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  • فارسی
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  • తెలుగు లిపి
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A Heartfelt Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) to Ukraine's (Ureign’s) Selfless Citizens, Mar. 31, 2022

Language:English,Ukrainian (украї́нська мо́ва)
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Beloved children of God in Ukraine, I cry so much and am still crying reading your messages all the while, all the way to the end.

Host: On March 31, 2022, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai read some of Supreme Master Television’s social media activity from Ukraine citizens, including those who have fled their homeland to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Master was deeply touched by what has been posted in the comment sections, relating to our Fly-in News of Master’s shared sorrow concerning the war in Ukraine.

Upon reading these sincere comments, and deeply moved to tears, Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly sent the following response to the people of Ukraine:

Precious Ukrainians, I have read all your messages which have been translated into English. And there are many, many more, which are similar. We ask your permission to air all these on our Supreme Master Television so that I can also take this opportunity to send you a direct message.

Beloved children of God in Ukraine, I cry so much and am still crying reading your messages all the while, all the way to the end. And I also fall on my knees to cry aloud to God and Heavens, to give Ukrainians all the protection necessary. The Ukrainians are not all sinners; most are victims. It is not fair, but it’s the way it works on this physical planet that we have to share and partake all the sins and burdens from all creatures on Earth.

And it is unfortunate for you that your country fell on this lot. I am so sorry. I’m truly sincerely sorry for all the suffering children, women, elderly, men, government officials and defenders of Ukraine.

I’m praying so hard, and working fervently with Heavens to try to help as much as I can. But Heaven time and our time, the span is different. In our Earth, it takes some time, it takes longer time, much longer than the time in Heaven.

Please, pray and be patient. Please go vegan to lessen the suffering for our animal-people friends, animal co-inhabitants, and lessen our karma for the planet, for the whole world’s citizens. Please pray hard. Please try to be as virtuous as you can according to the teachings of Lord Jesus and Buddha, and all other great Masters who have graced our planet with Their blessings, and also with Their suffering for our sin.

I’m praying with you and my heart is with you. And Heavens are helping you, though you don’t see it. Angels are trying hard to protect whomever they can, though you don’t see it.

Your people, apart from praying to God, please, live according to the Ten Commandments; do not eat any more animals, or use their products – as less as you can, because they are also the creation of God. And the karma, the bad retribution of killing directly or indirectly of these innocent, helpless beings will also be shared among us. Thus, we have war, we have famine, we have disasters of all kinds, and even pandemics and all that.

I’m not trying to preach to you in your time of sorrow and pain. I’m just reminding, hoping to help you in some way.

The war in Ukraine also has some positive side, that we can see the whole world is united in one way or another to help Ukraine. In so many different ways, they have tried hard to help their neighbor Ukraine. Please give thanks to them also, and thank God that the world is united for a great cause, for a righteous cause. And also, the war in Ukraine gives the world a chance to know such noble, selfless citizens of Ukraine. If I were Ukrainian, I would be so mightily proud of your united spirit and your selfless sacrifice for your people, for your country. Heavens see all this. And though you don’t see the result, there will be reward, and in Heaven, for you people. I am so glad to know such a mightily noble race as the Ukrainians.

With all my heart and all my love, in God’s Mercy and Grace, I wish all of you the best. God willing for your people to have peace soon, and to continue the lovely life that you had before the war broke out. Pray to God. Glory to God. Long live Ukraine. Amen.

Host: We would now like to share a selection of these messages. We apologize for not being able to include all of the countless messages due to the lack of space and time.

"God, save Ukraine."

"Lord, preserve the peaceful sky over Ukraine."

"Everyone needs peace!!!! The planet Earth is one, we are given such beauty that people do not have enough to live in harmony???? !!!!!!!!!"


"Peace all over the world!!!"

"Lord God, be merciful, save and preserve us sinners, we are Your children, of the whole Earth. Amen."

"Lord Almighty, save and have mercy on our soldiers – defenders! Protect them from missiles, shells or bullets! Give strength to drive the enemy from our land, because they save the people of Ukraine from destruction!"


"Lord God, help us to protect our Ukraine and our children and sons. Amen."

