, Master.) I don’t bind you on the post of the bed, no? (No, Master, not at all.) You even get your own bed, get your own desk, you put your own things and work by yourself. (Yes, that’s right.)

Of course, I give advice and all that, and I also work with you. Same, right? (Yes, Master.) But still, no Master would do this, and no other Master’s disciples have to work that hard. And for that, I’m very grateful to you and appreciate your hard work and your unconditional dedication to the world, to the suffering beings – who try to help and lessen the pain of the world. And maybe, maybe one day it will be eliminated altogether, the sorrow, the pain of the world. That’s what we are praying for, hoping for, and working for. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

You’re still with me, right? (Yes, Master.) And you don’t even complain. That’s the very sweet thing about it. Thank you. I’m the one who complains a lot. But you don’t complain, right? (No, Master.) Do I really complain a lot? Do I? No? Sometimes. Tell me, did I complain? (No, Master. You don’t complain at all.) Then it’s good. Then it’s good. Then I’m like you. Like Master, like disciples. Or shall I say, “Like disciples, like Master?”

To honor you. I wish I could talk to all of you guys in other countries, but it’s not convenient for me all the time. It’s not convenient. I cannot always explain why it’s not convenient.

I just remembered; I don’t think I ever told you to buy a small house. Anyway, even if I told to buy a small house, you would not do it. Some of you like to do it, if you like to do it, but you don’t have to. If you have a nice house, you live in a nice house. If you can afford it, why not?

It’s just for me, my own experience that I told you and others, that the smaller the house, the better. Because I have too much work to do. (Yes.) I have to cook for myself also. If I have a big house, then who is going to clean it all the time? Then I need to have an assistant, attendants, and all that stuff. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Maybe before, I could afford to live in a house, which I never did, until the dog-people came. Before I lived only in a cave. Even if they built that house already, I didn’t live there. I lived in my cave.

So, some days, some disciples came and they couldn’t find me, so they asked where I am. Then I said, “I’m in the cave, here, over there. Go that way, this way, turn left, turn right.” And they were crying when they saw me there. (Oh.) “Oh, people think You live in a big house, with luxury, with bodyguards, and all that. And they don’t know You live in such a small cave.” I said, “What’s wrong with a small cave? I’m small. This is all I need.” (Right.)

And at that time, we didn’t even have Supreme Master Television. And we were not all that busy even. But I prefer a simple life. (Yes, Master.) Because all we need is just somewhere to lay down – two meters long, and one meter wide, maximum. And then, all you do is just sit in meditation, or do whatever you do. (Yes, that’s true.) Do whatever you do, you just cook some little simple things for yourself, and then you go out and do some exercise.

And nowadays, I can’t even do that. I don’t even get out of the house… I mean, the door. (Oh.) Except, whenever I have to move, I must go… and people can see me, but they don’t care, they don’t look at me, anyway. Some do, if they see the aura… some can see the aura – then they try to go near and I have to hide, I have to go somewhere else. I avoid. But most people don’t care. They don’t know who I am, they don’t look … so it’s very comfortable if I go out, in an unknown area. People don’t know me. But if I don’t have to go out, then I don’t go, I just stay inside. Because during the retreat, you should not see people. (Right. Yes.)

The thing is, because if people see a Master, the Love from the Master will flow to them. And the negative force inside them will struggle, and they will feel not peaceful, and they might do something bad to the Master as well, (Oh, wow.) if the Master doesn’t stay around for long with them. Even if they don’t know that it’s a Master. The Love flows out automatically, and it might make the person who saw Them, feel disturbed, if they know that person, if they look – like if they’re neighbors or something. If they know that the Master lives there, and they see the Master, then they will feel more disturbed, more uncomfortable, because some people feel comfortable, some people don’t feel comfortable. It depends. And then they will feel unpleasant.

So, during retreat, you should not see anyone. You should not let anyone see you. That’s the best. That’s all. (Yes, Master.) Because some people have too much of the negative inside them, and if the Love from the pure, positive power comes to them, then they would not like it. The negative inside them would not like it. Maybe after a while, the negative will be cleansed out, and they will feel good. They will feel better than before, if they accept that, and don’t struggle. Some people don’t feel comfortable with the Love from God, that flows through the Master’s physical instrument, physical body. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

What else? Anything else you want to know? (No, Master.) Anything else you want to ask? (No, I think that’s all.) That’s all.

If I have told you guys to buy small houses or something… don’t listen. If you want to buy a big house, buy a big house. If you want to be more simple, comfortable and independent, then buy a smaller house so you don’t have to clean too much. You don’t have to make other people clean it for you if you don’t want to clean. You don’t have to make other people work for you, that’s all.

Maybe I did say something like that before. Maybe joking or something, or I just said my experience. But it cannot be my fault because all people, they buy a big house, they buy a comfortable house anyway. No matter what I say. (Yes.) It’s just like I tell them, “Be vegan,” but not everybody became vegan. Maybe they will. Gods willing, Gods help.

We try our best to always tell people the good things for them anyway. Some take it for granted, some follow, who knows? The more vegan people, the more peace in the world. (Yes. Yes, Master.) At least animal-people don’t suffer so much. (Right, Master. Yes.) So, we do what we can. We do what we think is the best. And it doesn’t harm anybody anyway, whatever I told. (Right, exactly. Yes, Master.)

Whatever I tell is all for the people’s good, for the planet’s good, for the animal-people’s good. God’s will. God’s will be done. I have not said anything to harm anybody. Did I ever? (No, Master.) No. Then it’s good. Then we continue as long as it takes. (Yes, Master.)

And who knows, maybe one day all is peace, and all the zealous demons go down where they belong, only good people are here, bad people change into good, and we have all peace. And then we can buy a big house, stay together or go to the Himalayas! (Oh, yes!) Or we do half/half. Sometimes we go to the Himalayas and live in a mud house for a change. (Yes.) And sometimes we go back to our palace somewhere, a big house or big palace, and then go to vegan restaurants every day, eat different delicacies. Oh, yum yum!

Anything else? If not, I go now. I feel a little tired. (No. No, Master.) It’s all good. Alright, God bless, God love, I love. (God bless, Master. Thank You for Your time. Thank You, Master.) I love you guys, all of you. I appreciate your work. (Thank You, Master.)

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