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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 149 - The Cathar Prophecy on the Church of Love

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“Its members shall know each other by their deeds and being and by their eyes and by no other outward sign save the fraternal embrace.”

In our previous episode, we began to explore a prophecy about the return of the Cathars, a peaceful spiritual group that once flourished in medieval Europe, including in Occitania.

It was the late British dowser and spiritual author named Colin Bloy who was inspired to write down a proclamation he received inside about “the Church of Love” that would appear in our times. He later remarked: “It’s a bit of a special church and I don’t want you to get confused over the word ‘church,’ because it means ‘communion,’ ecclesia in Greek, nothing more.”

Indeed, while the prophecy was about the Cathar church being restored in 1986, Colin Bloy believed that the “Church of Love” meant a greater communion, or gathering. It could, for instance, include the global peace-promoting meditation community he founded, called Fountain International.

We too wonder if our Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, a wellspring from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Loving example, could also be part of the reappearance of this Church of Love. For example, the prophecy describes the Church as follows: “It knows no boundaries, for nationalisms are unloving. It is not of itself, because it seeks to enrich all groups and religions.”

Our multi-racial Association knows no racial divisions or national or religious borders. Master welcomes all, and encourages and enriches each group further.

“There is no need to change your religion. Just meditate. I’ll show you how to meditate, that’s all. Just keep whatever you believe. Keep your Christianity, keep your Buddhism, keep whatever the path, the teaching of the Master that is favorite to you. I just show you how to get in touch with the essence of the teaching that you believe.”

“(If a person is devoted to their religion, say Christianity or Buddhism, would it be necessary to receive initiation and practice the Quan Yin Method? Can they find the hidden True Self through their own religions?) If you can, then you don't need. But if you haven't, then you do. Doesn't matter if you’re Buddhist or Christian or what. Finding the True Self will make you become a better Christian or better Buddhist. That is all. Because you know the true Buddha Nature and you know the true Christianity within you. Otherwise, the Christians tell us that ‘be you perfect as your Father in Heaven who is perfect.’ But are you yet a perfect Christian? Never mind about perfect as Father in Heaven. So, the Buddha said, ‘You will become the Buddha. You have to know your Buddha Nature.’ Do you know the Buddha Nature yet? Have you known anything about Buddhahood yet? If not, then come to me.” Etc…

“There is no walk of life or nationality that is a barrier: Those who are, know.” In the Church of Love, everyone is welcome. Master gives initiation to anyone who comes to seek the Truth and eternal liberation from Her. No one is rejected due to their nationality or their walk of life.

“I remember I went out into the public and I promised that anybody who comes can have initiation because I had faith in the Buddha Nature in you. I look to you not as a person, not as a sinner, but as a potential Buddha, as a God’s child. I always had that.”

“I never ask any of you how much money you make. Therefore, I treat all of you the same.”

“(He says, ‘Hallo, compassionate Master Ching Hai: I used to be a gangster who did many bad things, such as killing people, gambling, fighting with people. Today, I am fifty years old. I haven’t done any good deeds in my life.’ He knows that he has very heavy karma. Can he still get initiated? If he gets initiated, will it be bad for Master’s reputation?) No problem. No problem. (Can Master bear such a heavy karma for him?) Yes, I can. I am willing to do that.”

The prophecy also says, “Those who are, know.” This could mean that for those who receive the initiation, thus becoming part of the Church of Love, the soul knows that it is forever free and safe by the Master’s Grace.

“(I was perplexed about life before. ‘Why am I here? What is my purpose for living?’ I needed an answer, otherwise, I had no interest to keep on living. But after initiation, my perplexities all disappeared in no time. I know very well why I am here on this Earth, what's the meaning of life, and begin to appreciate how great and beautiful this world is. Only because of Master, all these became meaningful. She unveils my ignorance before my eyes and restores my original Self.)”

“(With the guidance of a Master, even in this very life, we can achieve paradise or Nirvana or God's Kingdom. All these experiences I myself have experienced. And the more I meditate, the more I follow Master, the more I feel and the more I'm happy.)”

“(The Quan Yin Method has given me what I was seeking in life. It has given me the power to flow to God. To become one with God. To realize my true Self. From there appears knowledge. From there the true wisdom makes its appearance. It is not from books. Many times I knew even without asking my Master in person, because my inner Master had told me.)”