"Peace all over the world! Amen!"

"Glory to Jesus Christ forever. Glory to Ukraine."

"Merciful Lord, protect every soldier, save and have mercy on all of us. Only Your Grace will help. May peace reign in our Ukraine."

"For Peace in the whole Earth. Amen."


"Peaceful sky to Ukraine."

"Merciful God, forgive our sins, have mercy. Lord, give peace on Earth!"

"Merciful Lord God, save and preserve us sinners, we are Your children, of the whole Earth. Amen."

"God, help there to be peace in the whole world! Amen."

"God, save our native Ukraine. And our soldiers who are defending our mother Ukraine."

"Lord, forgive us sinners, give us peace of goodness and love. Amen."

"For peace in all the Earth. Amen."

"Lord, forgive us and have mercy. Protect and save our people, our Ukraine!"

"God bless you, help create peace in the whole Earth."

"We pray for Peace in our beloved Ukraine, for our children and for the defenders!!!!!!!"

"May there be peace in the whole Earth, may good overcome evil. May Goddess protect our children! Amen!"


"We Ukrainians still have to meditate."

"God, I want Peace and a clear sky - clear without rockets, without bombs, so that the children would laugh and be happy and healthy, the old people would be calm for their children and grandchildren, so that the youth would be happy and could study and work for the good of their country!!!!!!!"

"God, embrace us with Your blessing."

"May there be peace throughout the planet. Amen."

"Please!!!! All Heavenly Powers, Holy Angels and Archangels, pray to God for us, our children, for our defenders and for the victory of Ukraine!!!! Amen!"

"God bless our Defenders and Our native Ukraine!!!"

"Mother of God, save Ukraine. Amen, Amen, Amen."

"For the health of our soldiers and peace in Ukraine. Amen. Amen. Amen."

"Lord, send peace to the whole world. Amen."

"It is necessary to pray. Prayer has great power."

"Lord, forgive us our sins and grant peace to Ukraine."

"Lord, have mercy on all the Earth."

"LORD GOD, have mercy on UKRAINE."


"JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD have mercy on us sinners, save our Ukraine, take under Your protection our defenders. Amen."

"Lord, forgive us our sins and have mercy on our Ukraine."

"God, forgive us and protect us."

"Lord, help us, stop this bloodshed."

"Lord, forgive me, have mercy and save us sinners. Grant peace to us and to the whole world. Amen."

"Merciful God, forgive us our sins and bring Victory closer!"

"God, forgive all the sins of Ukraine, save Ukraine, save Kyiv. God, save the people of Ukraine."

"God, have mercy on Ukraine."

"Lord, forgive us our sins, have mercy on us, help us drive out the enemy, grant peace to Ukraine. Amen."

"Lord, have mercy on us sinners, help and heal. Forgive us sinners. Thank You for everything. Amen."

"God, save the lives of all Ukrainians!"

"Lord, forgive us our sins and save our defenders and our Ukraine. Amen."


"God, forgive us sinners, have mercy on us! Give the people of Ukraine peace. Forgive and have mercy on us."

"DEAR President, hold on, we are with you."


"Lord, forgive us sinners!!! Save our Ukraine!!! God, bless the world!!!"

"Lord, forgive my sins, and peace to the whole planet."

"God, help my mother Ukraine. We fall at Your feet, and with our humble hearts we pray to You. Save us and have mercy on us sinners. Save Ukraine and all our soldiers, children, and all the people. Amen."

"Lord, forgive us our sins and protect us all from war."

"Lord, forgive us sinners and grant us Your salvation. Save Ukraine! Give strength to our Defenders! Amen."

"Holy God, close the sky over Kharkov and all cities where bombs fall day and night and rockets fly at the homes of peaceful people. Have mercy and save and stop the war in Ukraine in the name of Jesus Christ I prayed!!! Glory to Jesus Christ!!! And Thanks be to God for mercy and security!!!"

"May the Mother of God help those children to recover."

"God, forgive us sinners and have mercy on us God! Save our Ukraine! Return Peace to Ukraine!"

