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"Vegan Batgirl" Connie Spence, Part 4 of 4: Agriculture Fairness Alliance



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Agriculture Fairness Alliance is the legislation arm of Connie’s activism, and these three outstanding women activists, Laura Reese, Renee King-Sonnen, and Connie Spence, work together to make US agriculture laws and policies fairer. “I founded Vegan Justice League a year ago (2018). My co-founder actually was doing something very similar. Laura Reese worked with a group called Lobbyists 4 Good, which essentially teaches the public how to lobby and get involved. Renee, from Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was a rancher's wife who transitioned her farm, the cattle farm, into a sanctuary. When that happened, she started receiving inquiries from a lot of farmers who wanted to do the same thing. They needed help to get out of livestock farming and help to transition. We caught wind of it. Why not create legislation instead of throwing them bailout money?”

“So currently we’re lobbying for something called the at-risk farmer legislation which will help animal farmers transition to plant-based farming or green energy production.” It is not only a value-driven federal food procurement of healthy food, but also supports USDA Climate Smart Agriculture Policy. It has been warmly embraced by many farmers and vegans, including Jane Velez-Mitchell from Jane UnChained News.

“The success is that the conversations that we've had just in the last couple months, have proven that it's very likely that our legislation will get inserted into a broader environmental piece of legislation.” “We hope to grow as more members come in. So, you can become a member of So, becoming a member, helping us continue to educate. If you're in a socioeconomic condition that you can't donate, networking and sharing stuff is super important. So, on the local and state level, you can get involved and speak the same way you speak to people in activism, getting laws changed.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Liberation 360, plus US $10,000 as a humble token of helping your work, with all love and high salute for your crucial endeavors. May you and all your fellow activists enjoy continued success and constant protection by Heaven.”
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