“(Before initiation, I worked many, many long hours, and I worried about everything, and I really wasn't very happy or peaceful in my heart. And after initiation, due to the ability of concentrating better, I did things much more quickly and more efficiently. The other thing is that I felt a lot more love, a lot more peace, and harmony in relationships and in whatever I did. I find that I can feel Her presence very strongly and Her guiding me through any difficult situation. Even in a seemingly scary or frightful situation, She's there protecting you.)” Etc…

“It admits no hierarchy or structure, for no one is greater than another.” In our Association, there is no control hierarchy or structure. All under Master’s guidance are equal, regardless of their background, race, gender, etc. Calling one another fellow brothers and sisters, we act autonomously but cooperate harmoniously and coherently as a whole. For example, as Master has instructed, contact persons are to deliver messages and serve their respective centers, not to lead or control anyone.

“Just do your job – a contact person, simple! Contact means just a contact point, and not a leader. Most of the people, they forget. They tend to use the post just to lead people and make all kinds of nonsensical things. It’s no good. Please be humble and be sincere.”

“Its members shall know each other by their deeds and being and by their eyes and by no other outward sign save the fraternal embrace.”

On the outside, our Association members do not appear any different from other people, whether by their jobs, wealth, power, positions or nationality. Yet in general, we can say that we are all the same, because we all follow the path Master has shown us to develop our inner love and wisdom. Our members are vegan and keep the five moral precepts, meditate, and do charity work according to Master’s teachings.

“The teaching of the Master that you wholeheartedly believe, follow and bring it into practice by purifying yourself, keeping pure precepts and refrain from violence, refrain from all the misconduct that is not appropriate. Try your best and then also help other people. Help me to help others, but never think that we help anyone, I told you many times.”

The five precepts required for the disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai: 1. Refrain from harming or taking the life of sentient beings. 2. Refrain from speaking what is not true. 3. Refrain from taking what is not yours. 4. Refrain from sexual misconduct. 5. Refrain from using intoxicants.

“Those who participate, practice the Truth of Love in all their beings.” In essence, Supreme Master Ching Hai teaches our Association members to rediscover the Divine Love we have within ourselves and to put it into practice.

The most important in this world, regardless whatever our mission, is love one another, love each other. And if we do not do that, then, we lack a lot of things. And whatever job we do, we have to do it wholeheartedly. Moreover, we still have to help our fellow beings in whatever way we can, make them happy, make them feel loved. We have to show our love, and we have to show some actions, speech and thought always in loving kindness. That’s the best for our spiritual growth and best for our fellow beings.” Etc…

Estimated contributions to date from Supreme Master Ching Hai for:

Animal protection: US$6,949,889

Vegan food development and vegan lifestyle promotion: US$16,734,866

Refugees: US$4,104,575

The underprivileged (the homeless, orphans, etc.): US$7,852,328

Disaster victims: US$22,274,740

Pandemic victims: US$4,000,000

Environmental protection: US$1,503,780

The arts and culture: US$668,106

Religious and spiritual groups: US$1,772,805

Various other benevolent causes: US$7,892,542


(These estimates do not include many other donations that Master gave quietly or spontaneously without documentation or for which we lost track of records, nor do they include new donations made since the time of this calculation.)

In order to truly practice love for all beings, our Association members refrain from harming or taking the life of any living being. We adopt and promote the vegan lifestyle, which is peaceful, compassionate, healthy, noble, economical and eco-friendly.

“First of all, we have to practice love in order to beget love. In order to be all-pervasive, loving, like our Father, we have to love all beings. And that is the meaning behind the vegan diet. It's not to be healthy, or not because Jesus said so or Buddha forbids, it's just we have to be love reincarnate. We have to be the walking God on this planet. We have to live like God would live!”

“The vegan diet is only to propagate more loving kindness which already exists in us, to polish it more, to bring it to a fuller extent to all beings including our younger brothers and sisters.”

“If we consider ourselves higher beings, then we should carry out higher noble acts – protect the weak and the innocent, and not abuse our power by harming our friends, especially they do us no harm. We should listen to the great wise religious leaders of the past and present, and regard our animal friends as sacred, cherished creations of God. And as a very basic gesture of dignity, respect and kindness, we should be vegan.”


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