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Between Master and Disciples

Tim Qo Tu's Love Will Win, Part 8 of 9, June 10, 2020

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And the if you do something wrong, you attract wrong, attract the wrong kind of people, wrong kind of situation, wrong kind of ghost. (Yes, Master.) That’s why merit is utmost important. Moral is your shield in this world. Of course, God helps you, but you’ve got to help yourself also.

(If people repent, they go straight to Heaven, just like that?) This lifetime, yes. But not “like that” like that. The God of the Fourth Level, I have made a request with Him to take in these people. To be either His citizens or to transit for a while until I clean them up enough to go up, because these kinds of people, they cannot just go straight up to Tim Qo Tu Land. Still have some residues, of bad karma, of sin, and ego. Even on the Fifth Level you still have 1% ego. So, I requested the Lord of the Fourth Level to take them in. And the Lord of the Fourth Level, of course, He can check who truly repents, who does not. (Oh, yes.) You cannot just say, “Oh, I repent, I repent,” and kneel there and ask for forgiveness, and it’s done. It’s not like that. It has to be from the heart. Truly repent, truly remorseful. And my guardians, the Ihôs Kư Godses, also check them out. Maybe you can cheat me, but you cannot fool Them. So, it depends. If they truly repent and have remorse and truly want to go back to their original Self, to their own Self Nature, to be near God, to know God more, then they can. But not just say, OK, they repent or look like repentant. No, no, no, no. Even the disciples also cannot. If the disciples make trouble for anyone or for me, they get punishment even worse. Because they know the right, but they do the wrong. Especially if they do wrong to the Master, but I forgive them, and I try very hard to help them. But sometimes they have to undergo punishment. For long or short, it depends on what they have in their heart. (Yes, Master.)

Sometimes their level is too low, from hell, near hell or something, so it takes some time, and they still can do harm to me, intentionally. These are very difficult to help. It’s really a great sacrifice to help these kinds of people, you have to exchange. And sometimes cannot even. (Yes, Master.) Because of the fairness of the universe. (Yes, Master.) Some people, they do wrong, but they have remorse, and they didn’t want to do it. They’re just too ignorant, forget to think, or being too influenced by others or the bad ghost or something. Then it’s easy to rescue them, or better than disciples who do bad things to the Master. That’s why the Buddha said whoever harms the Buddhas, goes to relentless hell, means forever! Nobody can help them not even the Buddha Himself. Remember Maudgalyayana? His mother slandered the Buddha and the sangha, and she went to great hell like that, and the Buddha did not want to help her, or could not, and asked all the sangha to help. Remember? (Yes.) All His disciples to help with a lot of rituals and offerings and Maudgalyayana repented and helped and went up and down to hell to visit and to lend his energy. (Yes, Master.)

  1. Did I answer everything already? I mean, so far of your questions? (Yes, Master.) Good. (With the zealous demons turning some COVID-19 victims into zombies or half-zombies for Alzheimer’s patients, does that mean there could never be a cure for them?) Up to now, no. (Are there any other diseases that aren’t truly diseases, like Alzheimer’s, but the negative workings of the zealous demons?) Oh, quite a few. I haven’t checked into them. If I have checked, I will tell you another time, OK? (OK. Thank You, Master.) I don’t have enough time to check the good things already, and all the things around here, so I didn’t dig into those negative things too much. Also, according to karma, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say like, “Even if the ghost wants to catch you, they have to look at your face first.” Meaning, seeing whether or not you have good aura, whether or not you have good merit. They cannot just at random get people like that. It’s not allowed. Some people do look innocent, but they are not all innocent. (Yes, Master.) Not inside, and not the karmic way. They did something wrong in the past life in order for them to get stuck with the zealous demons or get caught by them. But by no means, it’s not their intention. Whoever is reborn again in the human life, they truly wanted to make it up for their last life. (Yes, Master.) They truly repented and wanted to do good. It’s just when we come into this body, we forget many things. (Yes.) We cannot continue to do what we wanted to do. We do wrong instead. (Yes.) And then temptations and zealous demons and all this stuff, and the hardship of survival, (Yes, Master.) to make us do wrong. And then if you do something wrong, you attract wrong, attract the wrong kind of people, wrong kind of situation, wrong kind of ghost. (Yes, Master.) That’s why merit is utmost important. Moral is your shield in this world. (Yes, Master.) Of course, God helps you, but you’ve got to help yourself also. (Yes.) If you are hungry and God puts a bowl of rice in front of you, you have to eat it. (Yes, Master.) Not ask God to eat it for you as well. (Yes.) The best English professor tells you how to learn to speak English, but you have to do your homework. (Yes, Master.)

