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Traditional Malay Glutinous Rice Treats, Part 1 of 2 - Vegan Pulut Panggang (Grilled Savory Rice Parcels with Vegan Fish Filling)

Language:English,Malay(Bahasa Melayu)
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Today we are thrilled to have Mr. Abdul Ali share with us a traditional Malay recipe called Pulut Panggang, which is Grilled Glutinous Rice Parcels. While traditionally, the glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves is grilled over a charcoal stove, today Ali will cook these rice parcels in a pan instead.

“There are five steps for cooking the Grilled Glutinous Rice Parcels. The first step is to prepare the glutinous rice. Add salt into the thick coconut milk. Stir until the salt is completely dissolved in the thick coconut milk. Set it aside. This is a piece of cotton cloth. We use it to steam the glutinous rice. Place the cotton cloth in the middle of the steamer. Then add the glutinous rice into the steamer. Spread it evenly. Turn on the stove to medium heat. Steam the glutinous rice for 20 minutes. Add the salted thick coconut milk to the steamed glutinous rice. Stir until they are well mixed. Place the glutinous rice back in the steamer. Spread it evenly. Make a few holes in the rice to allow steam to circulate in the steamer. Leave the glutinous rice to steam for another ten minutes.

Banana leaves contain polyphenol, a kind of antioxidant that is very good for our health. Today, I will use boiled water to wilt the banana leaves. Immerse the banana leaves, one at a time, into the pot of boiled water. Leave each one in the boiled water for three seconds.

The next step is to prepare the fillings. Put all these ingredients into the mortar and pestle, and pound them until they are finely ground. Add the coriander seeds. Add the Kaffir lime leaves. Add the dried chili. Add the lemongrass. Pound until they become fine. Add the galangal root. Add the ginger root. Add the tamarind pulp. Add the vegan fish. Add the finely pounded fillings into the frying pan. Reduce the heat. Stir fry until fragrant. Add in the salt. Add in the brown sugar. Add in the grated coconut. Reduce the stove to low heat. Add in the turmeric powder. Stir fry until the ingredients are well mixed and have dried up. The aroma has emerged.

All right, let’s proceed to the next step, which is to wrap the glutinous rice. Place the leaf with the waxy side facing upwards. Add in the glutinous rice. Press the glutinous rice until it is flat. Good. Add the filling. Close it up. And use toothpicks to pin them in place. Cut off the excess leaf.

All right, we have come to the final step, which is to grill the glutinous rice parcels. Light up the stove. Brush some oil on the pan. Place the glutinous rice parcels in. Hmm. Done. Turn off the stove. These are Savory Glutinous Rice Parcels.”
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