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Deep Fried Vegan Rice Paper Wrap with Mushroom Filling & Vegan Squash and Coconut Soup, Part 2 of 2

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“We’re going to cook some squash soup. So, we buy a squash like this, about this size or a little bigger. Not smaller. And cut like 2/3 of it. Cut 2/3 of it out. Just keep cutting until it’s out.” “Take the inside and the seeds out completely. So we just have a nice, hollow, clean squash. That’s cool, very cool. Now we use a spoon also, to scrape it all clean inside.” “This kind of soup, you cook when your guests come, your best friend, some person important, otherwise it is a little bit of work. Maybe you don’t have time to do it every day. It’s not that much work actually, it just seems elaborate. And after we scrape all the flesh out from the squash, we have a perfect bowl like this. And when we cook the soup, we just put the soup in it and it will look nice and taste good as well.”

“Now here we are going to boil some water and cook the soup. Now just let the water boil. You can already put the squash that we carved out in the water already. That’s all we need, some salt, seasoning, water, and sugar - a little bit like that. I also have some small carrots, baby carrots and I slice them thin to put together with the soup. For this kind of soup, we don’t have to cook very long, and then we put some tofu. And we have coriander here. Half of the coriander, You put maybe just a handful of coriander. You put half of it in now to cook together with the soup so that the taste will be aromatic, and the other you can put on top of the bowl later for decoration. Very nice. You can also put a little ground pepper in it, just a little bit. It’s already good, so we’re going to put in three spoons of thick coconut milk. There! Mix it up with the soup. You can put as much coconut milk as you like. And taste it to see if it's suitable for you. Wow! Perfect! OK, that's it! Once the coconut is in, re-boil, you turn it off right away.”

“And we'll transfer the soup into the bowl gently. Now I’m going to have fun. Wow! Very fun. Looks fun, tastes good. I bet your children will love this too, if you cook like this, in a bowl like this. It looks more fun to eat.” “Cover it with the cap. The way we cut it, we cover it back. So, there you are. Perfect. Beautiful. Soup with a bowl. So, here we have it.”
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