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Pacifying the Mind, Part 4 of 9, Nov. 20, 1999

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So, if you think you have not heard God, and you are not satisfied that the angel has come visit you, or the messenger from God, from Heaven has talked to you, then maybe I can help you. There is a way to still the mind, then you can contact the messenger of God directly, the Supreme Master, whoever that is, OK?

Many of you, some of you, when you pray very hard, you also have an experience of Heaven. But some of you have not been able to calm the mind, to still the mind, so maybe you have not heard the angel speak or the messenger of God speak.

So, if you think you have not heard God, and you are not satisfied that the angel has come visit you, or the messenger from God, from Heaven has talked to you, then maybe I can help you. There is a way to still the mind, then you can contact the messenger of God directly, the Supreme Master, whoever that is, OK? Yes, I'm speaking on behalf of the Supreme Master Ching Hai. In fact, it's not me who speaks.

Some people ask me what's the name of the “Supreme Master Ching Hai.” It's the Chinese name for the Father, our God. “Ching Hai” means the ocean of Love, means God. Just we call Hirm differently. Just like when you love your woman, or you love your husband, you call him “honey,” “sweetheart,” “sugar pie,” “apple pie,” or “my loved one,” “my own,” “my self,” “my other half,” “my better half.” It's just the same one person.

And that's why sometimes the religious people misunderstand each other because one call Hirm "Allah," the other call Hirm "Almighty," and the other call Hirm "the real Buddha," the Zen call Hirm "the real face," "the real Father." Everyone calls his beloved in a different name, and that is all right. We have only one Father, one God.

I have a joke for you. Sometimes in some countries they have a racist problem, like OK, the black men are allergic to the white men, the white men are allergic to the black men. So, there was a black man who was looking for an apartment and he liked one apartment very much. He's desperate for one but he couldn't go there because all the white people, they don't let him in. So he prayed to God, said, "Please, help me, I want to get an apartment over there, but they are racist, they don't let me in, all the white people." So God said, "Oh, forget it, forget it, my love, if I go there, I couldn't go in myself." So the black man was very surprised, said, "Why? God, You are almighty. You can go anywhere. Why couldn't You go there?"

Please laugh after I finish the joke, OK? So you know what God said? Any guess? (Because I’m black.) No, Hes didn't say that. Yes, maybe, maybe Hes is black, but I don't think so. Hes is all colors. That's why we're all colors, come from Hirm. God said that, "Oh, I cannot go there, because if I go there, they will check my religious record and they will ask me what religion I belong to and I don't know what to say."

Suppose God comes here, it's true like that, it's a joke but it could be true. Suppose God appears in front of us right now, shall we call Hirm Muslim or call Hirm Catholic, or shall we call Hirm Buddhist, or shall we call Hirm Christian ... what?

So, in my knowledge, we have only one Father, and that's enough already. And in order to know our own Father we must still the mind. We must calm down and we must find time to contact Hirm. And at least to contact Hiers representative, Hiers angels, and then we can pose direct questions to Hirm and get direct answers.

If we couldn't find the answer today, we find it tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the next day. And if you have found the answer already, congratulations! If you have not found the direct contact with God's kingdom, I have learned a way and I could share it with you without any obligation, without any cost, without any string at all. You can always be welcome and try. And it works immediately.

(It is very difficult.) It's not difficult, madam. You see, I can do it, you can do it.

OK, I guess you want to ask me a lot of questions, so should I just be quiet now, and then you ask me, then I can explain more of what you think you want to know. And then after that, if you want to, if YOU want to, we can show you. Thank you.

Do you have any question yet? It's not difficult, right? For some. Yes. You should write it down please, because we have microphone, (but) technically it’s impossible. Yes.

(He asks You what You think about the devil. He makes us do something quite bad, what do You think about it? He's asking.)

Yes, we should not listen to him, that's what I think. You are the Master. You should not listen to the devil. Make him listen to you.

(We believe only God,) Yes. (but Buddhist people believe only five heads, like that five heads, like that three-headed stone. Why? Can You explain?) Three hand like this? I don’t understand. (Three-headed stone Buddha, everybody worships that.) Oh, you mean the statue. Yes. (Yes. Buddhist people, why don't they believe God?)

Well, everybody believes God in their own way that they think is the best. But sometimes what they think is the best is not always the best. So that's why I'm trying to help them to see a better way if they want to. If they don't want to, that's also their right.

We are desperate in this world. We suffer so much, we are so far away from God's connection, so we grab on anything, anything - a stone, a statue, a cross, a whatever - to hope that God will answer our questions. But there is a better way. It's a direct way and people don't know. But still, when people pray to a statue, or pray to a stone, God knows also. And that's why God sends other prophets or Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to tell people that, “This is the way. Don't do that, don't do this. Do this.”

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) came to show an example, like, “OK, you have to still your mind, you sit quiet, alone.” Don't have to go in the cave, but in your small “cave-room,” and make it a cave, make it a complete recluse for yourself, and then you pray. Truly God will hear and you will hear God. God always hears, just we don't hear. So now it's our problem to still our mind, to discard all the nonsensical thinking all the time in the mind so that we can hear the voice of the messenger of God, like the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) did. He came to do that. He was a Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). He didn't have to do that, but He did that to make an example that, to contact God, we have to still the mind. That's why in the Qur’an it is said that all religions belong to God anyhow. Yes, the first page.

Because why? Because when people pray sincerely to God - doesn't matter in which name - Hes knows that is prayed to Hirm because Hes is God. Hes doesn’t discriminate, “Why don't you call my name Mr. So-and-So? You have to call my name this.” No, Hes is God. Hes is the Father. If you call Hirm “Almighty,” it's good; if you call Hirm “Allah,” Hes is happy, because “Allah” means also almighty in English. And Buddha means enlightened, it means God in English. Just we did not translate and we make so much trouble. “Christ” means the power of God, same thing. Right, I guess we should have only one language.

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