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Braised Coconut Mushrooms, Potato and Pumpkin Soup, and Lemon-Ginger Tea

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Today, we would like to introduce to you some hearty dishes from Âu Lạc (Vietnam); the first dish makes use of mushrooms, namely Braised Coconut Mushroom and the other dish is Potato and Pumpkin Soup. We will also show you a Lemon Ginger Tea recipe to help keep you feeling well for the cold weather ahead. Let us start with the Braised Coconut Mushroom. The main ingredients are 140ml of fresh coconut juice and 300g of straw mushrooms. First, we make the annato oil. We combine the olive oil and annatto seeds in a saucepan then apply medium heat. When bubbles start to form around the annatto seeds, turn off the heat and let the seeds soak in oil for 1 to 2 minutes. Do not overcook the seeds because it will produce a bitter taste. Use a strainer to filter-out the annatto seeds. Now, heat the annatto oil and then add the straw mushrooms, ¼ teaspoon of salt, two tablespoons of soy sauce, and one teaspoon of vegan oyster sauce. Add the coconut juice. You then lower the heat. Let it simmer for about 3 minutes and then sprinkle some black pepper and chopped cilantro. Isn’t it lovely to have a hot bowl of soup on a cold day? Especially when it’s so satisfying and nutritious like the Potato and Pumpkin soup that we are going to introduce to you now. The main ingredients are four medium potatoes, 1/4 pumpkin, nine shiitake mushrooms some cilantro, and one cup of chestnuts. Let's heat up the oil. We then pour in the potatoes, pumpkin and chestnuts. Next, stir-fry the pumpkin and potatoes until they are slightly tender. Season to taste with soy sauce and salt. Add the shiitake mushrooms. Then we add water and boil the potatoes and pumpkin until they become soft. Here we have a hearty soup that will certainly keep you feeling warm. We boil some water and remove it from the heat once it’s boiled. Next, thinly slice some lemon and ginger and then add it to the hot water. Then let it steep for about 5-10 minutes and strain it. You can add a little bit of agave if desired.
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