Remember I told you the joke about the guy who bought the apparatus so that he can speak any language in three weeks? (Yes.) He thought he just bought it and then he could speak. He didn’t even touch it. (Yes.) “I don’t know. I never opened it!” But these two guys, they are so good, especially the dumb-dumb guy, the voice is so dumb-dumb. He acted so real, I like it very much. There are a couple of them that are truly good, truly get into the character. (Yes, Master.) They are cute. I saw some guys before, their voices are truly representative of the joke, of the dumb-dumb part. Like the guy who put the umbrella upside down because the wind blew it upside down. And then he returned the umbrella and said, “When it’s windy and rainy, the umbrella turns upside down, and I have to hold it upside down, and I’m getting all wet.” The voice is so cute.

OK, what else then? Did I answer you? (Yes.) About the disease, we don’t delve into it, that’s the best. The reason why I know about Alzheimer’s is because of COVID-19, because of the zealous ghosts I’m dealing with right now. (Yes.) Or at that time, up to now. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I knew that’s what they did also to people. Otherwise, I don’t have time to check all the ghosts and all the diseases and what, what. That my soul also will do. My Higher Self is taking care of many things. But in this physical body, I take care of some physical things, (Yes, Master.) while my Higher Self does other things. My higher Self cannot wash my clothes for me, so I do it. The Master cannot sweep the ants out for me, so I do it. The Master cannot mop the floor for me, so I do it. Almighty or not. Ultimate Master or not. I mean They cannot do this. Even God cannot mop the floor for me, so I do it. God does Hiers things already, don’t ask God about everything, for everything. We have to do our part. In whatever situation we are in and whichever planet we are in. (Yes, Master.)

What else? (Master, even though we feel very safe compared to the rest of the world,) Yes. (Master’s reminders to still take precautions made it clear just how serious this pandemic is. But governments have now relaxed restrictions and some people outside are not protecting themselves as they should.) I cannot do anything about it. They bow to pressure. (Yes, Master.) And they cannot keep paying forever also. The people, they stay in their homes, they feel suffocated. They go out on the streets and making protests, so some governments’ area bow to that pressure. (Yes, Master.) So, who lives will live, who dies will die. (Yes, Master.) The Gods already told you how many millions. But you probably will not have this report about how many millions. They don’t always report the real number. Maybe they don’t want to, maybe they don’t know. (Yes.) Because this COVID changes itself into different mutations. (Yes.) So sometimes the disease doesn’t just give people cough or high fever. I’m telling you, it’s serious. Some people lost their legs and arms. Because of COVID-19, they have to amputate even. Imagine that? (Wow.) Some people have burning skin all over, children and all that. There are no typical symptoms. So not every government can accurately report the number of the dead. (Yes, Master.) But it’s millions. Many millions. And billions are affected, but some are quiet transmitters because they don’t have any symptoms. They themselves have no clue that they are even infected. So, we have to only rely on our own vigilance and the moral standard and the merit that we have. (Yes, Master.) Prevention is better than cure. You have to be careful, no matter what. (Yes, Master.) I’m not just talking to you. I’m talking to all the people outside there. They should be careful. Don’t take their lives lightly. Don’t have this kind of macho spirit in the wrong time, wrong situation. (Yes, Master.)

