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Nourish the Soul: Discourses from “Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl),” Part 1 of 2

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“Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl)” is a beautiful tale that offers upliftment to all Truth seekers yearning for spiritual understanding. In His offering of discourses to earnest seekers, we see that Quetzalcóatl highlights the importance of the inward journey. Transcending both time and space, this journey connects us with the inner Heavenly Light and Music.

“A human being is the most beautiful, subtle, delicate and elevated creature created by God, having not only the physical body, but other bodies as well. It is correct to nourish it with vegetables, flowers and fruits, so that it develops well. But subtle bodies are nourished ‘by innermost God’s Lull,’ the Sound of spheres, the song which hears the song, the purity which attracts the purity, the Truth which manifests itself into the Truth.”

“And gathering those closest to Him, this is how He spoke to them: You are the fruits of this generation, and the Hand of Heaven, bound to the Hand of Time, will sow you where you may produce a hundred for one. And if you do not flourish, what will be of the Tree of Light? Will it remain extinct? Will it be absorbed by the weeds of Ignorance? How many seeds have been lost among the mountains of uncertainty and the slopes of vanity! How many others ended up in the waters of grudging and resentment, drowning its fruits! How many have flown with the wind of temptation, and how many served as food for the birds of violence! Keep your hearts alert and protect your hidden treasure. Be your own sentinels, day and night, and do not despair, because the day will come in which the fields will be already prepared and plowed to receive you. And when routine comes to your door, disguised in Comfort, telling you: Brother, open the door to me, because I am cold and I wish to come in, do not open, nor let it sit on your heart, because it will slowly kill your seed and it would stagnate your knowledge. Rather, oppose to it your sister Activity, always bound to the hand of Charity, because indeed I tell you that Charity must be the only Queen of your hearts. The Master launching his beloved disciples, extends the hand of God. Through the history of mankind, all the great Masters fulfill their own mission. You are the good seed. Go... and sow the Light.”

“Days will come when my body will return to the earth and my spirit to the air, in which my being will fly freely through your fields and will flourish into your flowers, and will lull your pigeons. Then my words will have flourished within you, and bouquets of new words will appear awakening new hearts. New mouths will come through which my spirit will speak, as well as other hands which will materialize it into the paper of time. And those, who having wings did not want to fly, and due to their ignorance annulled them, will come again.”
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