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Selections from “Pistis Sophia” – Chapters 17 to 21, Part 1 of 2

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“Pistis Sophia,” meaning “Faith-Wisdom,” or “Faith in the Light,” is a Gnostic scripture of teachings given by Lord Jesus Christ in the 11 years following His resurrection. After being lost for over 1,000 years, the “Pistis Sophia” manuscript was rediscovered in Egypt in the late 1700s. In this scripture, Lord Jesus Christ addresses His disciples regarding different aspects of Heaven and the Divine. The manuscript also identifies Pistis Sophia as a seeker in human form, symbolizing the soul that is yearning to reconnect with the higher Self. In these teachings, Jesus also speaks of the Treasury, or Treasury of Light, which represents the attainment of Heavenly reunion with the Divine.

Today, it is an honor to share with you excerpts from Chapters 17 to 19 of “Pistis Sophia,” where the Lord Jesus Christ gave Saint Mary Magdalene permission to speak and also answered her questions.

“And Jesus, the compassionate, answered and said unto Mary: ‘Mary, thou blessed one, whom I will perfect in all mysteries of those of the height, discourse in openness, thou, whose heart is raised to the Kingdom of Heaven more than all thy brethren.’”

“‘The power then which was in the prophet Isaiah, prophesied before thou did come, that thou would take away the power of the rulers of the aeons and would change their sphere and their fate, in order that they might know nothing from now on. For this cause it was said also: ‘Ye shall then know not of what the Lord Sabaoth will do’; that is, none of the rulers will know what thou wilt do from now on, – for they are ‘Egypt,’ because they are matter. The power then which was in Isaiah, prophesied concerning thee aforetime, saying: ‘From now on ye shall then know not what the Lord Sabaoth will do.’ Because of the light-power which thou did receive from Sabaoth, the Good, who is in the region of the Right, and which is in thy material body today, for this cause then, my Lord Jesus, Thou have said unto us: 'Who has ears to hear, let him hear,' – in order that Thou might know whose heart is ardently raised to the Kingdom of Heaven.’”

“It came to pass then, when Mary had finished saying these words, that He said: ‘Well said, Mary, for thou art blessed before all women on the Earth, because thou shall be the fulness of all fulnesses and the perfection of all perfections.’”

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