Some people they ask to go out to work, I understand that, because they need money to pay for mortgage and all that. But, for example, in America, the government gives them money. I heard, right? (Yes, Master.) And also, in some countries, the bosses give the employees money. Some even give full money. But I don’t know how long they can give. That of course is also not fair on the boss. (Yes.) And the governments don’t have forever money to donate to their own citizens. They would have had if they don’t have war, if they don’t spend trillions of dollars, in war and climate patch-it-up. If we all have a vegan diet, then we won’t have to bear all this. And we would have a lot of money for everything. Nobody would be poor if we shared all the money that we have in the world to the needy or for climate mitigation, instead of waiting for things to happen like this, and spend billions or trillions of dollars just to… You cannot even help it, cannot stop it. Just to repair the damage. (Yes, Master.)

Just one second. There is an insect. He keeps crawling in front of the door. Let me see. No, it’s OK. No message. Actually, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), it’s passed down to us this knowledge that if the spider springs in front of you or shows up in front of you, there is some news. (Oh! Wow!) But not everybody knows what news it is. You have to listen; you have to quiet down. Otherwise, you cannot see. And you can tell that the spider telling you something is different from the spider who doesn’t want to tell you anything. (Oh!) He will go away, doing his own business. But if he just stays in front of you, he doesn’t want to go, he’s not scared of you, he stares at you even, then he wants to transmit something to you. But your brain won’t capiche (understand). Yes, that’s the problem.

And sometimes they risk their lives. I feel so sorry. One time, just a few days ago, a spider was right at the door. When I opened the door, he jumped down, he fell down. And I saw he has two legs missing. I thought, “Oh, my God! Did I hurt you? Oh, my God! Why did you do this? Why did you stay right here? You know, I opened the door, I might hurt you.” He said, “No, no. Long time ago.” Yes. And the other spider nearby also said, “Oh, long time ago.” Neighbor chipping in. So cute, so cute. And then he just didn’t go. These spiders, when they want to tell me something, they just stay wherever – don’t care if it’s dangerous or not. They do the same with everybody else. They have to stay where it’s obvious, so that you can see them. But it is dangerous for them because people might step on them or hurt them or squash them. But they have to do it; it’s their job, they told me.

So I said, “What made you degraded into the life of a spider like this? It’s a dangerous job also to be a spider.” He said, “Because we ate meat.” A couple of spiders told me that. And then I said, “And now you still eat meat, don’t you?” He said, “No, no. We listen to You; we understand now. We understand very clearly now. We don’t eat the living; we don’t hunt. (Wow.) We find the dead bodies somewhere or we eat the flowers.” So, from now if I see any spider, I say, “OK, you eat the flowers or you eat the leaves or you eat only the dead ones. And then I can take you Home. (Wow!) Remember.” Yes. They say, “Yes, yes. We want to go Home with You.” (Oh, Master.)

My God! I feel so much loving from them. I love all the beings, even the snakes, I feel so much love. I feel like she’s running but looking at me by the way, while running and looking. I don’t know how to describe this feeling, like we know each other. Like they like me, they love me, and it’s a kind of a very friendly feeling. And very lovely, like a kid or like a good, very normal kindly acquaintance, but very cute, very childlike. Yeah, that’s what I feel when I see them. Except the ones I did not see. They’re pushed by the zealous demons to bite me. And the bird took care of it. I didn’t see De anymore since that day and I miss him. I truly miss him a lot of times. Even before, I had to leave for the New Land, I miss him so much. I did not want to leave him here. I left food and water around and told one of your brothers to bring water, put it somewhere, everywhere, so he can have it. And the Master Power manifested something for him to eat, so he didn’t have to eat the live insects. (Wow.) Otherwise, he cannot go Home. He came for the Master, Master has to take care of him. But don’t ask me to manifest insects for you. You have all the food you need. Better than me. Because I eat simple.

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