"Lord, I beg You, give peace to the whole Earth, in every home. I KNOW, EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON YOU."

"Lord, grant us peace over our heads."

"God, protect Ukraine! God protect our sons and daughters, protect children and take care of the soldiers who serve Ukraine! Amen!"

"Lord, please stop the war in Ukraine and forgive us sinners."

"Lord, forgive us our sins, protect Ukraine and return PEACE to our beloved land!"

"My God, thank You, I know You are protecting Ukraine."

"Lord, forgive us our sins and have mercy on us. Protect our Ukraine, our defenders. Amen."

"Lord God, have mercy on our defenders of the Fatherland."

"Merciful God, return to Ukraine a peaceful sky, a peaceful land."

"Lord, forgive our sins. Stop the war!"

"We pray for victory over the enemies of our Ukrainian people."

"Save us, Lord, we all ask You."

"Lord, forgive us our sins and protect us from war, have mercy on us, give Putin reason to leave us alone, to never, ever fight another war with Ukraine, and with no country in the world.

God have mercy on our Ukraine, protect us. Glory to God, Glory to You!!!"

"Lord, we beseech You to help establish peace. AMEN."

"God, give peace to Ukraine! Amen!"

"Lord, forgive us sinners. Save and preserve Ukraine, our soldiers and our people. God give us peace. AMEN."

"Lord, I ask You to be merciful, forgive us our sins and give wisdom to everyone, tame pride, save the lives of children. Amen."

"God, save and preserve us – Ukrainians, let the war end. May Peace soon come to our native and glorious Ukraine! Amen."

"Lord, forgive me, have mercy. Give Peace, and let the sons return home alive and well."

"Lord, forgive us and have mercy, save Ukraine and our defenders, take the enemies away from our country."

"Lord Almighty and all-powerful Jesus Christ, Son of God, forgive us our sins, have mercy on us sinners!!! Save our children, our people, our Ukraine!!! Send peace to the whole Earth!!! Amen."

"Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us sinners. Holy Mother of God, save us. All the holy lands of Ukraine, pray to God for us."

"Lord, have mercy, save and preserve peace on Earth, protect us from our enemies, may there be peace on Earth, may children and mothers rejoice, forgive our sins. Save and save. Amen."

"Lord, have mercy on the people of Ukraine... Protect Your children..."


"Close the sky over Ukraine..."

"Lord, forgive us sinners, give peace and tranquility to our people and the whole world."

"Lord, forgive us our sins and return Peace to Ukraine."

"Lord, have mercy on us sinners and protect us from war."

"Lord God, forgive us sinners and show Your mercy to the people of Ukraine. Save our state and protect it."

"Lord, forgive us our trespasses, and protect us from war, have mercy on us."

"God, have mercy, help protect us sinners. Bless Ukraine with peace."

"Lord, thank You for Your protection, for giving us the strength to endure, to protect our children. Forgive us our sins and ask us to preserve our defenders and our Ukraine. Amen."

"God, protect Ukraine and give us back Peace! Amen!"

"Lord, forgive us sinners, protect and have mercy on us. Give us all peace, save Ukraine, our people and the whole world from the War!"

"Lord God our Savior, protect us, have mercy on the people of UKRAINE from war. God save UKRAINE! Amen."

"Lord, forgive us all our sins and protect Ukraine and our people. Amen."

"Lord, I am waiting and telling my children. Do not be afraid, I believe and know, my God will not leave me. My God, I trust in You, I offer my prayer!"

"God, save our defenders."

"Lord, forgive our sins, have mercy on us! Protect us, our Ukraine from war and all evil. Amen."

"Lord, have mercy on us sinners, give us peace in all the Earth."

Host: We send all the brave Ukrainian people love and prayers for the suffering to quickly end, and that peace will soon return to this wonderful land. Our immense gratitude, Beloved Master, for Your boundless Compassion and Support for the beautiful Ukrainian people, in this hour of greatest need. We pray for the safeguarding of the innocent citizens during this senseless invasion, in Heavens’ eternal protection. May we all contribute to a more united and peaceful world by choosing the vegan lifestyle – in honor of all precious life on Earth, in God’s eternal Mercy.

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