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Coming Together to Celebrate Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, Part 5 of 10

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Coming up next are two songs. The first one is by an Aulacese (Vietnamese) member in the US called “Blissful Rendezvous.” The song describes the happiness of going home. And the second song is sung by a Singaporean member called “Love is the Only Force.” The meaning is that this Love has the power to make us be here, doing this thing, so that we can go back to the origin of Love.

“Sing the song of the golden moon Celebrate the day to glorify the beloved Master Ching Hai Our heart is touched, we shed tears of joy You’ve descended here from the highest place. And suffer greatly for this physical world Looking for Your children who were lost in this Samsara and forgot the way Home You offer the world a Supreme Method And bear the heavy sins of the people So that we can be liberated forever From all the karmic debts accumulated from countless reincarnations Following the (Heavenly) Sound, we go Home Back to our ancient Beloved and live in peace and happiness For the future of the world, You endure the stormy and arduous journey Your boundless love comfort others’ souls Blessed are those who hear Your name You take on an arduous mission, enduring all the hardships Your Heavenly grace cleanses the sin of humanity How can we ever repay Your favor? We’re forever grateful to our Savior Thinking of Your great favor, we shed tears again and again May God have pity on the earthlings And grant us abundant blessings on this day Songs of joy and prosperity will be heard everywhere People rejoice in serving and worshipping the Lord Our heart is filled with so much love and immense gratitude for You May the stars illuminate all the Heavenly realms On this day when the world is glorifying our beloved Master!”

“Recognize your Self Your True Nature You are not your mind You are not your body You are the Supreme Reality The world is a stage The play is going on Awake from your dreams Know your True Nature Thousand years of illusion is gone And there's no more doer Only the Supreme Power Love is the only force The Master solved the past, present and future Always remind your True Nature You are the Supreme Reality Abide in your Self One with the Master Open wisdom through compassion You are one with the universe”
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